May 28, 2009

A Little Gilt is Good!

Hello All- We hope Memorial weekend was a great little break! As usual the studio is busy busy busy this week, our wonderful production team is currently making a bunch of fabulous jewels for the Gilt website, do visit/join this great website if you haven't already. Gilt is a discounted one-off sale event site for members, we are very fortunate to have an event coming up in June & the jewelry for this exclusive sale is certainly very bright & beautiful! You will find some Wendy Mink styles you haven't seen before at really good prices, all pieces are handmade as per usual right here in our studio, stay in touch or become a Gilt member to view the sale in June!

Above is a selection of Wendy's new 22k gold range exclusive to our boutique, we have recently put a number of brand new styles in the case, they are truly gorgeous & perfect for gifts, brides or a special personal treat. All the semi-precious stones & gold details used in this collection were handcrafted for Wendy by artisans in India, these artisans have been working with Wendy almost as long as she has been in business. These latest pieces are so detailed & exquisitely made, drop by our boutique to view & maybe even try a few on....

Over the past year we have been steadily growing an international following online (& in a number of boutiques, click here to view where), thank you to all our regular overseas ladies (Japan, Korea, Germany, Australia, Monaco, The Netherlands & the U.K to name a few!) who love to peruse the site & have us ship great pieces across the miles (thanks Amanda, who surely must be the most be-jeweled lady in London!). We are so fortunate to have our collection in Liberty of London, what an amazing store this is with a brand new re-modeled jewelry (or is that jewellery?) department, we have some lovely styles in the store & on the website so make sure to visit if you have jumped the pond for a shopping trip! if the recession is somehow holding you back you can always view their great selection online. If TopShop can come to the U.S then Wendy Mink Jewelry can surely travel to London! (Truth be told we are a little disappointed TopShop came to NYC, we used to sneak in there for the amazing shoes & then no-one would have them here when we returned...but at least now they are a little closer!)

This week we will leave you with a vision of 'Mystic Pizza', remember that '80's movie when Julia Roberts had very big hair, huge earrings & an off-the-shoulder t-shirt? We visited there this Memorial weekend & it reminded us of a time when everything was very big....where are all those shoulder pads now?

Have a fabulous week!
The Wendy Mink Jewelry Team.

May 19, 2009

Hello to you!

We hope the week has started well, with Memorial
Weekend approaching we are sure everyone is looking forward to an extra day off. If you are staying in this coming weekend do check out our recent additions online! Please note any orders over the holiday weekend will be processed Wednesday the 27th May.

Above you will find an image of Wendy's shoes for Tuesday, Wendy's
shoe collection is rivaled only by her vintage jewelry collection and we are always interested when the season's change as to what will be on her feet! These gorgeous wee numbers above are Parisian dancing shoes...though rather disappointingly Wendy has not danced for us. Maybe when it's warmer out?

These sunny temperatures have emboldened us to throw open the
door at our boutique & put a lovely market table outside. Last Saturday was a success with many of our loyal locals enjoying the bargains plus a bunch of very satisfied tourists from nearby hotels happily perusing Orchard St. Each weekend we will have this table outside so do drop by if you are in the market for some very affordable gifts or simply an addition to your own summer wardrobe, we hope to see you there this long weekend!
These two gorgeous styles above are newbies online, we really have some great new pieces so be sure to take a peek, these styles will be in the boutique after this coming Friday so you could also drop by to try, the Resin Cut Out style has been such a hit, we have it in pink, red, white & a great tortoise shell too, the Pink Bauble Bracelet is just too cute, it's a chunky cluster of pale pink coral & looks pretty great with just about anything....check out the details of each online!

Well that might be just about it for this week, we hope the long weekend is fabulous for you, the above blooms were shot in the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn, what a great day that is, right next to the Museum & well worth the $8 entry, pity we just missed the cherry blossoms!

The Wendy Mink Team.

May 13, 2009

Keeping it Simple!

Happy Spring to Everyone!

WE hope everyone had a great Mother's Day &
you were able to enjoy some of the better weather around right now....
though our plants here in the studio are grateful, the rest of us are entirely over rain.
Well we have a few busy weeks ahead here at Wendy Mink Jewelry!
On the weekends at our store location we will be featuring a rather
festive 'market table' right outside, this table will be a hive of sale
activity with hairclips, bangles, hoops, necklaces, all for GREAT bargain
prices, and we are talking more than 2 items for just $10 or you can just spend $1 if you like!
If you can, do visit us
this Saturday to peruse the merchandise.

Above is the most recent issue of Real Simple, we really love this magazine, it's full of great things you didn't know you could do yourself around the house (or in our cases, apartments!) plus it's not packed with shopping pages so you can rest assured you won't be too tempted to dip into those recession-saved funds, except maybe for some of the rather tasty recipes, chilled cucumber soup anyone?
Please call or visit our boutique to order the Resin & Amethyst Necklace featured in the June's just $150.

These very pretty hoops can be found online in a few gorgeous colors & sizes but make sure to also check out our current collection at Max and Chloe, so many gorgeous hoop styles & colors plus some extra Wendy Mink Jewelry styles you may never have seen before....all a little tempting!

Above is a sneak peek of Wendy's new Fall line....a selection of this rather rock n' roll collection will shortly be available in our boutique....lots of mixed metals, sleek grey ribbon, onyx,'s all there....but it's not all chunky, we have some very sweet delicate styles including teeny acorns, keys and leaves....and that's all we shall give away!
Please drop by to visit Kelly & Brookes soon & they will show you the latest and greatest.

Well we think that may be about it for this week, plenty planned for June so details will be forthcoming....especially for dog owners (& you thought dogs and jewelry were unrelated).
Lastly, we would like to extend a very very Happy Birthday to our dear Cerena who turns a blessed 23 can one so young be so stylish every single day? must be in the genes!

Enjoy the week & we hope to see you outside the store at the market table.....

Wendy Mink Jewelry

May 5, 2009

Mother's Day!

Hello Everyone-

A very big thank you to all who made it to our sample sale, it sure was a fun one, plenty of chatting & coffee drinking while helping our dear customers juggle the piles of jewels in their trays....if you couldn't make it down last weekend be sure to drop by this week as Kelly & Brookes will still have some bargains set up in time for Mother's Day.....

The Wendy Mink Vintage collection exclusive to our boutique is expanding week by week
as it grows more popular with local ladies....and a few sweet men shopping for their loved ones,
(Thanks Adam you have a great eye!).
Be sure to pop in and check it out if you haven't already...

The case above is a range of Victorian pendants on 22k gold chains...gorgeous! there are hearts, love knots, flowers, lockets....all one-of-a-kind, great gifts, pieces start from just $30 and we intend to keep adding some fun costume jewelry through the next few months; pins, charms, critters, bakelite, '50's, 60's, 70's, we have it all! if we can just persuade Wendy to part with it......
If you can't make it to the store then do feel free to call or email Kelly or Brookes and they can let you know what we have.....Wendy Mink Vintage may also soon be appearing online, watch this space!

It doesn't seem right to not mention food in this blog so here we go.....we really love
Smith's on MacDougal....weave your way out the back of the restaurant & you'll find the greatest little bar with a snack menu to die for....a perfect hideaway! and if you are over that way in the West Village be sure to check out Verve too on Bleecker St....they have a really great store packed with lovely bags and's a gift haven and they have other locations for those not near the West Village.

Well have a great week everyone and if you are in New York, we hope you stay dry and remember your moms this coming Sunday.....

the Wendy Mink Jewelry team.