October 20, 2010

Martha, Martha, Martha!

Hello blog readers!

How has your week been so far? It's uncommonly warm here in NYC and we are all sweltering in our tights and scarves....am sure many people with skimpy Halloween costumes are pleased though! On the 18th of this month we were honored (and excited) to be invited to a party at Martha Stewart Headquarters to celebrate their partners in the wedding industry. We were not quite sure what to expect but were overwhelmed by what was in store for us. Greeting guests off the elevator was this wonderful 1920's band above and greeting us inside the enormous space was a wonderful room full of goodies, thumping music from a DJ and a bar stocked with delicious vodka cocktails and wine. Pretty perfect really! here are some shots from the evening, Wendy of course fell in love with the Pipecleaner lady who fashions very fun rings from....you guessed it...pipecleaners! They went very well with the flashing 'jelly' rings we were given on arrival!

Though we did attempt to be filmed they were not focused on us....

A bunch of ladies were patiently waiting in line to have their nails done, it was hard to decide whether to wait or risk missing out on the wonderful spread of cheese and other nibbles....

This florist crafted sweet, tiny bouquets to your liking right in front of you, this booth gave us some great ideas for our boutique gift-wrapping station coming very soon for the holidays, sequined sprays anyone? yes please!

Colorful Cluster GIVEAWAY! (remember to leave your EMAIL in case you win!)

So thanks Martha Stewart for such a lovely evening, we very much enjoy being a 'partner' and are excited to see a couple of upcoming WMJ styles in the December issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Our most popular style shot in this fine magazine was the classic cluster style below, we had so many calls from brides loving the style and ordering it in a ton of gorgeous colors.
This week we'd love to offer our blog readers a little GIVEAWAY! leave a comment below with which color is your favorite from the group of clusters below WITH your email address and next Tuesday we will draw a winner to receive their own handmade pair of colorful clusters in the color of your choice....go ahead and enter, (feel free to tweet or blog about this giveaway, if you do leave another comment letting us know and we will give you another entry!).

Enjoy the coming weekend and good luck for the giveaway!


October 18, 2010

Have a Party, make some Cash!

Hello readers-

Well it's past mid October and you know what that means...HOLIDAY Party time is almost upon us! Throwing a holiday party can be great fun and we have just added something which is not only fun but also a great way to make a little extra cash! Now that is something we could all do with in this tough financial climate.

So, what do you need? how does it work? will I really make money? what if I don't have too many guests? I live outside of NYC, is it still possible?

Let's start with the basics, all you really need is a living room and a bunch of jewelry-loving friends. Obviously the more ladies and gents invited, the more "shopping" potential but we really have no minimum, it's up to you. They say wine helps shopping too...

First of all make an approximate guest list, say you have 10 people interested in attending, perfect! Think about price-points you know your guests will be comfortable with, we can work with most and have many very inexpensive options online, at the other end of the spectrum we have some beautiful luxe pieces too, perfect for the season! At this point we work with you to put together a wonderful collection of jewelry for your party, what's more many great pieces are visible online so by all means be specific about what your friends would love to try in person. The hostess -that's you!- receives 15% of total sales made during the event, plus a hostess gift is included in the collection. Nice! Sounds easy? It is!

A full policy sheet is available by emailing Cerena our store manager on: store@wendyminkjewelry.com. There is little risk involved and no expense initially (except for a deposit of course), unsold jewelry is simply returned. If you would prefer to chat about this then you could also call the boutique on 212 260 5298, we would love to have you on board as a hostess.

We hope we have given you food for thought, we receive so many wonderful messages from customers saying how much their friends and family envy their WMJ pieces, here's a great opportunity to represent us, have lots of fun doing it and pocket a little cash. Now we almost want the holiday season to get here a little quicker!

WMJ Boutique.

October 13, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Auction!

Hello Readers!

As you most probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, this worthy cause could very much do with our support so this weekend we are bringing you a very special blog post! it's the PINK auction!

We will donate 15% of all sales from this auction to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, now that's a sweet incentive to acquire a new, exclusively-made piece of pink jewelry. In addition to these blog styles we have a a Cluster Bracelet online for just $50! Just click to view.

These blog styles will also be available in our boutique, so if you are in the NY area drop by and have a try...here are the simple instructions for placing your bid below. Auction finishes Monday 9am and 'winners' will be notified via email so details for shipping etc can be exchanged, we wish you luck in supporting this worthy cause, please note if for some reason you miss the auction or are reading this after the fact we will endeavor to re-create the style you wish to purchase.

1. Scroll through the styles and choose 1 or more styles to bid on.

2. Note what the starting bid is and then check comments at the very bottom of the post for any existing bids on that style.

3. If there is already a bid in the comments you may enter an amount $4.00 or greater to secure the 'top position', obviously the higher you go the more secure you are, if you do not wish to keep checking over the next 4 days make sure you enter a healthy number, remember it's for a GREAT cause!

4. Enter how much you wish to pay (with your email address and name of style noted).
e.g. pinklady (at) gmail dot com, $40 for Cherry Graduated Beads

5. Check in again anytime before Monday to make sure you haven't been outbid (by checking other comments), you may need to bid again, if so remember to bid $4 or higher.

6. •PLEASE NOTE• whatever amount is the HIGHEST in the comments will be the 'winner', e.g. if you bid $50 on a style with a $25 starting bid and there are no other bids, then you would be responsible for paying the $50 for the style.

7. Good luck and remember to leave us your EMAIL address!
(for queries please email us on retail@wendyminkjewelry.com).

EXAMPLE: I love the Cherry Quartz Graduated Beads, the starting bid is $28, I really love these so I enter $44 as an amount I would like to pay, someone else bids on Saturday night and selects $58 for their bid, I see this comment when I check it on Sunday and enter $62...hopefully no-one else bids and I can secure the style for $62!

1.Coral Cherry Tassel Beads, 31.5", 4" Tassel
Starting Bid: $38

2. Twisted Choker, 19" SOLD
Starting Bid: $12

3. Cherry Graduated Beads, 32" SOLD
Starting Bid: $28

4. Carnival Resin Beads, 35-40"
Starting Bid: $32

5. Ruby Cocktail Ring, 1.75x1.75" SOLD
Starting Bid: $68

6. Pair of Faux Pearl Stretch Bracelets,8" SOLD
Starting Bid (for x2): $8

7. Rose Quartz Clusters, 2.5" SOLD
Starting Bid: $24

8. Rose Mesh Cuff, 2.5" and bend-able. SOLD
Starting Bid: $38

9. Rose Pink Tassel Earring, 4"
Starting Bid: $48

10. Rose Quartz Double Chain, 18" SOLD
Starting Bid: $50

11. Gold Resin Drops, 1.5" SOLD
Starting Bid: $8

12. Rose Quartz Tassel Necklace, 32", 4" Tassel
Starting Bid: $48

13. Rose Cocktail Ring, 1x1.25"
Starting Bid: $68

14. Rose and Cherry Clusters, 2" SOLD
Starting Bid: $28

15. Fuchsia Beads, 34"
Starting Bid: $30

16. Coral Buddha Bracelet, 7.5" SOLD
Starting Bid: $10

17. Triple Drops, 2". SOLD
Starting Bid: $10

18. Pink Circle Beads, 28"
Starting Bid: $20

19. Pink Bib Chain, 26" SOLD
Starting Bid: $36

20. Pony Bracelet, 7.5" SOLD
Starting Bid: $14

October 11, 2010

Birthday Wishes

If you haven't already seen on our homepage or our Facebook account, it was Ms. Mink's birthday this Friday. Our production manager and expert baker, Susan, made this fab cake for Wendy!!

These are some gifts from the staff along with some gorgeous flowers from the fellows at Pilgrim. We're thinking these are great spring inspiration- look forward to pops of color and floral elements......

As it's Wendy's birthday weekend, we'd thought to feature some pieces near and dear to her heart. One of Wendy's favorite designs is her Empress collection, she spends extra time finding the right stones for these pieces that embody her aesthetic.

Bridal Empress Earrings- these stunning earrings are an unique combination of rutilated quartz, tourmaline, and tanzanite.

Empress of India- the "original" Empress design this piece was first specially designed for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It features black rutilated quartz, pink topaz , banded agate and hints of pink topaz.

Wendy will be working on some special Empress pieces for the boutique, stay tuned for these styles along with other new additions! Please contact store@wendyminkjewelry for any inquiries and also remember that we can make special custom styles for these pieces!

-WMJ Boutique

October 6, 2010

Panther Party

Every so often a piece of jewelry (ok pretty much all the time) comes along that makes the whole office stop with a chorus of oooohhhs and ahhhhs. This panther pin definitely resulted in some work stoppage for a good few minutes. Look at this little guy! he is fully moveable and has two pin closures so you can pin him on your shoulder like this above, or he would look FABULOUS clasping two sides of a cardigan or dare we say a vintage fur! Because he was so fun to play with we took a few more pics of him in various poses and lights....

This fantastic pin can be found in our boutique (but maybe not for long?), feel free to call or email Cerena on 212 260 5298 or store@wendyminkjewelry.com, she can fill you in on all the details. We will be a little sad to see this little guy go. Luckily however each week we get a new bunch of fabulous vintage jewels, most of these styles are in the boutique and a lucky few are featured online, over the next week we will be adding some new vintage to the website, keep an eye out for some great fall-friendly styles; chunky gold chains, autumnal pins and beautiful beads.....below are some of the styles coming to the website, if you would like to *reserve* any of these styles or find out more information please email Amy on retail@wendyminkjewelry.com and she will be happy to help!

We hope you love these vintage styles as much as we do, as a special blog-reader thank you use the code 'vintage15' to receive 15% off any vintage styles currently online! We hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend, stay posted our next blog about the jewelry parties you can host with us plus a wonderful boutique event, November 11th, save THIS date!

WMJ Team.

October 4, 2010

Rainy Day Winner!

...and the rainy day earring giveaway is.....drumroll......Valerie! thanks Valerie for entering and being a great customer also! we will post another giveaway very soon...and yes it's still raining here in NYC!