September 24, 2009

Bloggers Sample Sale!

Hello there! This week we bring you a sample sale via the blog! As you may have noticed we removed the 'shop sample' group online & replaced it with a 'shop color' group, we hope you enjoy this new group & find a color that's good for you! You may already know also that we have just finished our summer sale & boy was it a big one...however we still have some fabulous samples here available at a great price. So, this week it's less news & more Jewels! To purchase any of these pieces below or just to enquire, email Amy at, regular mail for any piece is $5 & we just require an address & credit card number though if you feel more secure over the phone just give us a call in 212 741 6460, ext 101 to complete your transaction, ok here we go, remember there's just ONE of each shown.

First up we have 3 pairs of earrings, they are numbered from top to bottom. One: Delicate drops of amethyst & lavender quartz with gold-filled chain & measuring an inch, usually $50, now $25. Two: Amazing cluster of amethyst & peacock pearl on gunmetal hand-made frame, these feature a stud & measure 2.5", usually $230, this one pair $110. Three: beautiful hammered hand-cut gold vermeil teardrops with amethyst & labradorite drops, these measure 3" in total length & usually retail for $220, this pair $98.

Next up we have 3 very different hoop styles, named from top to bottom. Leaf Hoop: Hand-cut great boho style leaf hoops, these are 22k gold vermeil almost 3x2" in dimension. Usually retailing for $150, this one pair is just $50. Out-size Hoop: A statement pair of hand-beaded turquoise & ruby hoops, measuring a large scale 3.5" in diameter, usually $120, this pair just $50. Black CZ Hoop: Simple & elegant hand-beaded pair of 2" hoops, usually $98, these are $40.

Next up is a FAB chunky bracelet from a recent collection, ONE sample here for $40, usually $65.
Features chunky gold vermeil chain (7"), bandit agate, vintage resin beads & black onyx.

Super gorgeous hand-made cluster necklace featuring amber agate, bandit agate, carnelian & smoky quartz, this piece measures 18", usually $398, this sample $150.

Delicate Chains, as numbered. One: Gold-filled thin chain with semi-precious tanzanite & amethyst, measures 20", normally $105, this sample $40. Two: Moonstone & pink chalcedony beaded bracelet with gold-filled chain measuring 7", just $30. Three: Amethyst & tanzanite beaded 7" bracelet also with gold-filled chain, just $30.

Put a little rock n' roll in your day with this very cool safety pin layered chain, features gold-filled & gunmetal chains, total length of piece is 40", this usually retails for $130, this sample is $50. Now put another dime in the jukebox baby.

And more heavy metal! Chunky gold & gunmetal base metal layered chains measuring 32", 4 necklaces in one, usually $348, this sample just $198.

Beaded hand-knotted necklace featuring; semi-precious pink coral agate, 22k gold vermeil balls, coffee quartz, peach moonstone & mother-of-pearl, measuring 36", usually retails for $220, this sample just $50.

Fall-perfect necklaces!
Left: semi-precious garnet coin chain with smoky quartz
drop, measures 18", usually $120, this sample $50.
Right: hand-wrapped smoky quartz coin beads with a stunning ruby drop, measures 20", usually $210, this one sample is $155.

Well we hope you find a bargain among these styles this week, we will try to bring you more deals later this month via the blog so stay in touch, remember to TWEET us also as we often have super duper deals via that also....enjoy the rest of your week & the coming weekend, we certainly will after participating in the Coterie show this week in NYC, all very busy for us here in the studio & a very busy week for our boutique too! Talk to you all
next week!

The Ladies & Gent of the Mink.

September 17, 2009

Man oh Man

Hello All-

We seem to suddenly be in Fall which is interesting & alarming! We'd like to thank all who ventured to the boutique for our Summer Sale, we had a ton of new customers which is great & also wonderful to see our regulars of course, there were some great bargains this time around & many of the pieces were completely wearable for the coming season too so well done if you came & shopped! Here is Kelly above with friends, Carol, Richard & Cynthia, the ladies are wearing their fun colorful pieces just purchased! Well, Kelly & Brookes are coming down from the sale rush & planning our Fall windows, there's some gorgeous pieces in the store right now so make sure you drop by to visit, new Vintage pieces are added almost weekly & are somewhat flying out the door, we have some great 50's baubles perfect for Holiday waiting to be merchandised this space!
Our next sale is not till the big ol' Holiday sale around the second week of December but remember you can always grab some boutique-web deals by following us on Twitter or catching one right here in the blog. Our 'Free Shipping for a photo' always applies too so if you have a great shot of yourself or friend wearing WMJ do send it in to & we will apply the free shipping to your next order, plus you'll be star in our 'Gallery' pages!

This week we are working on bringing you a new jewelry group online (plus these styles will be available in our store but best to call first if it's a specific you are after, on 212 260 5298, you never know when something might sell just before you arrive....) here's a sneak peek of just one of the styles that will be available, a gorgeous Wendy Mink classic cluster of champagne pearls & gold vermeil, styles in this new group will be focused on color, we have so many different kinds of customers, all with their own style & favorite tones so this new group is an attempt to make some much-loved popular styles in a bunch of colors so you can find one that really suits. Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive next week's e-newsletter which will give you a bit of info about these pieces plus a sweet little deal to celebrate it's arrival, just email us at:

So last week in the blog we mentioned that we had a little surprise around these parts & it's time we revealed it....we have a new man in our lives! A big welcome this week to John de Leon, our new Sales Manager! As you may know if you have been a customer of ours for a while we have always been solely women around here, for as long as Wendy has been in business it's been the sisterhood (no traveling pants) all the way. But, change is always great & we are very fortunate to have John on board, if you are a wholesale client reading this blog you will surely meet him very soon, maybe at Coterie later this month! John comes to us with an extremely experienced background in jewelry sales, he has even been on TV chatting about jewelry, what more could we ask for! Now if we would just hear back from the Oprah show.....we welcome John to the team & hope that he continues to bring us chocolate, we mean sales, for as long as he possibly can!

Here's another sneak peek at a new web style coming shortly, these raffia leaves we sell over & over, they are light, look great with anything & are completely handmade, these black beauties feature dangling semi-precious stones....gorgeous! Stay posted for details, there are a couple of similar styles keeping these company so you may want to wait to view all, remember to make sure you are on the mailing list for the e-newsletter regarding new styles.
We hope this weekend is a good one for you, with October around the corner it's probably best to enjoy any sun while it is here, stay in touch & email with your queries! The Team.

September 10, 2009

A picture tells...

Hello there!

The craziness has begun! Sale do we have some goodies for you too. We hope if you are in NYC you will drop by to check out the bargains, here are some pics above of what you can expect. Yesterday Kelly & Brookes our wonderful store gals spent the day setting out all manner of chains, beaded necklaces, earrings, hoops, many great styles to celebrate the summer that was! On that note, once again we thank all of our boutique & web customers immensely for supporting us through a financially challenging summer (and year!) & therefore making sure we can bring you many more gorgeous baubles in the future. And we are excited about this future for many reasons but back to this sale, if you are not in NYC for this event then you do not entirely miss out, just enter 'becurrent' in the Promotion Code box at Checkout online to receive a 15% discount on your order, now that's a good deal. We have some changes coming online in 2 weeks also so this is an excellent time for you to grab all the goodies you like, they may change in the near future!

Here are some of the team above at Nadine's leaving dinner, very fun time had by all, as you can tell Wendy is really having fun by holding up 2 fingers above Amy's head, to the left of Amy is the lovely Gena (or the Dr as we prefer to call her), next to Wendy is the talented Susan Volker (talented in many ways), on the opposite side of the table we have Production Assistant Deborah (hope you are having fun in CA Debs!) & of course, Nadine on the right. We wish you well Nadine, hope you get some sleep on that huge flight back Down Under.

So one of the reasons we are excited about 'what's to come' is that we just got back from Vegas! Yes, we have the photos to prove it, we particularly like this one below of Nadine, Kelly & Wendy, please note the Playboy symbol above, just what was going on when the sun went down, we feel there may be some photos missing.....? the Project show was a great success (see photo below of our booth!) & we have added some fabulous new customers from great states such as; Texas, California, Utah & some new International stores as far flung as Thailand, Puerto Rico & Canada, ok so Canada & PC are not very far flung but they are still new & wonderful destinations for us to be available in! You can always check if we are available in stores in your area by clicking on our 'store' page, there you will find a link to retailers who currently carry WMJ, check it out, we might be just down the street & all of our clients buy such different pieces that there are sure to be a range of styles you have never seen!

Well, a slightly shorter blog this week, we are all very busy with this week's sale so we must dash, but we will leave you with a couple of new Fall styles currently featured in the store, you can call to check availability (212 260 5298) or email with queries to if you are a web customer you can add these pieces to your order by emailing us at: here's some details to get you started....

First up is a twisted tiger eye beauty! Gold-filled chunky chain with deep blue sunstone & tiger eye, gorgeous & chunky for the Fall/Winter season, this delightful design is $410.
Below this great necklace is a pair of large teardrops, handmade & matte-finished with 22k gold vermeil, these are beaded with malachite & are super light to wear despite their generous proportions! these are just $85, same details as above to order or enquire. That's all we have time for this week but we shall have more beautiful jewelry & up to date news next week, we will also be revealing a rather significant change that is taking place around these parts....stay posted for details, it's exciting, it's's coming next week!

Yours in Sale-time, WMJ.

September 3, 2009

Four Magic Letters

And those letters are.....S.A.L.E! That time is upon us again, leaves drop off the trees & all your Fall clothes are dragged out of the closet, right now magazines are proposing adding new accessories to old wardrobes in a bid to keep them fresh & save on some of those dollars which have been rather hard to come by this year! And there is no better time to stock up on new accessories than at the WMJ Summer Sale, we have some real treats this time, many semi-precious styles in delicate necklaces, drop earrings, hoops, chunky beaded styles, it's a mixed bag. We always aim for a range of price-points & this sale will be no different, there'll be bargain simple earrings for as little as $10 & some very cool super duper pieces for around $100, which would normally retail at around $400 so that's good news! For any queries about the sale next week (details to be found on the 'store' page) please call our ladies on 212 260 5298 or email them directly on If you are on our e-newsletter mailing list you also would have received details of a web customer discount also, if not here you go: enter 'becurrent' in the Promotion Code box at Checkout during the sale period (10th-13th) & you will receive 15% off orders which include styles from our shop current group online. Now that's a good deal, we wouldn't want our non-New Yorkers to miss out! In addition after the boutique sale we will be posting as many of the left-over styles as we can to the shop samples group online giving you another chance to get in on the bargains!

Who is this little red riding hood above? Why it is our very own Susan Volker at the tender age of 6. Adorable! Many of you will know Susan as our dedicated Production Manager & long-term Wendy Mink Jewelry employee, Susan has been working alongside Wendy for around 13 years & they have many a story to tell about the goings on at Wendy Mink Jewelry in the early years. At this time Susan wore a whole range of hats for the company (she actually still does though unfortunately it is not this little red one above!) but now her focus is making sure that our wholesale clients receive their specially made orders in tip top shape & on time, if you are a wholesale client reading this blog & you have not been introduced yet then do drop Susan a line at, she'd be happy to answer production queries & just say hi!

No do not send money now, this is not a child available for sponsor, it is our very own Cerena! What an amazing expression this is, at first glance it seems like she is the saddest child in the world but closer inspection reveals the subtle manipulation behind the pout. Cerena has confessed to us that this pout was used as a tool to get-anything-she-wanted! We can absolutely see how it worked, we want to give her $1 a day just to keep the pout away. You will of course already know Cerena from earlier posts, she is our Production Assistant Manager, if there is a bead to be found then she will find it (no bead left behind!), a chain to be located then she's on know all those styles you love from years ago & have us re-make? Cerena is the woman behind the beads, she knows her way around the inventory almost with her eyes that would be a fun day at work!

So here's a blog deal for this week! These hoops are pretty fabulous (2" in diameter), they usually retail for nearly $200 but we have these 6 pairs above for just $98 each, they are named from top center; tanzanite, sunstone, peacock pearl, rainbow moonstone, white pearl & peach moonstone. We have only ONE pair of each of these colors so very limited, if you would like to receive one of these (or two!) then email us at: & we will get a pair to you quick smart ($5 to mail). Please note if you would like to special order a pair of these fabulous hoops in a custom color they would not be available at this super price unfortunately, but be quick & you might just snatch a pair of the above.

So we will leave you this week with a shot from this week's issue of Life & Style magazine, we have a great resin chain for $150 here, if you email us at: we will give you a 30% discount on this piece, it's so great, drop us a line if you'd like a closer peek too, that's about all from us this week, stay in touch & mark the sale on your calendars now!

The Team.