January 28, 2010

Snow in the City

Hello! Sure is a snowy old day here in NYC. Shame though as doesn't seem to be settling, ah well was nice for a morning commute! Here's Wendy, Gena and Cerena wearing their specs this morning in the studio, actually Gena stole Amy's (rendering her almost blind for a few minutes). Wendy has a slight glasses obsession and we love seeing which ones she will feature each day, these cute round ones are perhaps our favorite and Cerena also wears them so they are like twins!

Again it's a been a busy week around here, we had a ton of great appointments in the studio with some exciting new customers visiting our showroom. The new collection is also all ready to go for the Gift Show this weekend here in NYC, it runs from the 30th to the 3rd of February so it's a long one, our sales team Erin and John will need a few coffees to keep them going but it's always fun to see our regular wholesale customers and catch up on how things have been going for them. Here's a pretty press shot above we received in the February issue of City magazine, always wonderful to view the styles on a model in a beautiful location! We intend to make the press section of our site far more accessible for shoppers very soon, our web changes are really taking shape and we think you'll like them a lot!

Email Amy on: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com to order (or ask) about any of the following sample steals.

As you probably know if you have checked the site out this week, we have a few sale styles online for just 2 more days, we are having a little pre-Spring clean out and added some gorgeous new styles to the 'current' group too. We have a few additional samples right now that we'd like to offer through the blog this week at a discounted price, so if you are reading this then you are seeing some special pieces! Above is an amazing chunky smoky quartz, tiger eye and antiqued gold bib (earrings not included). This is from our Fall-Winter collection and was an editor favorite! Normally retailing for $495 this sample right here is $240, now that is a half-off great deal.

Another super duper statement beauty! generous chunks of black onyx with gold-filled antiqued chain, this piece is easy to wear and pretty wonderful for all seasons, this necklace retails for $245 but we have this pristine sample here for just $150.
We don't really know anyone who doesn't love a hoop! We sell them all day long in our boutique and they are always a no-brainer for our wholesale clients too, it helps that we can make them in pretty much every imaginable color too! These natural toned numbers above are semi-precious hesonite with a single tiger eye drop, simple and easy to put on with any outfit. usually these hoops are $120, but this pair right here, just $60.

This fantastic black chain necklace was Amy's favorite from Fall-Winter, slinky gunmetal chain layered with a gothic ruffled ribbon, so very now! It's all black, black, black in the fashion pages for Summer too so imagine this chunky piece with a little black dress, it's a little rocker and a little classic all rolled into one. Usually $320 we have two samples right here for $160, half off is a real steal.

Well we hope you enjoy these pieces in addition to what we have online right now, next week we will be featuring a sample sale for Haiti, online for the weekend of the 5th-7th, there's some cute pieces for a wonderful cause so be sure to check in next week for that, if you subscribe you will receive a newsletter reminder. Please stay in touch and feel free to comment below on the styles shown, each week we will choose one of our 'commenters' to receive free shipping on their next order!

Enjoy the coming weekend and stay warm!


January 20, 2010

Things are heating up!

Peruvian Calcite Drops
Simple and elegant gorgeousness, they say "I'm here" without saying "I'M HERE"

So the big chill here in NYC seems to be over, (unless we just jinxed it and next week is now going to plunge back into the teens)....it's nice to be a little warmer and leave the gloves at home. The other great thing about warm days is that you can wear more jewelry, or at least wear it and have it be seen! We have some beautiful new jewels for you this week, the styles in this week's blog are hot off the press and look fantastic, it's a break away from the dark (come into the light!), looking ahead to Spring days and planning our new season wardrobes, ok that may be jumping the gun, we got a little carried away....hoping you enjoy the new styles, they are the precursor to some new and wonderful web changes which we won't reveal right now but are going to be like a make-over, no botox required. For any queries about these styles please email: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com, these will be 'live' before the weekend of the 23rd-24th, enjoy!

Ruby Diamond Drops
What can we say about these? the color is truly beautiful, like a fancy cocktail but also a little like a bright sari....

Gold Flower Chain
It's a no-brainer, great handmade cut-out detail with chunky gold vermeil bling, don't think, just put it on, check your teeth for lipstick and leave the house...

Rhinestone Chain Lariat
It's vintage style fabulous-ness, mixed metal lariat (tie it up high like a Texan, or tie it low like...?), features adorable rhinestone chain running through...

Vermeil Oval Hoop
It's hoop heaven, the traditional circular hoop takes an oval turn and it works!

Hammered Flower Hoop
Been a wallflower in the past? Lose the studs and try these for work...you'll receive five compliments by lunchtime, we guarantee!

Tell us which of these is your favorite below and you could win free shipping with your next order! Have a good week and check that site out late Friday for the rest....


January 14, 2010

Handmade by us, for you.

Hello Everyone- We hope January is treating you well & you are staying warm, our studio is very close to the water in Tribeca and we are fairly sure it is at least 10 degrees colder! As you know all of our styles are completely handmade right here in the Tribeca studio. Wendy has worked alongside this team of 9 talented Tibetan women for many years, (three Tsering's, Sang Mo, Lobsang, Tenzin, Renzin, Tomo & Yeshi). Our wonderful production team sits together each day around a big table loaded with materials and create every single one of our pieces, it really is a sight to behold. This work as you can imagine requires incredible attention to detail and at the end of each day after the ladies leave there is a row of eyeglasses on top of each work area....this week we thought we'd show you exactly how something which seems fairly simple is made, below is the turquoise hoop, a staple for us and a great seller online and with our dear wholesale clients! here is Lobsang our head jeweler making the style!

First of all, Lobsang takes a wire hoop which Tsering has made by hand previously.....

Then she threads turquoise beads onto softer wire which will be wrapped around and around the hoop frame....the speed at which she does this is alarming & so fascinating!

Each bead has wire wrapped between it for perfect spacing and extra durability!

....and before you know it we have a beautiful pair of hoops all ready to go....there's really nothing better than seeing the materials laid out on the table & watching the ladies create orders, being handmade seems all the better when it is made by such skilled women right in front of your very eyes!

Sequins! We love them! They seem to be making a definite comeback, the great thing is that they are not only relegated to evening wear, along with the rhinestone, sequins can now be a daytime piece too!

We have included two fabulous sequin necklaces into our recent Spring Summer 2010 collection, on the right below below is a dusky pink & chocolate plated layered chain with sparkly sequin rose-tie, the second is chunky turquoise & gold chain with a deep blue sequin ribbon, gorgeous! (Email retail@wendyminkjewelry.com for details).....

There is still time to enter lucky3 at Checkout to receive the amazing Lucky magazine opportunity on our website (and in our NYC boutique!), enter it to see the deal...it's a good one! Plus these styles online may be changing very soon so get them while you can, we have new styles coming later this month.
We hope you will consider purchasing our Birdcages online in support of the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake fund, this devastating event has touched everyone here and Wendy would love to forward a check as soon as possible, plus you get some cute earrings for such a great cause!

Enjoy this coming long weekend and stay in touch, feel free to leave comments below!


January 5, 2010

Lucky 2010!

Please add comments below for what you would love to see online in the new year!

Welcome to a new decade! fairly amazing that it is 2010, wasn't it just the millenium....? We have ushered in what we hope to be a fabulous year with brand new windows & we have turned a little Japanese! The windows are gorgeous; smatterings of snow, bamboo shoots, a beautiful celadon kimono, pebbles and a pair of sweet wooden slippers....of course nestled among the props are some jewels to die for! On one side (shown above) we have a snowy white layered bib from the 1950's & to the right a tangle of tasseled gold chains from the 1960's and 1970's, layer them up for a very current look....for any of these boutique pieces please email our store ladies on: wendyminkstore@gmail.com, or you could call on 212 260 5298, they can assist with price-points, dimensions and any queries related.

Above we have some wonderful vintage rhinestone pieces, these styles have become fairly everyday pieces thanks to a huge amount of Winter press which paired casual everyday clothes with flashy rhinestone jewelry, pop a pin on your work sweater or layer a sparkly bib with a longer chain, you'll get comments all day long on your retro fabulous look! We love to see which great pin Wendy will feature on her vintage coat collection, a pin can make an outfit plus provide a very handy clasp for a troublesome cardigan.....our favorite above is the circular pink pin, it's a wonderful bright color and large enough to get noticed on the darkest coat! below and to the left of the pin we have a fabulous Napier gold cuff begging to be worn, it even has it's original tiny tag....

Here's some more vintage baubles that will cast you back to an era where gloves were a staple and a choker was a given! This gold cluster of fine gold leaves is our favorite from this case, it's such a current piece that you might find re-made these days by many a designer, but here it is in an original & bright gold form, simply gorgeous. if color is more your thing the quadruple layered pink & red style on the right might be just what the jewelry doctor ordered.

Of course we also have a store full of wonderful styles from the recent collections! there's an extensive range of hammered hoops, some above here including the large 'Kissing Bird' pair on the left which are brand new & beautiful! many different shapes and sizes...and price-points too! We will shortly be bringing you some new hoops shapes and colors online when we change our groups around for the new year, this week we are having any new jewels shot so the changes should occur within the next 2 weeks, be sure to check back and we would very much appreciate your comments below on what you would like to see online this January!


Well we know that many of you are also loyal readers of Lucky magazine, their website currently has a great WMJ opportunity so check out this link above to see what is happening, it's a great deal!

We hope you enjoy the beginning of this (freezing!) month, please note your comments below of what you'd like to see on the site, we welcome your suggestions and love to hear from you!
Happy New Year!!!