October 17, 2012

A good excuse for playing dress up...

As we have told you many times before, we are big fans of Halloween around here. But what to wear? Can't think of anything fun and new? Let your jewelry guide you! We put together some halloween costumes that you can easily pull together using a little Wendy Mink Jewelry to achieve the look.

Get some scarves and add some sequins! Tie them around your waist and drape them over your arms to achieve the bellydancer look. Last but not least throw on some dangly jewelry and shake those hips!

Okay, mayyybe catwoman doesn't seem to wear any jewelry. But I bet she has some jewels on under that suit! Add some tiger's eye and banded agate stones to get the feline look.

Who wouldn't want to be Joan from Mad men?! Long tassel necklaces from Wendy's collection would perfectly compliment some of our vintage pieces to get Joan's classic retro 60's look. Small clip on earrings and gold bracelets would look best next to her signature piece: a brooch!

Ah, the mod go-go girl. We sure do wish those funky boots and a-line, patterned dresses were still around these days! Pull on your knee-high boots and grab some geometric jewelry to get this costume right. Square block stones, concentric ovals and big circles- the more shapes the better for the mod look!

One of the best Disney princesses if we say so! Channel a Native American princess in this easy to achieve outfit. Cut fringe onto a neutral shirt, wear moccasins and a braid with a feather in your hair, and add some nature inspired earth-tone jewelry to perfect your costume. 

Or, if you are out of ideas and on a tight budget- put on every piece of jewelry you own and voila! Go as the fabulous old Madame Bijoux

Any other great halloween costume ideas? We would love to hear some!

For questions on any of the above pieces please email store@wendyminkjewelry.com or shop online here!

October 12, 2012

Wendy Mink Jewelry for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

It is easy to get caught up with Halloween in October, but October is also a time to put your thoughts and positive energy towards Breast Cancer Awareness and helping to find a cure for something that effects friends, family, loved ones and perhaps even yourself. Wendy put together this beautiful collection of rose quartz and pink tourmaline pieces to wear with pride. 20% of proceeds from this collection will go towards Susan G. Komen for for the cure at the end of the October.