July 25, 2011

HUGE Blog Auction...for Somalia.

1. Hammered Snakes, 2.5"x1.75"
Starting Bid $30

Hello readers-

well it has been a very rough couple of weeks in the news hasn't it? our hearts go out to Norway and all families involved. Another heart breaking story has been the famine in Somalia and this week we are pleased to be hosting an auction to help raise money for this cause. 50% of funds raised will be donated to the World Food Programme for the famine relief fund, we hope that you find these styles appealing and will bid generously!

if you have not participated in one of our charity auctions before it's very simple! Below you will see a bunch of great styles up for grabs, under each style you will see a "starting bid", your bid must be $4 or greater than the starting bid, just leave your bid in the comments below with your email address and style number (e.g. $40 for #2, amy (at) wendyminkjewelry (dot) com). The blog auction will run through to Monday the 1st at 3pm so make sure you check in again after you bid in case someone has outbid you! On Tuesday the 2nd all winners will be notified and the greatest amount bid will be that winner....
We thank you in advance for supporting this cause.

Happy bidding!

2. African Chain, 32"
Starting Bid $30

3. Peach Dangles, 3"
Starting Bid $28

4. Lapis Bezels,2.5"
Starting Bid $40

5. Smoky Chandeliers,2.25"
Starting Bid $30

6. Dagger Ovals,3.5"
Starting Bid $20

7. Chain Daggers,2.75"
Starting Bid $25

8. African Hoops, 2.5"x1.75"
Starting Bid $20

9. Peacock Teardrops, 2.5"x1.25"
Starting Bid $25

10. Triple Bracelet, 7"
Starting Bid $28

11. Bird Beads, 22"
Starting Bid $40

12. Silver Blue Chain, 28"
Starting Bid $30

13. Agate Gold Beads, 33"
Starting Bid $40

14. Crystal Chain, 26"
Starting Bid $40

15. Filigree Snake, 17", pendant 1.75"x1.25"
Starting Bid $30

16. Birds and Flower Bib, 20"
Starting Bib $50

17. Red Beads,16"
Starting Bid $20

18. Carnelian Chain, 40"
Starting Bid $28

19. Wood Beads, 24"
Starting Bid $28

20. Chip Bib, 20" to first row, 24" to last row
Starting Bib $40

21. Smoky Nugget Necklace, 22"
Starting Bid $40

22. Tortoise Necklace, 20"
Starting Bid $30

23. Natural Beads, 40"
Starting Bid $20

24. Leaf Pendant, 30", pendant 2"
Starting Bid $24

25. Pod Necklace,26"
Starting Bid $50

26. Ruby Egg Chain, 17" pendant 1"
Starting Bid $20

27. Floral Bib,20"
Starting Bid $40

28. African Drops, 2"
Starting Bid $10

29. Bird Drops,1"
Starting Bid $10

30. Gold African Chain, 26"
Starting Bid $30

July 23, 2011

Golden Girls

Hello ladies, hot out there isn't it?!
Fortunately this weekend we have a sweet online deal so you can keep your sanity while bearing the weather! Now back online we have some classic metallic styles we know everyone loves! At the boutique I can't tell you how many gorgeous gals pick up our gold statement earrings... from the smaller and basic to the bold and fabulous, what better way to channel your inner golden goddess than an amazing pair of gold earrings?

These bright sparklers remind us of exotic goddesses and adorned queens in glamorous ancient palaces... featured below we have some inspiration to help you channel some fabulous exotic goddess on these steamy days.

Enter code "Blog15" to get 15% off any of the earrings in the metallic section online, now through Monday!

July 21, 2011

Bits and Bobs

Hi all- hope you are beating the heat this week....it's so outrageously hot here in NYC, but we are staying cool in the AC....busy, busy with a show coming up and Fall jewels on their way....did someone say Fall? oh for a little chill in the air.....
This week online (just today!) we have a great deal for you, this gorgeous gold-filled chain above with semi-precious lapis, turquoise and a gold charm for just $74....50% off regular retail. Any orders placed for this necklace today go into a wee draw to win a 2nd necklace (for a friend!).....so pick yourself up this sweet deal and you may just get 2 of them in your package!

Next up are a few vintage styles we have right now in the boutique....sterling chandeliers....tasseled Victorian revival earrings (2nd from the bottom of the pics)....we actually can't believe these haven't sold yet, they are such a steal at $45! if you are in NYC definitely email Megan on store@wendyminkjewelry.com as she sends out a weekly boutique newsletter and you will have a chance to see new styles when they arrive! If you are interested in the details of any of these styles use that same email to inquire.....


oh wow is Fall looking gorgeous! here's a preview of what we have coming up online
and in the store later next month....amethyst, berry, hammered gold......onyx....and much more!

Enjoy the rest of your week and look out for special blog auction next week to benefit a great cause!


July 12, 2011

A little 'Christmas in July' Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

Seeing as this year is flying we thought we'd bring you a little 'Christmas in July' giveaway! We hope everyone is enjoying this month...sure is a hot one here in NYC, the tourists visiting our store are melting as they do the Lower East Side tours....luckily the boutique is nice and cool....and full of great jewels of course! To win this gorgeous gold chain and pearl necklace below simply tell us in the comments what you are doing to escape the heat this July and we will choose a winner! don't forget to leave us your email address in the comments so we can contact you too....

Good luck!

July 8, 2011


There is no better way to enjoy the hot summer nights than to cool off outside with a delicious cocktail in hand and a fabulous cocktail ring on your finger! In honor of our boutique's upcoming Jewelry Cocktail Hour (we will keep you posted- expect jewelry discounts with some delicious drinks!), we have put together some sweet summer cocktail recipes we are dying to try, along with some stunning jewelry to coordinate. We were inspired by the vivid colors in these cocktails and found similar hues in the jewelry, and thought they looked too sweet not to share with you all!
For questions on any of the below items, please call 212-260-5298 or email store@wendyminkjewelry.com


Here at WMJ we are pretty good with jewelry, so we left the cocktail recipes to the pro- all recipes via marthastewart.com