August 26, 2011

Irene....oh Irene.

Hello- looks as if Hurricane Irene is really messing with NYC this weekend. We unfortunately have decided to close the store SATURDAY the 27th & SUNDAY the 28th as it seems the wind and rain will be rather violent!
We hope that you are able to drop by the sale today, however, we are extending the sample sale through Tuesday (30th) and Wednesday (31st) of next week.
We apologize for the closure this weekend and hope that everyone in East Coast areas stays dry and safe.
See you back here next week!


August 25, 2011

We are set up! sale time....

Hello everyone!

we are set up for the sale and we have some lovely ladies here right now taking advantage of the great prices! the sale will run Friday 12-7, Saturday 12-7 and Sunday Sunday depends a little on Hurricane Irene....seems like it may be pretty nasty in the city so we will post an update via twitter if our hours for Sunday change....

Hope to see you here!

August 20, 2011

Happening now in the boutique....

Hello there! As most of you already know, our store sale is next weekend! We will have some pieces exclusively for the sale... long layering necklaces for fall, everyday delicates, eye catching cluster drop earrings and even some statement rings!

Even with all the preparation, we are excited to get some brand new jewelry in the boutique- just in time for Fall! Our new collection includes pyrite, mystic green topaz, beautiful amethyst and rubellite tourmaline. We are already having a hard time keeping these pieces
in the store- it has been such a busy weekend already!

during the sale, regular priced items are 20% off (not including vintage jewelry) so be sure to grab your favorite new pieces for Fall next weekend as well!

The best part about the WM boutique is all of t
he one-of-a-kind pieces we have. Our head jeweler Lobsang makes unique creations exclusive to our store (not found at any other Wendy Mink retailers, and not online!) Her one of a kind designs have become my favorite in the boutique.

These layered rosary necklaces are absolutely stunning...

And how awesome is this fish necklace? Love it!

With the sale and the 20% off, next weekend will be busy for sure and an excellent time to stock up on great jewelry deals AND new fall pieces!

Stay tuned next week for a blog on some of the employee sale favorites.....

and for info on any of the above items, please email

August 13, 2011

Savage Beauty + Fall Jewelry

Hello readers, hope you are all enjoying what is left of summer! The best part about being in NY in the summer are the many things to see and do all over the city. Do you live in NY? If not, did you get visit NY this summer? Particularly... did you stop by the Met and bare the lines to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit, Savage Beauty? Unfortunately the exhibit recently came to a close, but not before thousands of people (a lot of us here at Wendy Mink included!) waited in line to see his incredible designs.

Luckily, there are some gorgeous pictures here of selected pieces from the exhibit. Not only was the construction of each piece incredible, but the colors he used reminded me of many of the gorgeous stones in Wendy Mink collections, especially the new vivid gem colors of our new fall collection. I couldn't help wanting to line up McQueen's designs along some jewelry to see how the colors compliment each other. Below are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit, paired with some of Wendy's latest collection that I absolutely love.
A nice pairing, don't you think?

For questions on any of the jewelry in this post, please email, and of course- all photos of the McQueen exhibit via the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alexander McQueen exhibit website.

August 10, 2011

Ancient vs Vintage (and a little giveaway)

hello there

how is everyone this week? we thought we would share some rather stunning images we found online of Ancient Greek jewelry. It is really pretty amazing how jewelry making has remained so consistent for literally thousands of years....what is so especially beautiful about this ancient Greek jewelry are the organic life forms represented, critters, birds, shells, leaves.....these natural forms were largely depictions of gods and thus ancient Greek jewelry remained something to be worn on special occasions rather than in everyday life, maybe knocking around the marketplace wasn't such a good idea when festooned with precious gold! The detail on these adornments is really quite spectacular; filigree work, set stones, would be amazing if we could see more 'everyday' pieces also but made with less than precious materials means many of these less formal styles were not preserved.

Isn't this bracelet a stunner? precious stones set in pure gold. From what we could find out online the Greeks began using stones with gold around 1600BC.....this design above just seems so modern doesn't it?

Now here's something we'd like to bring back....wreaths! did a good job today? made some money for your company? why here's a golden wreath for your achieving head! The fine quality of those overlapping leaves is killing us, you can almost imagine each being cut out and hammered into perfection, just who wore that fabulous piece?

Aren't these earrings to die for....little sirens atop shells...just gorgeous! The work is so fine...what a chandelier! Now we would like to treat our readers this week to a little giveaway, we cant unfortunately give away anything quite as precious as the jewelry pictured here but we can offer a lucky person these chandeliers with little smoky quartz marquis drops....if you would like to be in the running then please leave us a comment below with your email address, we'd like you answer one simple question: When did you last deserve to wear a head wreath?

Best of luck, we shall choose a winner on Monday the 15th......enjoy your week and remember we all deserve a gold wreath sometimes....


August 5, 2011

Fall TV Guide

Hello and happy August! As sad as we are to see the long warm days of summer coming to an end, August always means getting excited for fall. Fall fashion, going back to school, and currently on our minds- the return of our favorite TV shows!

After chatting about what shows we were looking forward to... we realized it is the fabulous women on TV playing such great characters that we were really excited about. Also out in the fall, is our NEW jewelry collection, coming to the boutique and online. We decided to match up some of our favorite TV gals in some of our new styles for fall, because what is better than a little fall preview?

We lined up our favorite Modern Family moms (and- one sassy dad), the sexy sirens of Mad Men, the leading divas of Glee, and the updated vixens of Charlies Angels in some of our new designs we could certainly see them wear...

For any inquiries on any of the above soon-to-be-released styles, please email

August 3, 2011

Thank you!

Hello there!

We just wanted to thank you for your jewelry bids over the past week in our auction for Somalia.
We are sending a check to the World Food Programme for $561. We sold almost every piece and are very, very happy to be contributing any amount to this worthy cause.

Please email us if you are involved with a charity, we love hosting these auctions as they are such a fun way to raise money and get some great styles to our customers! you may email the charity information to

We thank you again!