July 29, 2009

Boutique Baubles & Boasts

Hello there-
End of July, hello to August! The heat has definitely kicked in & if you are in NYC you will also be hopefully enjoying these crazy storms that seem to zoom in without a moment's notice, we can hear one right now! If you have been reading the blog you will know that it's crunch time for our new collection, it's all complete & so gorgeous, what a festive Holiday group we have! It's going to be a real winner for people who love pearls and we just see the bridal magazine's calling in all these great samples for the winter issues! These fabulous new styles should be in the store around the end of August so check back in to see how this wonderful collection turned out, some very user-friendly price-points too which is always nice!

This week we thought we would bring you some of the treats from our boutique here in NYC. The styles in the store are often quite different from what we have on our website so for those not here in the city here is a wee chance to take a peek & maybe purchase. If you have queries regarding the pieces in this week's blog, please email Kelly on wendyminkstore@gmail.com, she can fill you in on the lengths, prices etc of these pieces, if you prefer a phone call, our store number is 212 260 5298. Kelly has a rather fabulous voice too so we highly recommend the phone call, when she speaks it's a bit like someone lying on a piano and singing!
The first two pieces above are such great necklaces. The larger is 22k gold vermeil beads with carnelian, smoky quartz, vintage resin and fuschia agate, this piece is hand-knotted & can be doubled, do email or call however for exact measurements. The chain layered with this piece is a fabulous solid sterling silver with 22k gold vermeil heart, it features a semi-precious ruby drop & knotted tiny rondel beads, cute!

This lovely piece above is one of Kelly's favorites! It is hand-knotted with; chalcedony, dark amethyst & 22k gold vermeil beads. A Wendy Mink signature style in easy-to-wear colors & a great double-able (sp?) length. These styles are great to customize also as we have a ton of beautiful stones and can accommodate most requests, as above do email Kelly for details and bear in mind that prices for custom-made jewelry differs from piece to piece depending on materials used. This piece below is currently Kelly's absolute faves, truth be known it is a favorite around the studio too! It's a gunmetal & bauble bracelet from our most recent collection & a matching chunky necklace is also available. This bracelet sits almost like a cuff on the wrist as it's fairly wide and then has all these fun ball beads hanging from it in a row.
Call or email Kelly for details, she may just have it on her wrist at the time!

As a side note we just wanted to ponder briefly what's happening right now in the sandal world. Is this a sandal or a boot? Isn't it terribly hot around the ankle? Part of the reason we love it here in NYC is the diversity of style found on the streets, it's really quite amazing & so wonderful to become inspired by the fabulous outfits....however it's always confusing when the seasons clash in a style....maybe it will go the way of the short-sleeve winter coat of '08.....we'd love to hear from customers who have embraced this sandal, the burning question really is: Can you wear them in winter with socks?

But back to something we do know about, great jewelry! Here's some blog deals to close for this week, top pair is a fab sterling silver, gold vermeil cut-out circle with turquoise & ruby rondels, so gorgeous & normally retailing for $495! We have this pair for just $198 (they are 2" in diameter), you will need to email: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com to receive, be quick! The hammered leaves below the discs (2" in length) are just great also & so popular, we have two sample pairs here for just $55 each, email us at 'retail' also!

Our last blog deal is a Mother-of-pearl Hoop & a Gold Cluster Teardrop. The hoop is beaded with peach moonstone, measures 2" & also features gold vermeil & these great little teeth, this hanging section adds another 2" to the 2" hoop so this is one for large earring lovers, this pair is just $60 to you! The Cluster earring is gorgeous, gold vermeil beads with a hammered teardrop, measuring 2"....just one pair here for a fast emailer at $75....usually $125!

Enjoy your week & the weekend too, email us with queries or purchases for the blog deals!


July 23, 2009

Word Up!

Hello there blogsters! Here we are on the downhill stretch to August, why on earth doesn't winter pass this quickly? This month Wendy was quoted in the prestigious industry magazine 'Accessories', quite an honor for us to be quoted amongst our peers in the accessories world, the article spoke about the tough economic times and expanding business online. In this vein we would like to thank all of you across the country & beyond who log in regularly to purchase & catch up with our news online. We are always right here for your queries & suggestions at retail@wendyminkjewelry.com.

Above is peek at some styles we have in the store right now, customers get a little stuck in our boutique as there's quite a few cases full of goodies (the Vintage has reached a whole new level of fabulousness so if you are a fan you must view). Kelly keeps plenty of exclusive styles in the store so make sure to check it out when in the area as it is even more expansive than the web, right now it's all about Summer with plenty of hammered gold, bright stones, cut-out gold cuffs....come see! Orchard St has a lovely feel in the weekends particularly, there's Laboratorio Del Gelato just up the street, Earnest Sewn, Babycakes, Moo Shoes, Pilgrim (read about this store here), Kaight...SO many great stores for gift hunting or personal shopping!
We are playing around with some end-of-Summer sale dates right now so stay posted over the next month or so as we decide when that may be, in the meantime as usual the 'shop samples' section online continues to offer discounted styles, renewed a couple of times a week. Make sure you send us your address to receive a card for the sale too! Just email us at: subscribe@wendyminkjewelry.com.

Purple apparently is also the WORD, we were lucky enough this month to be featured in the InStyle Makeover edition, above is our Vintage Beaded Bib, looks great with all these other purple goodies for Fall. This necklace is available through our boutique, just call Kelly on 212 260 5298 to order, make sure to call first before dropping by to view just in case we have sold our store piece. When you do call make sure to mention this blog and you will receive 10% off this great piece! Come on you know you need some purple....

We will leave you with a wonderful blog created by a loyal (& very lovely!) Wendy Mink Jewelry customer, Ms Toni Wills, aka Fashionista Extraordinare. My Mommies Closet is such a cute blog, packed with current bargains online & in local stores around the Washington DC area. Perhaps the best part is the list of great links included, warning though that this site may send you very deep into the cyber fashion universe! Thanks Toni for bringing us a great blog & sharing all your fashion knowledge & for being one of our most valued customers!

That's about it for this week, we hope you have a wonderful upcoming weekend & manage to get some relaxing in, check out the web there might just be some new samples added!


July 15, 2009

It's new Collection time....

Hello there, happy mid July to you.
Whose busy hands are these you might ask? Wendy's! These are just some of the great new materials all primed & ready for use in our new collection (Fall/Holiday), sure none of us want to think about the cold at all but these dark agate, malachite, emerald & pearl pieces are beautiful! We love all the runway pieces right now, lots of messy pearls & chunky biker chains for mixed up feminine-masculine look, these new trends complement Wendy's recent collection now found in the NYC boutique, drop by to check out the smoky quartz, peacock pearls & ribbon!

We hope you have had time to check out the website this week, you'll notice a new temporary group (till the 27th) of classics which we have brought back on sale! It seems every time we remove styles to give them a wee break, our customers email to say how much they loved that style! So, we have brought back these favorites & hope that you find something great among them. Please do let us know if something disappeared that you did love, usually we can make it for you (depending on materials). These cute earrings above are a mother-of-pearl cluster that looks pretty with anything & make a sweet gift!

This week we thought we'd introduce a few great sites & stores that various Mink ladies really like to visit. Antonia is in production here & lives in Park Slope, for those not from NYC this is a rather lovely area in Brooklyn, she loves the store Flirt, it's got a pretty fascinating website too where you can enrol in all sorts of sewing classes and make your own custom garments from swatches & styles! Such a great idea! Click the link to view the site, you'll find yourself getting deeper into it within seconds, all the possibilites! (However if you google Flirt you may come across a whole ton of dating websites...which may work for you too!).

Let's talk about Susan's faves next! If you have read this blog before you will know Susan is our Production manager & chief birthday cake maker! She is a wealth of information about great spots in the city, especially if it's oysters you are after....her faves for right now are Alibris & Boden. Alibris is a wonderful website for out-of-print & rare books, wowsie you can really get lost on this site, GREAT for gifts or a bit of summer time reading for yourself! Susan loves Boden because the clothing is such high quality, she has bought a bunch of skirts & they are all beautifully made with pretty fabrics & the selection is really extensive. Originally a British company, Boden has a great U.S website (click link above) with women's, men's & kid's stuff, click it & see for yourself!

Lastly, here is Susan wearing our gold mesh links. We recently had a few versions of this in our shop samples group & boy did they blow out, so popular, we have run out of the previously pictured styles online BUT we do have three of these cute styles right here in the studio & going to the quickest customer for just $15 each! Email us at: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com to receive one. We have a silver here too but just one of those! We have added some cute samples this week & will be doing so again before the weekend, if anything disappears do let us know as we may very well be able to re-create it.....

Well that's it for this week, we'll leave you with one more deal below, what a statement this is! Debra Messing herself owns one of these bauble-y bibs, it's a triple strand with African trade beads & 22k gold vermeil chain & clasp. We have had this popular piece in the store & it always draws a ton of compliments, usually well over $400 we have this one sample right here for just $120, email: retail @wendyminkjewelry.com to snatch the deal.....(or maybe another color suits?). We hope you all have a fabulous week & weekend coming up!

The Mink Ladies.

July 9, 2009

Wendy from the Block (Party)....

Hello Everyone- We hope July 4th treated you well & you had some time away from work to spend with family & friends. Wendy Mink Jewelry sure was busy over the long weekend as distant & dear customers clicked away online grabbing some wonderful pieces. If you are not a Lucky magazine reader we suggest picking up a copy as you may just find a special Wendy Mink mention! We were also fortunate to be in Life & Style last week (R.I.P Michael!), if you see a copy of the issue pictured below we have a lovely turquoise earring in the style pages, email us at: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com, mention this blog & receive free shipping on this great earring!
This popular piece does also appear in Martha Stewart Weddings Fall-Winter 2009. We really love this magazine & they have such a cute website with all sorts of interesting tidbits including blogs, local shopping areas, bridal deals & a lot more too....check it out if you are planning to waltz down the aisle as there's some very nice goodies to be seen!

So the small pic above is our lovely storefront on Orchard St, tonight we are participating in a Block Party, stores between Broome & Grand St's will be offering discounts to shoppers & staying open till around 9-10pm, this fun event was organized by the lovely folk at By Robert James, a rather suave men's store you certainly will want to check out, quality stuff to make your man look quite the dapper gent! We hope to see you tonight if you are in the NYC area, Kelly & Brookes in our store will be offering 15% off most of the styles (excluding vintage & 22k gold), they may have a bottle of wine open too!

This gorgeous bauble necklace above is a special blog deal this week! It's a one-off sample featuring; coral tone beads, 22k gold vermeil & vintage resin balls. Measures 44" in length, you can easily double it or wear it long & low, such a cute piece that sure makes a summer statement!....email: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com to receive this fab necklace for just $90 (+ postage).

The next deals for this week are a chunky bauble bracelet & coral chain. The bracelet is 7" long & features vintage resin beads & 22k gold vermeil chain. the necklace is gold filled chain with coral & pineapple quartz, this great piece measures 30". Email us at the retail address to receive the bracelet for $50 & the chain for $75.

Who doesn't love a good old chunky ethnic necklace! Wendy has recently added some AMAZING Vintage pieces to the fantastic collection we now have in the boutique, make sure to visit & check out the 3 cases we have (or call 212 260 5298 in regards to pieces above!), these cases are packed full of wonderful retro goodies! Right now there's a bunch of chunky copper & bronze statement bibs to wear over summer dresses (and there's definitely some of those next door at Pilgrim, wowsie!), gorgeous beaded '50's bracelets, Mexican filigree, '70's costume chains.....come visit!

Well that's about it for this week, we will however leave you with a site we really love right now. 20x200, a great art website where artists sell their wares at affordable prices, started in a gallery on the Lower East Side by Jen Bekman this is really worth checking out, great artists & great opportunities to build a personal collection! There are now some fabulous galleries all over the LES, we are rather proud to be in such a creative area....

Enjoy your week/end & email us with any queries, the WMJ Team.

July 1, 2009

July 4th Deals & a Twit!

Hello- well this week is a short one, our studio will be closed from tomorrow, the 2nd to Tuesday the 7th, we are looking forward to the break & hoping that the rain holds off a little so we can at least enjoy some fireworks & maybe a little bbq-ing! All sorts of destinations for the ladies around these parts this weekend; Vermont, Maine, Arizona....we hope our customers are also able to get away & enjoy a bit of relaxation.
Above are some hoop deals for the long weekend! They are numbered so here are the details for each: one: cute pair of rose gold (very coppery tone) cut-out hoops, these are around 2" in diameter, we have 2 pairs for $30. Number two is a solid sterling silver pair of hoops in a great semi-ethnic shape, great buy for those who can't wear base metal, we have this one pair for $60. Number three is a sterling silver & 14k gold vermeil cut-out pair of hoops, these are also around 2", we have 2 pairs at the great price of $60. The last pair, number four, is a very light hammered pair of 14k cut-out hoops, so cute, these have been very popular & this one pair is just $20 (base metal). To purchase these hoops please email us at: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com with your shipping address + ph nm, we will email or call you after the July 4th break for your credit card details & ship asap!

Happy birthday Susan! As you may remember from earlier posts, our resident cake-baker is Susan Volker, so it is a bit scary when her birthday rolls around as none of us feel we can match up to the treats she turns out for us....for her birthday yesterday Wendy saved the day with an enormous chocolate creation, though she would have us believe she baked it the cardboard box was a slight giveaway, it was of course delicious and caused an office wide food coma.

Let sleeping dogs lie...here are some sleepy chihuahua puppies! Rain put a slight damper on our Waggy Tail fundraiser this past Friday so these puppies decided to stay in their little bag & sleep the event away, very cute! Thanks so much to all who dropped by that evening & in the weekend, Waggy Tail is such a great organization & we were more than happy to raise some funds for them. Do let us know if you are part of a fundraising group as we are always open to potential donations for silent auctions & related events.

Well we have gone and joined Twitter! oh dear, a week ago we were fairly in the dark as to what this actually was but we decided if we can embrace a blog we can certainly embrace a tweet! It's actually a great little tool, we can get some super great one-off deals to you as quick as lightening & the best part is it's brief & straight to the point! If you are already a Twitter then do make sure you click to follow us as we tweet the news from here in the studio & our retail store, it's so simple to use & surprisingly satisfying though am not sure if this makes us all twits now?

Maybe some of you are brides to be or have family/friends getting married this summer? we just came across a fab Vintage Wedding blog called Vintageglam, (thanks Twitter!) it's so cute. There's great photos of vintage-styled weddings & a whole range of wedding preparation musts such as; jewelry, venues, dresses, photography, flowers...it's all there, certainly makes us want to waltz down an aisle in a flapper dress while our groom waits in a watch-chain & vest! Do check it out as there are some really interesting things on the blog that you would be hard-pressed to find yourself online!

Our last deal for the weekend is this amazing gold African-beaded necklace from our newest collection. Handmade with 22k gold vermeil African beads & chunky chain, the piece is a real statement, because it's gold you can pretty much wear it with anything! Necklace measures 28" & bottom round beads are around 1" in diameter, we have this ONE sample for $140.00, normally retails for $245! Please email our retail department to purchase, retail@wendyminkjewelry.com.

We hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th break, we'll be in touch next week!

Wendy Mink Jewelry.