April 28, 2009

Sale this WEEKEND!

Hello there-

Well we think it might finally be Spring or even a little bit Summer!....we were feeling so Spring-like this week that our resident green thumb Nadine King (who also happens to be our
Sales Manager) did these pretty flower boxes in our Tribeca studio, she hails from Australia and we hear there's plenty of nature down there which must account for her considerable gardening skills...sure does make us all a little happier to view these gorgeous blooms throughout the day....

We are very excited about this week's sale in our New York boutique....we have some great pieces for you (or for your Mom seeing as we only have a week or so till Mother's Day)....plus for loyal followers we have free shipping right now for web purchases over $50!
The boutique sale will have a great selection of chainy delicates, charm necklaces, bangles, semi-precious earrings, hoops....many of these styles are under $30 too making the sale that much sweeter in these rather challenging financial times....

These lovely ladies below are our jewelry makers, every piece of Wendy Mink Jewelry you have was made by these incredibly skilled women....

Well we hope to see those of you who live in NYC at the store this weekend.....come by for a bargain & a glass of wine or an espresso over the 3 days....

p.s. if you loved our sale card make sure to check out Jane Buck's great handmade card site

The Wendy Mink Team.

April 21, 2009

Hello everyone-

Welcome to our second blog posting. Well it sure is busy around these parts,
Wendy is currently buried in beautiful Fall colors like plum, charcoal and silver-y grey as she puts the final touches on our new collection, none of us really want to think about chilly weather again but at least we can look forward to these great colors and textures when the cold does roll around. Things really amped up around here last week when Wendy valiantly conquered our studio espresso machine, not so good for office caffeine levels but we sure are seeing some gorgeous dark and moody jewelry.....

We hope many of you in NYC (or visitors!) have made it down to Orchard St to visit our boutique, the summer collection is now in store (only summer is missing really) and there are a whole slew of recession friendly price ranges....Orchard St has really found it's bearings in the past year and there are some fabulous boutiques right next door to ours, Wendy's favorite is Kaight just across the street ...the new handmade Italian shoes are truly exquisite! If you are coming to our Mother's Day sale, and we hope you will, make sure and save some time to drop into the other great stores on the block.

This magnificent Lemon & Coconut Tart is courtesy of Susan, Production Manager and resident tart/pie expert, made especially for Kelly Christy our Store Manager for her birthday this week, happy birthday Kelly! We are almost as passionate about food as we are about jewelry here at the studio (at around 3pm on a Monday we may take chocolate above jewels).
We hope Susan will divulge her recipes here this summer....

This lovely lady in red is Cerena our Production Assistant, her role involves maintaining a staggering inventory of materials...no mean feat....plus she manages to look this fabulous while doing it! Cerena chose this piece below for her mother this week, it is semi-precious Rhudilated Quartz and Green Onyx with 22k gold vermeil, measuring 26", this usually retails for over $200 but we have four of these fabulous chains at just $110....click here to order or visit our boutique on the Lower East Side.

We hope to see you next weekend at our boutique sale....
Have a great week!
The Wendy Mink Jewelry team.

April 14, 2009

Wendy Mink Jewelry joins bloggers!

Hello dear customers....

Never let it be said that the women here at Wendy Mink Jewelry
are afraid of technology....no not us, we have joined weekly bloggers worldwide to make sure you get up to date company news!

We hope our new blog will be interesting to you...we intend to keep you updated with all types of
action around our studio, the NYC store, the web....we hope to create a diary of events from Wendy's outrageously fantastic shoe collection to the staff guacamole making contest (every company should have one!) and maybe a bit of jewelry news too.....

If you have any news or events you think we would be interested in then we'd love to hear it, please email us at
retail@wendyminkjewelry.com with details.
We'll be posting links that Wendy & the team here love, as well as great stores, people and events we think are just worth a mention.....we love a good cause too so if you are involved with a great project do let us know!

To celebrate this technical coup we are offering our fabulously loyal customers a price break on these great 'Gold Daisy' earrings (shown above, click to enlarge image) which were featured in the April issue of 'O' the Oprah magazine....they are sterling silver with 22k gold vermeil, completely handmade & normally retailing for $350....we have 4 pairs for just $198...be quick.....
Email us at the address above to receive your pair.

We hope you enjoy our new blog, look out for special one time deals, steals & news!
Wendy Mink Team.