March 30, 2011

Here's a story....or 3.

Well, a new season is almost upon us and our showroom in the studio and the boutique are beginning to reflect spring-summer! Wendy's new collection is full of yummy opaque tones; powdery blue, soft greens, natural hesonite and andalucite, aquamarine, bright orange citrine and some soft pinks too. These combos we hope will work well with your spring-summer wardrobes, the naturals are always great as you can wear them all through the year and really....who said you can't wear brights in fall-winter, we didn't!
Here are some color stories below taken from our spring-summer line, we hope you find one to work with, just click on the pictures below to take you through to our shopping pages. Many of these styles are (or will be) available online and in our boutique. If you are a web customer and would like to order any of these styles, and can't see them online, feel free to email us at:, we can order them for you straight from the studio. Megan can also help you out with queries on 212 260 5298.


p.s. earrings this week and necklaces coming up!
p.p.s we have created a new group online 'summer 2011', we hope it makes it a little easier
to find the latest styles while leaving the rest of the site for past collections, more jewelry for all!

March 25, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Hello all,

Cerena here from the Wendy Mink Boutique and sadly this is my last blog post as I am leaving this amazing company. I'm moving back to my hometown in California and unfortunately I can't bring the whole WMJ company with me.

While at Wendy Mink I had the opportunity to work with all the pretty gems that make up the Wendy Mink jewelry as a production manager. And I was also fortunate to work with all our great WMJ customers as the boutique manager. I'm especially going to miss assisting our customers with custom and bridal orders.

I'm also going to miss working with so many "foodies" like myself. Earlier this week the lovely ladies of WMJ gave me a good-bye lunch. They whipped up fresh guacamole, salad, momos (Tibetan dumplings), shrimp pasta, chocolate cake, cookies and a yummy cheese. Needless to say it was a perfect lunch and made it even harder to leave!

This here is Megan our new store manager! She's rocking some of our latest WMJ designs and please contact her 212-260-5298 or for more information about the above styles. Megan is super sweet and is already so knowledgeable about the WMJ line, I can leave with ease knowing that I have a great successor. If you're in the LES this weekend please stop by and say hi to Megan!

I bid adieu to all you WMJ followers, it's been great working with you!

Happy Weekend,


March 22, 2011

Jennifer and Kim....a wonderful story!

So, this is not what a you might think it is: a sample sale table. No, it is something infinitely more fabulous: the private WMJ jewelry collection of two of our members; Jennifer and her aunt Kim. Wow. Now we knew these ladies had been shopping, er, rather consistently over the past couple of years but when we saw these pics we almost fell off our chairs....we just had to share their stories with you here on the blog, you may never feel bad about buying jewelry again!

We really can not thank Jennifer and Kim enough for their support and downright obsession, they are at all times a pleasure to deal with and sometimes when we are setting up for a sale we catch ourselves saying "Jennifer will love that" or "Kim will buy that"'s so fun and we hope you enjoy their stories below!

p.s. have a favorite WMJ piece or a collection you love? send us your info we'd love to feature you!

Jennifer’s story
My name is Jennifer, and I am a huge fan of Wendy Mink Jewelry.  
My love for Wendy Mink Jewelry began in January 2010. I was flipping
through Lucky magazine and noticed a spread featuring Wendy Mink’s
turquoise agate drops.
I loved the vibrant color and classic design of these earrings.
I decided to check at the boutique and purchased the turquoise
agate drops and turquoise diamond chandelier earrings.
I was so excited about my purchases. I told my Aunt Kim, who is my
favorite aunt and also a shopping enthusiast, about the beautiful
gemstone designs of Wendy Mink.
We quickly became fans of Wendy Mink jewelry.
My Aunt Kim has a great fashion eye, and we actually have many of the
same Wendy Mink pieces.
One of her first purchases was the turquoise chip hoops.
She wore them to a family dinner and looked so lovely that I immediately
ordered a pair for myself. My Aunt Kim and I love scouting the sample
sales together. I’m afraid I always corrupt my Aunt Kim into spending more
money. We also exchange emails and ask each other’s opinions on WM

Wendy Mink’s South East Asian inspired designs and eye catching colors
really resonate with my style. The pieces are feminine, well crafted,
and unique.
I soon found myself choosing which piece of Wendy Mink jewelry I
wanted to wear before I chose my clothes. One of my coworkers
stopped me and said I always had the most beautiful earrings and
necklaces. That’s when I knew Wendy Mink was here to stay.
My favorite pieces are the hoop earrings and empress necklaces.
The hoop earrings are great, especially if you need a piece to go from
day to night. I have them in different colors to match my wardrobe.
Throughout the past year, I’ve gotten a chance to know Amy and Cerena
better. The Wendy Mink ladies take such great care of their member group,
offering many samples sales and promotions.
The wonderful customer service is all the more reason
why I love the company.
I know it probably seems crazy that I have so many pieces.
But in my opinion, I am just a girl who loves to shop and I know a
great investment when I see one. I feel confident and beautiful when I
wear my Wendy Mink jewelry. I look forward to adding more
pieces to my collection!
  e jewelry and just why their collection is so may never need to feel bad about buying jewelry again! We are so, so appreciative of Jennifer and Kim, they are

Kim’s story

I was introduced to Wendy Mink Jewelry by my favorite niece Jennifer. I have five other nieces, so please don’t tell them Jen (as we affectionately call her) is my favorite. J Jen and I have at least two things in common, we both love to shop and we both love to eat. And even though I am more than twenty years older than Jen, we have very similar taste in clothes, jewelry and accessories. We often go shopping together and ask each other’s opinion on things we intend to buy. We also email items to each other from time to time and ask for each other’s opinion before we buy. Jen is such a good shopper that she even shops for me and sends me suggestions on things that she knows I would like. I could always count on good old Jen to help me spend my money.

On one of our outlet mall shopping trips, I commented to Jen that I liked her earrings. She told me they were from Wendy Mink and started telling me about Wendy Mink Jewelry. She told me how all their pieces were custom made and often made with real gemstones. She also said the prices were reasonable. I was immediately intrigued. She told me about the Wendy Mink website and then there was no turning back. I love Wendy Mink’s unique designs and use of different gems. I especially love their chunky necklaces and hoop earrings. Jen also likes Wendy Mink’s hoop earrings and is a huge fan of their Empress collection. I think Jen must have most, if not all, of the necklaces in the Empress collection.

Jen is such a sweet and generous person that she has surprised me with several Wendy Mink pieces in the past. Because we have such similar taste, she knows exactly what I like. Could that be one of the reasons she is my favorite niece? Hmmmmmm.

I love Wendy Mink’s periodic sample sales. Who doesn’t love a bargain! I still remember the fabulous time Jen and I had shopping the sample sales at their boutique last December. That’s when Jen introduced Amy and Cerena to me for the first time. Of course, both Amy and Cerena are familiar with Jen because she is one of their biggest and best customers. Amy said she often wondered where Jen puts all her Wendy Mink pieces because she has so many! Amy and Cerena are wonderful and Wendy Mink is lucky to have them work for her.

Over the past few months, I have accumulated quite a collection of Wendy Mink jewelry, but nothing close to Jen’s collection. Being single, she doesn’t have to justify her spending to her husband. I keep telling her that one day she is going to need a closet for all her Wendy Mink jewelry. Even though my collection will never be as big as Jen’s, I am looking forward to adding more beautiful Wendy Mink designs to what I already have.

read featuring Wendy Mink’s turquoise agate drops. I lto night. I have them in different colors to match my wardrobe. more pieces to my

n before we buy. Jen is such a good shopper that she cially love their chunky necklaces an

What's your favorite from their collection? difficult isn't it!

March 16, 2011

Fundraiser for Japan.

We are sure you share our sadness and concern with the recent Japanese earthquake, our hearts go out to the people of this country. The least we can do is donate funds at this difficult time. We are pleased to announce that 100% of the proceeds from the above Black Onyx earrings and chain will be donated to the Red Cross for their earthquake fund, aiding those affected in both Japan and New Zealand.

The one off costing for these limited quantity styles is as follows:

1. earrings $68
2. chain $50
3. both styles $98

To order simply email your request to and we will ship out as soon as possible. The gold-filled chain comes in 18" length but if you prefer an alternative length just let us know in your email. If you prefer not to email your details just give us a call on 212 260 5298 to order directly. The filigree cuff and ring pictured above are also available, please email our store for cuff details, the chunky ring is online right here.

We hope you enjoy these snapshots from our boutique, currently undergoing a fabulous make over! if you are able, please stop by to see all the we have beautiful new vintage styles....

March 13, 2011

Royal Jewels

It's well known that Wendy is a master at creating beautiful and delicate hand-crafted pieces, but what about statement jewelry? Well ladies and gentlemen, here is a collection of Wendy Mink jewelry and hand-picked vintage that even a queen would enjoy:

Even though she never became the Queen of England, Wallis Simpson lead a grand life as the Duchess of Windsor with the Duke of Windsor (previously King Edward VIII, but he gave up the throne to marry Wallis!) Wallis' Cartier diamond and onyx encrusted panther bracelet pictured above made headlines last December when it was auctioned for 7.2 million dollars!

Our Vintage Costume Panther Shoulder Pin is a steal at $200! This bejeweled guy measures 8" from outreached paw to tail tip. He's bound to put a little extra swagger in his wearer's step!

These two pieces scream Grace Kelly- they're a sophisticated approach at rhinestone jewelry.

They have the elegance of the Princess of Monaco's Cartier jewels pictured above. Rhinestone clip on earrings, 2"-$120 and Flower Rhinestone Choker, 15"- $160.

A very serious Elizabeth Taylor playing the infamous Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra. We're pretty sure that both the real Cleopatra and Ms.Taylor would enjoy this stunning snake bangle, $180.

We can also imagine a Greek princess wearing these Filigree Ram Earrings with ruby drops (2" , $145.)! Can't you picture them under Liz's giant headdress?

Another great on screen princess was Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. This vintage Czech Rhinestone set reminded me of the young princess's jewels. Necklace 22" plus 2" extender ($500), bracelet ($120), earrings 2" ($80). Set price $670.

Lastly, we have the ultimate Wendy Mink Piece: the Empress of India. This piece was originally designed for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and reflects the WMJ aesthetic of combing traditional eastern elements with Wendy's love for Victorian jewelry. Since then, Wendy has made this style in a variety or gorgeous colorways and variations. See here!

If you have questions about any of these style please contact us at 212-260-5298 or And even better come and visit the store to see these gems in person!

March 9, 2011

Takes the Cake

Ahhh....two things we very much enjoy, cake and jewelry! Amy here, back from vacation and getting ready to upload some brand new web styles over the next couple of weeks! they will also be available in the store for all of you New Yorkers too! here's some snaps from our showroom, these are recent and fabulous samples shown at the Coterie show, gorgeous golds, beautiful blues and a touch of turquoise which perhaps is our most popular stone....

But onto important things. The cake. This delicious dark chocolate number above was made by none other than Wendy herself! Monday morning started like any other day....we were tapping away on our computers then Wendy came in with a FANTASTIC seafood stew and this stunning cake! let's just say Monday got a whole lot better, because we like to be a bit fancy we also had a big pot of creme fraiche on the top, it isn't cake at WMJ without creme fraiche....if you have followed the blog for a while you will now how important sweets are to our day!

If any of the styles above appeal please email us on: We can certainly send you close ups and details! in other news later this week we have spring clean out ONLINE SAMPLE SALE! yes that's right, a whole bunch of great discounted pieces, email us to subscribe so you can be the first to receive notice when the sale is posted!