August 10, 2011

Ancient vs Vintage (and a little giveaway)

hello there

how is everyone this week? we thought we would share some rather stunning images we found online of Ancient Greek jewelry. It is really pretty amazing how jewelry making has remained so consistent for literally thousands of years....what is so especially beautiful about this ancient Greek jewelry are the organic life forms represented, critters, birds, shells, leaves.....these natural forms were largely depictions of gods and thus ancient Greek jewelry remained something to be worn on special occasions rather than in everyday life, maybe knocking around the marketplace wasn't such a good idea when festooned with precious gold! The detail on these adornments is really quite spectacular; filigree work, set stones, would be amazing if we could see more 'everyday' pieces also but made with less than precious materials means many of these less formal styles were not preserved.

Isn't this bracelet a stunner? precious stones set in pure gold. From what we could find out online the Greeks began using stones with gold around 1600BC.....this design above just seems so modern doesn't it?

Now here's something we'd like to bring back....wreaths! did a good job today? made some money for your company? why here's a golden wreath for your achieving head! The fine quality of those overlapping leaves is killing us, you can almost imagine each being cut out and hammered into perfection, just who wore that fabulous piece?

Aren't these earrings to die for....little sirens atop shells...just gorgeous! The work is so fine...what a chandelier! Now we would like to treat our readers this week to a little giveaway, we cant unfortunately give away anything quite as precious as the jewelry pictured here but we can offer a lucky person these chandeliers with little smoky quartz marquis drops....if you would like to be in the running then please leave us a comment below with your email address, we'd like you answer one simple question: When did you last deserve to wear a head wreath?

Best of luck, we shall choose a winner on Monday the 15th......enjoy your week and remember we all deserve a gold wreath sometimes....



  1. My 40th birthday! alexandra_swan (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. After a stressful weekend of moving a few weeks ago! Phew!

    jessicahamm at gmail dot com

  3. Today - just because I'm feeling fabulous!

    jennifers126 at hotmail (dot) com

  4. celebrating the big "60".


  5. After conquering a life altering move to a new country!

  6. After finishing a huge project at work a few weeks ago!

    roopa916 at gmail dot com

  7. Just so we're clear on this: I'd call it a halo!
    We just moved ourselves cross-country from MN to NY on a 3 day trip. Somehow, one tends to lose one's patience when dealing with a crying cat in the back seat for 500 miles, a 13-yr. old saying, "I'm hungry!" every 15 minutes, and a 22-yr. old who knows EVERYTHING!!! But I was a saint...
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  8. for making it to the final week of my summer biochem class. woot!

  9. For making through a train ride while sitting next to the most obnoxious PDA loving couple.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  10. It would be very nice if you would post the winners of your contests, please!