November 30, 2010

WMJ shopping made easy

Greetings All,

Now that we've digested all that turkey, it's time to find presents for all those special women in our lives. Shopping at Wendy Mink can be a little taxing initially since she has so many gorgeous designs, which to chose?! We'd thought it be nice to help you all out by featuring our jewelry picks by style and coordinating pieces:

Romantic Delicates

These styles are for someone who enjoys feminine pieces perfect for everyday wear. Most of these styles are budget friendly, under $100.

From left clockwise:

Amethyst Nugget Chain, $98
Pink Topaz Nugget Chain, $98
Rose Quartz Cluster Earrings, $98
Butterfly Hoops, $98 (check out the special Member's price)
Orange Topaz Chain, $98
Amethyst & Kyanite Cluster Earrings, $172

Bohemian Traveler

This collection is just right for those with eclectic tastes. African beads and artisanal crafted components are sure to please that world traveler in your life!

From left to right:

Gold African Drops, $75
Natural Gold Beads, $170
Filigree Flower Cuff, $172
Pink African Chain, $72
Pink African Bead Drops, $42

Holiday Maharani

Embodiment of the Wendy Mink Collection, these luscious pieces symbolize the beauty of the Far East. Any Wendy Mink fan is sure to appreciate this set of jewels.

From left clockwise:

Simple Ruby Drop, $89
Filigree Teardrops, $172 (Member's deal here)
Winter Empress, $345
Winter Empress Bracelet, $295

Breathtaking Blues

Simple, but in always lovable blues, this collection is sure to please the blue enthusiast in your life.

From top left clockwise:

Beaded Blues Necklace, $172 (Similar style in Members)
Lapis Clusters, $220
Blue Flower Drops, $55
Kyanite Teardrops, $148
Blue Flower & African Beads Bracelet, $58
Blue Flower Bracelet, $58

The New Yorker

Classic chic pieces that are versatile for big city living. All these styles are great for both the office and a night out on the town!

From top left clockwise:

Black Cluster Chain
, $248
Rhudilated Drops, $95
African Gold Nugget Hoop, $98
Matte Black Onyx Cluster, $68
Resin Gem Bracelet, $55 (check out the Member's price)

Holiday Luxe

Whether it's for holiday fetes or a fun statement pieces for everyday wear, these special pieces are bound to get a lot of attention and compliments!

From left:

Multi-Chain Chandelier Necklace, $398
Vintage Leopard Shoulder Pin, $200
Vintage 1930s Blue Bracelet, $105

If you would like to order any of the featured styles or have questions please call (212-260-5298) or e-mail us ( If you haven't taken advantage of becoming a Wendy Mink Member please sign up with

P.s. Looking for even more budget friendly finds? Stay tuned this week for our SAMPLE SALE DATES.

-WMJ Boutique

November 23, 2010

A Thanksgiving letter from Wendy.

Hello everyone!

This is the time of year we give thanks- in a downward shaky economy what do I have to give thanks for, I ask myself? Let me start with the garden I created a couple of years ago. It is kind of a secret garden filled with trees and beautiful flowers. In the summer it was one of the most magical gardens I have ever seen, the fruits of mine and the labor of an extraordinary friend of mine Ted, who taught me everything he knows about gardening. So as I sit and look at all the bare branches and the flower bushes cut down in anticipation of next year I am so thankful for this bit of outdoor space in Manhattan. That garden truly transformed my life in many ways.

What else...well business has been very very challenging this year. We have all had to work extra hard and to think extra hard on how to reach our customers when their pocketbooks are much less than ever before. It hasn't stopped us though...and I am extra grateful for the amazing women who work with me, they have remained buoyant and creative even though they haven't seen any bonuses or raises in a long time. I am forever thankful for their humor, creativity and hard work. Each and everyone of them inspire me everyday and makes me think extra hard how we are all going to keep our a huge thanks to all of these women.

Thank you to Tenzin, she treks up to the platers at a moments notice in rain, shine or snow. Thank you to Rinzin who makes the most extraordinary cluster earrings I have ever seen. Thank you to Sangmo who although very shy has an amazing sense of style and humor. Thank you to Tsering, our bench worker who has the most amazing skills to cut into metal and make extraordinary designs...and can wrap a hoop like no one else. Thank you to both of the other Tsering's whose jewelry skills are daunting and skillful, yes we have three Tserings. Then there is Tomo, a wonderful jeweler who loves tomatoes. She recently took a trip to Nepal to visit her family and came back with wonderful scarves and wallets for each and everyone of us. Then there is Yeshi who makes almost every special style for our website, before you can say boo. Her speed and skill makes us all take a deep breath in awe. These women sit at a table every day and turn out the most magnificent jewelry, each day I am thankful to them as I would be nowhere without them!

Let me move on....there is Lobsang, she recently took over the job of production manager. She is like an octopus with so many arms moving at once and makes all of the new samples I give her, she works with all of our vendors and can negotiate like no one else. She also manages all the jewelry production and prices all of our jewelry, to name just a few of her tasks. I think she may be the first one in my 25 years of business who has been able to actually get decent prices for us so that we might actually see a bit of profit. I also think she can read my design mind. I give her scraps of ideas on paper or with materials and she turns it into magic. I am forever thankful to Lobsang.

Gena, wow what a year. She can design, make and rush samples to a client faster than we can eat lunch....and boy does she love lunch and great food! She can be extremely funny not to mention having an infectious laugh of her own, recently she starting wearing her hair up which we all in the studio love.

Diana thank you for recently joining our wacky team, you seem to be handling the personalities and multitude of tasks well....that is no easy feat!

Anja...thank you for coming all the way from Germany and landing in our company with your vast jewelry experience and expertise. We love your extra attention to detail and your ability to take on our most recent project which has caused a bit of panic and anxiety....making us feel you are handling the minute details with a microscopic eye!

Erin, we call her 'air'...and I gotta say she has a lot of air to find and work with all of our customers old and new. I thank her for hanging in there with our sales in a very tough market and a tough time. I so appreciate her good spirit and tenaciousness to keep the sales moving forward....recently she, Gena and Lobsang have become a bit of a team and have been accomplishing even more together, so thank you air- I mean Erin.

Let's move on to Ms. Amy from New Zealand....can't beat that accent. She does all of our PR, marketing and website with such finesse and a great deal of humor, the rolling on the ground in tears type of humor. I am thankful to her for taking my website from a little seed to a full blown chatty, beautiful place to go for our long and loyal customers who buy our jewelry on a very regular basis...I know her attention to each and everyone of them keeps them coming back for more. Thank you for putting our pieces on the map and in some of the most prestigious magazines out there. We are also thankful for her extraordinary outfits each day, should really be documenting all the vintage, keep your eye on her and her outfits!

Susan- my longtime friend and colleague...we sold art supplies together in college in Santa Cruz California. She keeps an extra special eye on everyone and the money, she loses sleep at night for all of us, but then arrives on our birthdays with the most incredible home made cakes...each one specific to our personalities and tastes, she continues to blow our socks off with those cakes, I think Gena has documented all of them (hopefully), thank you Susan for hanging in there and knowing me the best through thick and thin...literally and figuratively!!!

Deborah, a numbers magician! her focus and attention to detail is parallel to her amazing skills as a painter. She is truly an inspired artist...leaving everyday and going home to paint....I have two of her paintings myself and love looking at them. Thank you Deborah for fitting us into your painting schedule, maybe not a first choice but thank you.

Let's go to the store for a minute...aside from wholesale, as you know, we have a store on the LES run by Cerena. Another one of those very artistic women who draws on our front windows, the most recent a chalk fireplace! She recently also created a menagerie of birds in the back part of the store which is pretty special, I thank her for the special details which are slowly transforming the store, a place very dear to my heart....and we have a wonderful new gal from Texas working at the store on the weekends.... Kelley, a tall drink of water who can really sell jewelry! Thank you Kelley for looking so great in the jewelry- especially the enormous tassel earrings!

We work with many vendors all over the world who do a beautiful job for us...and I thank them all but especially one, our friend and colleague Ursula in Peru. She works with wonderful artisans and makes us the most beautiful filigree and metal cut-outs. These pieces have enhanced our line for the last six years. Not only does she send us amazing jewelry but she brings each and everyone of us a personal gift when she comes to New York, now that's a lot of special gifts.

And last but not least because it is this time of year, I am thankful to my father who went into the hospital a year ago on Thanksgiving... and died on Christmas eve. He gave me a sense of humor and the constant reminder how important people and family are and also that kindness, compassion and consideration for others are number one priorities above anything else. Something I aspire to everyday, so hopefully although he is not here, he would be thankful to have had me as his daughter. I really miss him.

So, a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I thank you all so much for supporting what we do, we appreciate and each and every customer we have, especially for staying with us through these past tough couple of years. I know we all have a lot to be thankful for...if we just stop for a moment to think about it.


November 22, 2010

and the winner is....!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered last week's competition and left such valuable comments for our blog. We think the consensus is that you'd like more studio goings-on and a little bit more about how Wendy creates such lovely pieces! so we will definitely work on bringing you those things....we hope you will check in with the blog later this week for a very special Thanksgiving blog post written by Wendy about this past year....drumroll....the winner of the bracelet above is Miss E! look out for more holiday giveaways and informative, gift idea blogs!


November 20, 2010

Haute Holiday News

Greetings from the WMJ Boutique!

We're loving all the inspiring comments and suggestions you ladies have been providing us from our last post! We'll make sure to bring you behind the scenes WMJ action and more from the great Ms. Mink herself.

In the meantime here's a little WMJ store news. Now that the holidays are approaching we'd thought it would be great to set up a little gift wrap station in the store. This way all your Wendy Mink gifts are completely ready to be gifted as soon as you leave the shop!

Our wrapping paper is recycled paper with WMJ ribbon or suede ribbon and a cute little bird topper!

It used to be that Wendy Mink Jewelry was only the destination for gifts for women, but that's all changed. Now you can get presents for the men in your life too! We've expanded our vintage section to include a bit of men's accessories. We now have great vintage cuff links, tie bars and tie pins.

Here's an example of our Men's Vintage Equestrian set. Please call (212-260-5298) or e-mail us (store@wendyminkjewelry) for images of other men's accessories in store!

We also know that this is that time of year packed with holiday events and parties. Instead of searching for a new dress, why not get a fabulous vintage rhinestone necklace that you can pair with anything from a blouse and jeans to your favorite little black dress! It's both eco-friendly and economic!

Our case of Holiday Glitz vintage pieces.

These two lovely ladies are our store manager, Cerena ,and shopgirl, Kelley, they were both having an "all black chic" moment today that went well with so many WMJ pieces. Cerena is wearing one of our latest long rosary necklaces with a Peruvian cutout, resin and african beads. Kelley is rocking our hoop tassel earrings and a chocolate and pink chain layering necklace. We plan to show you more of the WMJ staff in Wendy's great designs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-WMJ crew

November 17, 2010

A Real-ly Simple Ask....& Giveaway!

Hello everyone,

How's your week going? turkey buying? we sense some holiday shopping in the air, many of our website orders (and in the boutique) are now 'gifts for others' which is great, what is even better is that Cerena our store manager created a wonderful nook of beautiful gift-wrapping materials, here she will create a gorgeous little piece of 'art', all ready for you to pop into the hands of your mother in law or sister...or girlfriend...anyway, the point is you won't have to do a single thing once it's chosen! Cerena will include a couple of pictures of what she's got cooking here in the next store blog later this week.

We had a fairly grand start to the week with this Cluster Charm Bracelet featured in the chunky December issue of Real Simple, this magazine we often mention because it's a bit of a favorite round the studio, this issue doesn't disappoint either! This week we would like to offer you a bracelet of a different kind as giveaway!

Pictured above is the Gold Resin bracelet from our Winter Collection, it's simple, wearable and perhaps a great gift for these reasons? We would like to give one of these bracelets away to one lucky reader, here's how to enter!

First you must be a follower of this blog
Secondly you must leave us your email address
Thirdly we would love you to comment on what you would like to see on this blog,
do you just love pictures of new or upcoming jewelry? would you like more 'studio life'?
would you like more of a sneak peek into Wendy's design world?

Just let us know in a brief comment below and we will *randomly* choose a winner.

We hope you will spread the word about this giveaway and very much value your comments as we endeavor to bring you an informative, fun and newsy blog that you really want to check in with each week...don't forget to mention if you tweet or blog about this giveaway as we will give you another entry!

Don't forget about this week's mid-week must have, such a great deal for $50!
We look forward to reading your comments below and choosing a winner, enjoy! (here's a few faves on the website right now that we think make very sweet gifts!)


November 9, 2010

A Reason to Love Wednesdays.....

Hello WMJ Fans,

Ever feel like you need a little "lift" in the middle of week? Well, we at WMJ have just the thing : Mid-Week Must Have

Every Wednesday we will feature one WMJ style at a fabulous price for a limited time. The Mid- Week Must Have is only available in-store and on our web boutique for two days (from each Wednesday to noon on Friday of the same week). So you have to act fast! These styles are great for holiday gifts and are budget friendly so you can treat yourself too!

Here's a sneak peak at tomorrow's Must Have:

Besides our Mid-Week Must Haves, we have lots of great pieces on our web shop and boutique for under $100. Check out these wallet friendly and great gift picks:

Pink African Chain

Smoky Quartz Studs

Peruvian Calcite Rectangle Ring

Happy Shopping!

-WMJ Boutique

November 3, 2010

Wendy's Winter Wishes

The Chanel Winter 2010 ad campaign, shot directly opposite our boutique on Orchard St...oh Kaaaarl, hello Karl! Here he is right outside our store shooting the commercial...

Dear Blog Readers- to receive a 15% discount on any of the five WMJ styles below just enter 'blog15' at checkout! now that's a sweet winter deal....

Gold Teardrop Seed Necklace $268 or $227 with blog discount (currently in our members room)


Time for your legs to disappear and the layers to come out. Sometimes it's nice to brighten up the old winter wardrobe with some new accessories, feels like you have new outfits....a little smoke and mirrors! We hope you enjoy the jewelry in this post, all are available right now on the website and we think make the perfect winter accents....remember 'darker' tone jewelry (think black agate, smoky quartz, labradorite etc) can look fabulous in summer also, especially with a little tan and shorter hems, so don't be afraid to try darker tones than you would normally go for....and without a doubt gold and silver jewelry is completely non-seasonal and makes the perfect gift too!

Here are some items Wendy (and the rest of us in the studio!) would love to add to our closets....thick woolly tights, such as these gorgeous thick gray ones above ( Prada.sigh ). Wendy also has quite the penchant for vintage or vintage inspired coats, which is lucky because they seemed to be all over the place this past fashion week....and hats...great hats abound in NYC right now and we would like one....and sweaters....and boots....

Gorgeous Dries Van Noten darkness.

Lava Pearl Necklace $198 or $168 with blog discount (also in our members room)

Beautiful camel Chloe.
Filigree Whiskey Drops $82 or $69 with blog discount (in our Latest section online)

Labradorite Crystal Chain $172 or $146 with the blog discount (in the members room)

Amethyst Cocktail Ring $220 or $187 with blog discount (in the Latest section online)

Enjoy the onset of the COLD if you can and make sure to sign up to our newsletters for great holiday shopping opportunities, members receive some wonderful deals! email: to be on the list...


November 2, 2010

Cluster Winner Revealed!

....and the lucky recipient of the 'Colorful Clusters' is Julie! Thanks so much for entering everyone and make sure you follow the blog for MANY more fun giveaways leading up to the holidays! Also our members will receive some great gift opportunities over the next 2 months so if you'd like to receive a member email (one weekly) please email: and we will add you to the list! it's worth it believe us.....enjoy this (freezing!) week and look out for the new blog post coming tomorrow......