January 20, 2010

Things are heating up!

Peruvian Calcite Drops
Simple and elegant gorgeousness, they say "I'm here" without saying "I'M HERE"

So the big chill here in NYC seems to be over, (unless we just jinxed it and next week is now going to plunge back into the teens)....it's nice to be a little warmer and leave the gloves at home. The other great thing about warm days is that you can wear more jewelry, or at least wear it and have it be seen! We have some beautiful new jewels for you this week, the styles in this week's blog are hot off the press and look fantastic, it's a break away from the dark (come into the light!), looking ahead to Spring days and planning our new season wardrobes, ok that may be jumping the gun, we got a little carried away....hoping you enjoy the new styles, they are the precursor to some new and wonderful web changes which we won't reveal right now but are going to be like a make-over, no botox required. For any queries about these styles please email: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com, these will be 'live' before the weekend of the 23rd-24th, enjoy!

Ruby Diamond Drops
What can we say about these? the color is truly beautiful, like a fancy cocktail but also a little like a bright sari....

Gold Flower Chain
It's a no-brainer, great handmade cut-out detail with chunky gold vermeil bling, don't think, just put it on, check your teeth for lipstick and leave the house...

Rhinestone Chain Lariat
It's vintage style fabulous-ness, mixed metal lariat (tie it up high like a Texan, or tie it low like...?), features adorable rhinestone chain running through...

Vermeil Oval Hoop
It's hoop heaven, the traditional circular hoop takes an oval turn and it works!

Hammered Flower Hoop
Been a wallflower in the past? Lose the studs and try these for work...you'll receive five compliments by lunchtime, we guarantee!

Tell us which of these is your favorite below and you could win free shipping with your next order! Have a good week and check that site out late Friday for the rest....



  1. I love the tassel necklace!! Second place would be the Vermeil oval - they remind me of Cleopatra (I just finished watching Rome!)

  2. i love the hammered flower hoops...they make enough of a dramatic statement without compromising their delicate, organic element.

  3. I'm loving the Peruvian Calcite Drops. I'd wear them with everything.

  4. The ruby diamond drops are stunning! What a color.