October 18, 2010

Have a Party, make some Cash!

Hello readers-

Well it's past mid October and you know what that means...HOLIDAY Party time is almost upon us! Throwing a holiday party can be great fun and we have just added something which is not only fun but also a great way to make a little extra cash! Now that is something we could all do with in this tough financial climate.

So, what do you need? how does it work? will I really make money? what if I don't have too many guests? I live outside of NYC, is it still possible?

Let's start with the basics, all you really need is a living room and a bunch of jewelry-loving friends. Obviously the more ladies and gents invited, the more "shopping" potential but we really have no minimum, it's up to you. They say wine helps shopping too...

First of all make an approximate guest list, say you have 10 people interested in attending, perfect! Think about price-points you know your guests will be comfortable with, we can work with most and have many very inexpensive options online, at the other end of the spectrum we have some beautiful luxe pieces too, perfect for the season! At this point we work with you to put together a wonderful collection of jewelry for your party, what's more many great pieces are visible online so by all means be specific about what your friends would love to try in person. The hostess -that's you!- receives 15% of total sales made during the event, plus a hostess gift is included in the collection. Nice! Sounds easy? It is!

A full policy sheet is available by emailing Cerena our store manager on: store@wendyminkjewelry.com. There is little risk involved and no expense initially (except for a deposit of course), unsold jewelry is simply returned. If you would prefer to chat about this then you could also call the boutique on 212 260 5298, we would love to have you on board as a hostess.

We hope we have given you food for thought, we receive so many wonderful messages from customers saying how much their friends and family envy their WMJ pieces, here's a great opportunity to represent us, have lots of fun doing it and pocket a little cash. Now we almost want the holiday season to get here a little quicker!

WMJ Boutique.

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