July 15, 2009

It's new Collection time....

Hello there, happy mid July to you.
Whose busy hands are these you might ask? Wendy's! These are just some of the great new materials all primed & ready for use in our new collection (Fall/Holiday), sure none of us want to think about the cold at all but these dark agate, malachite, emerald & pearl pieces are beautiful! We love all the runway pieces right now, lots of messy pearls & chunky biker chains for mixed up feminine-masculine look, these new trends complement Wendy's recent collection now found in the NYC boutique, drop by to check out the smoky quartz, peacock pearls & ribbon!

We hope you have had time to check out the website this week, you'll notice a new temporary group (till the 27th) of classics which we have brought back on sale! It seems every time we remove styles to give them a wee break, our customers email to say how much they loved that style! So, we have brought back these favorites & hope that you find something great among them. Please do let us know if something disappeared that you did love, usually we can make it for you (depending on materials). These cute earrings above are a mother-of-pearl cluster that looks pretty with anything & make a sweet gift!

This week we thought we'd introduce a few great sites & stores that various Mink ladies really like to visit. Antonia is in production here & lives in Park Slope, for those not from NYC this is a rather lovely area in Brooklyn, she loves the store Flirt, it's got a pretty fascinating website too where you can enrol in all sorts of sewing classes and make your own custom garments from swatches & styles! Such a great idea! Click the link to view the site, you'll find yourself getting deeper into it within seconds, all the possibilites! (However if you google Flirt you may come across a whole ton of dating websites...which may work for you too!).

Let's talk about Susan's faves next! If you have read this blog before you will know Susan is our Production manager & chief birthday cake maker! She is a wealth of information about great spots in the city, especially if it's oysters you are after....her faves for right now are Alibris & Boden. Alibris is a wonderful website for out-of-print & rare books, wowsie you can really get lost on this site, GREAT for gifts or a bit of summer time reading for yourself! Susan loves Boden because the clothing is such high quality, she has bought a bunch of skirts & they are all beautifully made with pretty fabrics & the selection is really extensive. Originally a British company, Boden has a great U.S website (click link above) with women's, men's & kid's stuff, click it & see for yourself!

Lastly, here is Susan wearing our gold mesh links. We recently had a few versions of this in our shop samples group & boy did they blow out, so popular, we have run out of the previously pictured styles online BUT we do have three of these cute styles right here in the studio & going to the quickest customer for just $15 each! Email us at: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com to receive one. We have a silver here too but just one of those! We have added some cute samples this week & will be doing so again before the weekend, if anything disappears do let us know as we may very well be able to re-create it.....

Well that's it for this week, we'll leave you with one more deal below, what a statement this is! Debra Messing herself owns one of these bauble-y bibs, it's a triple strand with African trade beads & 22k gold vermeil chain & clasp. We have had this popular piece in the store & it always draws a ton of compliments, usually well over $400 we have this one sample right here for just $120, email: retail @wendyminkjewelry.com to snatch the deal.....(or maybe another color suits?). We hope you all have a fabulous week & weekend coming up!

The Mink Ladies.

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