November 24, 2009

Where we give thanks....

Happy Thanksgiving week to you all! We are giving thanks for our gorgeous new store windows (we have gone dotty!) and many great new pieces in the boutique to boot. Kelly & Brookes have some fabulous styles all ready for you, merchandised into easy-to-read color stories so you if a friend loves blue....just head towards the blue. When you get to the blue however there may be trouble when choosing.... The new windows carry some of our recent vintage additions, above are 2 wonderful white chunky bibs, it's the '50s but kind of right now too....what's more these one-of-a-kind pieces won't be found anywhere else, it's yours & yours alone! Some of the vintage pieces are also shown below, we carry a range of antique-y silver pieces, most are sterling so if silver is your thing don't feel left out, there's antique Navajo, charm bracelets, ethnic fringed pendants, the sweetest Czech beaded purse one might ever see...for vintage queries do call the ladies on 212 260 5298 or email:

Here are two of our new displays in the boutique, plenty of rich green onyx, black onyx, gold vermeil ball beads, bandit agate, cobalt resin, peacock pearl and more!....if any of the styles above look a little interesting to you then definitely contact the our boutique for more details, we can provide images & prices if you let us know specifics!

This Thanksgiving we'd like to give thanks to all our customers who have been very loyal this year and making sure we survive this tough old recession, our boutique and web client base have both grown significantly and we very much appreciate your business. One of these fabulous customers is Meg pictured here on the right at her sister's bridesmaid's luncheon. She is wearing her gorgeous amethyst bib necklace, we repaired this piece for Meg and thankfully she received it just in time for the event, phew! Great shot Meg.

We will leave you with this cutie, Gena's dog came to the studio today..she was feeling a little lonely at home, lots of panting & fossiking about in the stone tubs going on...
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all, from the team here at WMJ.

November 19, 2009

Not just a pretty stone....

Hello there!
So we all know the Holidays are creeping up, and that ladies love jewelry but which jewels to give? here's Gena above looking pretty happily surprised....why? she just received a Wendy Mink Jewelry Gift certificate! This is a GREAT solution to having to choose a piece of jewelry for a friend or family member, these are available in the amount of your choosing from our boutique or online, the certificate is attractively gold-embossed and better yet, does not expire, plus the recipient can redeem either online or in the boutique....if you would like to purchase a gift certificate you can call our boutique on 212 260 5298 or drop the ladies an email at:, we'd be happy to mail one out to you or straight to the lucky giftee!
If you would like to add a certificate to an online order just note the details in the 'Special Instructions' box on the Checkout page, we can add this to the order very easily!

If you are feeling a little more confident there are plenty of great styles to choose from online & in the boutique. As you may already know a large portion of the semi-precious stones used in our collections are hand-cut in India, these stones are high quality & all have interesting properties of their own. When shopping for jewelry it's usually all about color & shape, but what about the stones themselves, they can be very special with a little background knowledge...whether you are a believer in the healing properties of stones or not, it's still such an interesting topic and who knows maybe your necklace is giving you a boost without you even realizing's some of the great things you might expect from the stones used in our current styles.
Above is our Birdcage pendant, this cute chain features a semi-precious 'coin' cut Green Onyx, sure the green is pretty but what does this stone do...? Do you have constant worry or anxiety (with this year, probably we would say yes...), do you struggle to maintain positivity? Well this green onyx might just help with that, we also found out that it can help with marital woes, calm sexual tension all while improving your skin, teeth &, can we get a whole strand of this? We just thought you'd like to know....

Here's a style that's already proving popular and it's just a few days old....Gold Garnet Drops, here's what we learnt about garnets, this may make you decide to choose it even more! We think our new garnet styles might just be perfect for anyone....again, a healer for stress and anxiety, plus the best re-ignites lost passion and romance...perfect for these colder nights! The next best thing is that if your romance-killer comes in the form of a small child then this stone also protects against tantrums & angst by sending out a combative energy & enabling decisiveness, we have plenty of garnet styles so best you pop one in your cart....

A few of our new styles include the ever-popular clear crystal, here it is in the Black Crystal Drops from Cheap Chic, can also be found in the matching necklace &'ll be well-healed with the whole set! Clear crystal is known as the master healer as it embodies all colors (where we are not sure....), this earring could be great for a work outfit as we also learned that it's a good idea to keep crystal near a computer monitor, helps combat radiation and negative energy (not sure if that stretches to emails....). Have a friend who is feeling down? This stone could help her feelings of inadequacy, if she was born in April it's also her birthstone!
If none of that entices you the $36 price-tag of this sweet earring just might....

We hope this peaks your interest in the properties of stones, next week we will bring you some more healing potentials! Now lastly we have some sale news for you....if you would like to receive a card with all details then do email or call our boutique and we will make sure you are in the know! Early December we will also be emailing details to our web customers as well as holding an online sample sale so that non-NYers don't miss out, please note any of the new styles just placed online & in the boutique will not feature in the sale....dates to be released very very soon. Don't forget the store carries some wonderful pieces that are not online (including this fabulous Bandit Agate Tassel below!), come visit for the Holidays...

Enjoy the rest of your week, we hope your Thanksgiving preparations are coming along & don't forget to check out the onyx, garnet & crystal styles online, they may improve your general well-being!

Ladies of WMJ

November 12, 2009

Fresh and NEW for you...

The changes are finally here! The previous Cheap Chic was our most successful yet, we very nearly sold out of all the pretty stones used so we have brought you a fabulous new & slightly more Fall-like group we hope you will love! Alongside Cheap Chic we have switched around our current group also, wonderful top sellers from Wendy's Fall-Winter '09 collection, hope you like them, what about an early Holiday gift to yourself! Wendy's favorite is the cluster necklace (& matching bracelet) above, so gorgeous for the Holidays, priced pretty reasonably too so check it out online, if you love it but the dark colors aren't your thing then feel free to email our store on:, Kelly & Brookes can take care of any custom jewelry orders, we could make this necklace in a range of tones (just be aware prices can vary according to materials used). Here's another great cluster style below, warm tone carnelian beads with great vermeil flower charms, very 'statement' piece which seems all the rage right now, we are seeing many women out on the streets wearing some fabulous big costume jewels, speaking of, you must make it into our boutique if you haven't recently, we have some truly beautiful vintage pieces in large scale! triple, quadruple layered bibs & necklaces to match your party dress this Holiday season....or your jeans for that matter....

So this wee person is Wendy herself getting her first taste of great design with this very cool couch! We think this might be where it all begun...remember we are always looking for great pics of our customers wearing WMJ so if you have one we would love to put it in our online Gallery, plus you will receive free shipping on your next order, send to:

So as you probably know our boutique is full of wonderful things, not just jewelry however...We currently have these wonderful Alpaca scarves! For many years now Wendy has been working alongside Peruvian artisans to handcraft filigree jewelry, as well as our very popular hammered hoops, hammered gold necklaces & also....scarves. These are $90 & come in this great range of colors below, they have a detailed crocheted edge & are soft, soft, soft. if you would like more information about these scarves or if you would like to purchase, please email or call Kelly on 212 260 5298 or, stay warm this winter, they say its going to be the coldest in 30 years!

Something else that has been keeping us super busy in the past couple of weeks is the planning for our annual Holiday Sample Sale, as usual we have some GREAT pieces, we have the dates all set to go so stay in touch for their release, plus if you would like to receive a Holiday card this year then make sure you email the store to be added to our mailing list, if you would like to just receive email notification you can check to see if you are in our contacts by emailing Amy We will definitely feature some of the great deals online for our non-New Yorkers so check in around the 2nd week of December for a 'shop samples' group online, at this stage we can't really say what will be included however (the new jewelry online this week will not be on sale). So to close today we have 3 great blog deals for you! To purchase either of these, email, & they shall be yours, regular postage is an additional $5, UPS is $10....Enjoy & have a fabulous weekend coming up! WMJ.

November 2, 2009

The palace, Big Ben, the Thames...and WMJ!

Hello to you & hello November!
Downward slope now to the Holidays, we just received an order for a Xmas gift, it's started already! This week would be a great time for you to snatch some early gifts now that we think of it as we have 15% off online till Monday the 9th, this fabulous opportunity comes to you because we are going to be posting our brand new Cheap Chic group at the end of next week, as well as switching some of the Shop Current styles, so enter 'lastweek' at Checkout to receive that 15%.
Above we have some shots of Wendy Mink Jewelry in London, as you may remember we participated in a London-Lower East Side swap in October, here is the window of the store we were featured in, a very cute street just off Carnaby street called Newburgh St. Many of the stores on this street were filled with goodies from Lower East Side designers, it all looked great & we were in a store along with our Orchard St neighbors, including; Kaight, Hairy Mary's, Still Life & a few more....thanks to the London girls in the store who were doing a sterling job promoting WMJ to the Brits!
Below is a shot of our current collection in the simply gorgeous Liberty of London, what a fabulous department store this is, we are very pleased to be featured among many other esteemed jewelers in their revamped 'jewellery' floor, seems our hammered gold cut-outs are a hit across the Atlantic!

Now as you may also know we are holding a Halloween competition, we can't wait to see our customers all dressed up, please send us your photos & we will choose our fave, the winner will receive a $50 gift certificate, the photo could be you, a friend, partner, child....we don't mind! Below is our own very creative Cerena....not too difficult really to guess who she was on the night....hope the mono-brow came off before your flight to CA this week Cerena!

So here are some blog deals for this first week of November, we will be bringing you a shop samples group very soon but maybe some of these appeal in the meantime, for any of these pieces please email us on & they shall be yours!....

Great layered gunmetal chain which would look very cool layered with your gold ones! This beauty features a chiffon jet black tie so you can double it too, yours for the special blog price of $80, usually $220.

Two gold earrings to choose from, top pair are a gold beehive! usually $45 this pair just $30, they are 2" in diameter so a nice statement pair....below this are vintage crystals with gold cut out leaves, measuring 3"but not at all heavy, usually $40 this pair just $28 to you!

This rose quartz style above has been very popular for us! we have had a couple of press samples on sale & they have always been snapped up! It's a pretty piece, hand-knotted with bright red thread, good for layering or just on it's own...this sample yours for $70. Cute layered gold & purple resin beads next to this, good for Fall-Winter, touch of color....yours for $50!

Lastly we have two very special gold pieces, on the left a lovely gold choker in floral pattern, easy to wear & easy on the wallet too, yours for $65, usually $145! This very popular fish is handmade in Peru & features a ruby drop & garnet coin stones on the fine chain....sweet! usually $198, this press sample is yours for $ us with questions or purchase information and look out for more samples very soon!

We will leave you with some delicious food shots & a wee blog written about our own Wendy Mink after her recent trip to Italy, warning this blog & accompanying photos will have you heading for the kitchen or booking a table at your favorite Italian here to read about what Wendy ate & thoroughly enjoyed!

Enjoy the rest of your week & bye for now, Ciao!