August 29, 2010

Lucky you........

It's quite common for us to have a lucky article of clothing we wear to give us extra confidence or that makes us feel a little special. Whether you'd like a little more luck in your life or just like to know the meaning behind your jewelry the following critter pieces should interest you:

Beetles are probably not the first animal you would associate to luck, but the ancient Egyptians highly regarded these creatures for their ingenuity and how the scarab utilized the sun's energy.

Vintage Scarab Silver Pendant Necklace- $160

Fish represent a positive symbol in many cultures. The ancient Egyptians also saw fish as gold luck symbols and the Romans used tokens of fish for good luck in courtship and marriages. In Asian cultures the fish, especially goldfish, is seen as a symbol of tranquility, wealth and long life.

Vintage Tassel with Glass Beads Necklace- $65

Vintage "School of Fish" Necklace- $120

No need to take a poor rabbit's foot for luck, these little Peruvian earrings and charm are bound to bring you luck and delight. The Saxons viewed rabbits as a symbol of new beginnings and fortune as rabbits were the first signal of Spring to come after long winter months.

Hand-cut Peruvian Rabbit Earrings, $48, and charm, $20.

Looking for a new home or career? Maybe these little guys could help you out. Butterflies are the animals of metamorphosis and represent positive changes and new beginnings.

Filigree Butterfly Earrings with Apatite Drops, $110
Vintage Rhinestone Butterfly Pin, $28

Hope you enjoyed learning about these pieces and that you all have a lucky week! Please call the store 212-260-5298 or email for more information about the featured pieces.

-WMJ Boutique

August 26, 2010

It's almost what I want....

Hi there-

Last week of August, how do we feel about that? NYC has never felt so mild right now and frankly we have no idea how to dress, luckily we look at jewels all day and not clothes...
This week we thought we'd tell you a story about a fabulous customer, she will remain nameless (yes you know who you are!). This customer is dear to our jewelry hearts as she has embraced rather wholeheartedly the 'customization' we offer here at WMJ! Wendy loves to work on a custom piece, whether it's for a bride, a special party or's a great opportunity for hidden gems to come out and be crafted into a one of a kind piece. We do know that budgets are so different for every customer and we are more then happy to make recommendations etc to suit what yours may be. This Gold Ball Beaded Chain above is one our classic styles and this very VIP customer just loves it. We have created it in a few color-ways so far but this week Wendy may have triumphed over the rest with this Labradorite Gray Pearl beauty below!

We hope you enjoy the rest of this week, please email Cerena on if you would like to 'tweak' any of our styles into a one off beauty for yourself! Stay in touch for a very fun shopping evening coming up with a mini sample sale and discounts on current styles, look out NY ladies!


August 22, 2010

Calling All Polyvores!

It's a rainy Sunday in NYC today and we'd thought to brighten things up with a new contest and giveaway. The latest WMJ competition is a Polyvore one (those not familiar can get started here), so all you photo collage lovers get ready! The winning Polyvore set featuring Wendy Mink Jewelry will win this new gorgeous filigree necklace perfect for all your Fall outfits!

Filigree Drops Chain

Just post a comment with a link to your WMJ Polyvore set along with your email and we will pick a winner next Sunday. Here's a new Polyvore set we put together with WMJ handpicked vintage:

August 19, 2010

Wendy's Fall Wish List....

This week we bring you some favorites of Wendy's! We've been flipping through the magazines at lunch oohing and ahhing over some of the cool looks (or warm looks!) for Fall-Winter, here's some things that Wendy loves; military style peacoats, leopard prints, chunky cable knits, woolly skirts, gold hardware...Images courtesy of Elle magazine (great issue!)....and we are pretty sure we have some great jewelry to go with these styles! like these below for instance.....

Please email: for queries relating to these pictured styles, or drop by our boutique to view! What is on your wish list this Fall?


p.s. next week we will have a Fall 'preview' giveaway on the blog! stay posted and enjoy the rest of your week.

August 12, 2010

Mad Again

Like many others, we at WMJ are obsessed with Mad Men. With the latest season premier a few weeks ago and Mad Men fresh on my mind, I started to notice how several of our vintage pieces remind me of the Mad Med women we love.

Let's start with my favorite redheaded bombshell secretary, Joan. I'm in love with her pen necklace and how she usually pairs it with a sophisticated pin.

Up next is another one of the office gals, Peggy Olson. Still trying to find her own in the ad industry, Peggy's style is more simple and classic. These simple but sweet everyday pieces would go well with Peggy's wardrobe.

Once model, now disillusioned housewife Betty Draper carries herself with poise and beauty no matter the situation. These stunning pieces remind me of Betty's gorgeous attire.

All these pieces are available in the Wendy Mink Vintage section of the store. Call (212-260-5298) or e-mail( for more information. Whether you have Mad Men parties to attend or just adore vintage jewelry, these pieces are bound to put a little hop( or in Joan's case shake ) in your step.

August 9, 2010

more new styles!

Well hello!-

It's all about upcoming here this week, we are so busy right in the middle of show season and updating the web with a smattering of new fabulous-Fall styles...ok maybe the coral earring above isn't so 'Fall' but it's pretty! we hope this week is a good one...stay posted for new styles over the next 2 weeks....

So we know there are a ton of giveaways online right now, they are the new black! but this one is super sweet! here is the lovely link:
.....and here is is what you can win! a fab pair of etched hammered hoops....

Come on follow this lovely lady and be in to win! Enjoy your week and look out for some
store updates on the blog later this week!

August 5, 2010

It's Fall....well, soon!

Hi there! It was show time for us this week, the Javits center was packed with buyers looking for some lovely baubles for Fall-Winter and we sure had some! The new collection is warm and autumnal; carnelian, wood, fuchsia, citrine....lovely! Here's a smattering of new styles, some now online, some coming up! for queries regarding the styles below please contact:

In other news we are rather thrilled to be in Lucky Magazine this month! The shot is linked to a special 'lucky break' in the magazine, enter lucky5 at checkout on these chains below to receive a 35% (yes 35%!!) off either color....that's a sweet deal!

Enjoy the rest of your week and the upcoming weekend, stay in touch for some store news soon too!