December 29, 2009

What's your fave?

Rose Quartz & Rhudilated Clusters

Turquoise & Ruby Clusters

Hello & a continued happy holiday season to you!

We hope you are pleasantly stuffed full of great food after the past break and are now looking forward to toasting in the new year later this week...what a year 09 was! We had some highs & lows just like everybody else this past 12 months but are very glad to still be providing fabulous handmade jewelry to all our wholesale & retail customers.
Seeing as it is the end of the year we would love to hear your comments on styles we currently have online or have had in the past. In January we will be switching our 'current' group around & adding some new unseen styles for the new year. We would LOVE to hear which styles you loved the most e.g hoops, chains, under $100, chunky beads etc....under this blog you can write comments so please feel free, it will help us provide you with jewelry you really want to see in the new year!

Please also feel free to write about which media you find most useful when making a purchase, for e.g is it Twitter you love to check in with? maybe you like to see what is happening in the store via the blog? maybe you would like a larger range of bridal pieces online?
So, helpful comments gratefully received below, plus of course we'd just love some fun stories about WMJ gifts you maybe gave over the holidays or jewelry you received from a loved one!

Here are some styles for this last week of '09 that you may not have seen before, above and below. If any of these styles are of interest please feel free to drop us a line at & we'll provide you with details.

Onyx & Agate Triple Drops

Nugget & Turquoise Ovals

Gold Flower Fan Bib

Vintage Crystal & Agate Drops

We hope you have a wonderful New Year, if you are a Lucky magazine subscriber look out for a WMJ deal in the new issue! Do drop us a line if any of the styles appeal in this week's blog & please feel free to note down some of the favorites from the site you have enjoyed this year, then we can bring you more in 2010!


December 17, 2009

Holiday wishes!

This morning was looking up considerably when Wendy came in with this gorgeous little tree & some delicious cookies from Billy's bakery, thanks Wendy! So here we are marching towards Christmas and hopefully a little time off for you all! This week we thought we would put some things out there in the cyber universe that we would very much like to give & receive, some are practical & some not so much...but hey we can dream right?

First up here we have Gena's wish, she would like to receive some time away in snowy mountains where there is absolute silence, she did not however specify if she would be with any company? Sounds cosy though. In return Gena would like to give everyone a big old Christmas cheer....

Next up we have Deborah's choices....she would love to receive Dr Hauschka's signature treatment (David are you reading this?) and in return she would love to give her hubby David a collection of Robert Altman movies, now on the left here we have a picture of Mr Altman, he seems to be touching Lindsay Lohan on the leg, from his wheelchair....
He sure made great moves, we mean movies.
Wonder if Lindsay will be around when she's 81?

Brookes our store gal is up next, she would love to give this cute little guy to a friend (who wouldn't!) & she would love to receive season tickets to the Opera, sounds just grand to us, what do season tickets to the Opera go for anyway?

Kelly our fabulous store manager would love to give & receive peace to all, now that is one selfless wish! makes us all feel a bit bad for wanting stuff in the shops....can we wish for peace and new boots?

Cerena our resident mexican mama would love to give her family cordless mics, Patron tequila and santa hats for their annual holiday karaoke singalong, boy we would love to be at THAT family return she would very much like a vacation to Mexico with her grandparents, sweet!

Here's Erin's dream gift, she would love one of these E Class Mercedes, they drive themselves! Now that could be a good thing seeing as Erin's nickname around these parts is Erin return for this fabulous car (don't hold your breath dear) Erin would like to give Amy & her roommate new eyes, which sure is a lovely thing to wish for!

Amy would love to give her sister and mother plane tickets to visit her in NYC, oh come on a 24 hour flight is nothing when New York is at the other end!....and if she could receive those new eyes from Erin then all her dreams would pretty much have come true.

Don't these two look happy! That's because they are in a romantic spa for two...which is exactly what Susan would like to receive this holiday, great choice, please pose for photos exactly like this, not sure who will take them though...after the spa Susan would like to give all her friends some great reading material (and believe us those choices are always great!) & plenty of wonderful food, we hope it's those homemade tarts and granola....

Lastly & most importantly we have Wendy's choices!
She does love a great olive oil and this year she would love to receive a whole batch so she can cook those fab pasta dishes all year long....and her wish this year is that she could take her whole staff to India for a 10 day trip! wow would we love this wish to come true, the amount of food consumed on this trip would surely be outrageous....thanks Wendy, we may hold you to that wish once this sloth-like economy takes a significant turn...

So that's about it from us...on a company-wide note we hope to have our John back next week, best wishes John & rest up. Happy shopping to everyone for the last week & we hope you receive some of your wishes...and we hope you are able to give some too!

Happy Holidays!

December 11, 2009

Tale of a Sale

Good quotes from last night's sale:

"I'm a good friend of Wendy's"

"Am I too big for this necklace?"

" Would you wear this if you were a massage therapist in Seattle?"

"It's for my sister, we are sooooooo different"

"I always thought I suited gold, that woman just told me I should wear silver"

"I came out to get a sandwich, now I'm here"

"I didn't get my mother anything, she just had her kitchen re-done so I'll get her pots"

"here's my cell phone number, call me if you don't get that necklace, I'll be
in a restaurant around the corner & come back for it"

"That Australian girl said it was $50"

(she's behind all these people)

We are smack in the middle of sale time & it is BUSY! Ladies came out in droves yesterday for holiday gift deals, and boy did they find 'em! We have some great pieces, we got a little cleaned out yesterday, trays were over-flowing but we pulled together this morning & we have a bunch of great pieces to put out Friday & Saturday! Things were certainly a little crazy, lots of our fave regulars & bunches of new shoppers brought to us by some of the very fortunate press this sale received, luckily this economy meant magazines were wanting to feature all the fun sample sales around the city right now.....

Our windows right now are heartbreakingly gorgeous, it's like a Victorian boudoir with flimsy lace, crystal lamps, vintage rhinestone jewelry, dried flowers.....ohhhh la la we love!!! The block on Orchard is firing right now on all cylinders, there are so many cute spots to shop, on the right of us we have the simply fabulous Pilgrim, see their fun window below! They have some great gifts including signature candles, handmade clothing, bits & worth a peek, as is the equally lovely James Coviello & By Robert James also our neighbors.

The sale got a little engrossing for some people, as ladies checked out pieces were returned to the tables so it meant having another look in case someone had hidden something! This meant that the poor men in tow got a little bored, these two below are clearly suffering....

Ok we might have to dash & get these things ready for the shoppers today, thanks for all the lovely web shoppers this week too, we haven't forgotten about you, we will add a few great samples for you next week! Remember that the mail system gets a little crazy at his time of year, if you are buying gifts online we highly suggest you choose UPS right now as we are finding USPS can take a wee while longer than expected, we also can't give you an estimated delivery time as accurately as we can with UPS, 3rd day is just $14 & worth every penny to get it there in time....have a great weekend everyone & hope you can make it to the sale if you are here in the city!


December 3, 2009

How does it look?

So this week we thought we'd take a few shots of some web styles to show how they appear on, we know when buying gifts it can be very hard to choose, which size, color's some of styles that may be perfect gifts, or just right for you. Above is the vintage bead bracelet, light, simple and easy to it's a little chunkier on than expected!

Here's the Black Cinebar Drops, already popular & a little bit of a no-brainer & gold are always pretty fabulous together, as you can see earring is quite chunky but not to the point of being a chandelier...just a pretty dangle!

This piece is just GREAT! Crystal Gunmetal Chain, layered into a bib style piece, the crystals used in this piece are vintage, it's statement without being totally overwhelming & looks pretty wonderful with a little black dress! or a t-shirt...or a tank...or a bright shirt....

This earring is begging to be re-named
Texas Turquoise, maybe because it's big, fabulous, bright & well....turquoise! Great diamond shape, shot for the fabulous Martha Stewart Weddings website and very popular with our wholesale clients across the country. We have this in coral & lapis also...

Light & simple again, a Hesonite Hoop for everyday wear, hesonite is a beautiful tonal stone with hues of brown, beige, ivory & even some clear pieces, this is also featured in green onyx online so check them both out, if a friend is the au naturale type then this may be a great gift....

This Ornate Hoop has been flying out our studio & boutique doors, both a popular online & store style, statement hoop with a touch of ethnic but also a nice shiny gold's quite a good size but not a huge weight, if you love a hoop then this will get you some attention....

It's a chain, it's a tassel, there are beads...all in one. This Pendant is one very cool customer, or rather it requires one of our cool customers! Super long to dangle with your other chains or you can double it's a little Holiday & a little vintage-inspired.

And the grand finale for today! beautiful Bandit Agate Bib, gunmetal links, column-shaped bandit agate beads with green onyx teardrops, detailed and gorgeous...not much else to say, spice up any outfit with this one....

We hope this has helped a little with a few of our popular styles, if you would like to see how something appears just email us at:, we are not models as such but we will definitely do our best to show you how your piece may look on a real live person!
We leave you this week with two sweet pics of one very funny man, Maurice, amusing Wendy with his litany of jokes. Maurice used to write comedy sketches for a famous comedian (name has escaped us temporarily!), turns out this comedian was Wendy's father's favorite!...Maurice made the vintage fair a few weeks ago just that little bit more entertaining, you sure make us smile.