April 28, 2009

Sale this WEEKEND!

Hello there-

Well we think it might finally be Spring or even a little bit Summer!....we were feeling so Spring-like this week that our resident green thumb Nadine King (who also happens to be our
Sales Manager) did these pretty flower boxes in our Tribeca studio, she hails from Australia and we hear there's plenty of nature down there which must account for her considerable gardening skills...sure does make us all a little happier to view these gorgeous blooms throughout the day....

We are very excited about this week's sale in our New York boutique....we have some great pieces for you (or for your Mom seeing as we only have a week or so till Mother's Day)....plus for loyal followers we have free shipping right now for web purchases over $50!
The boutique sale will have a great selection of chainy delicates, charm necklaces, bangles, semi-precious earrings, hoops....many of these styles are under $30 too making the sale that much sweeter in these rather challenging financial times....

These lovely ladies below are our jewelry makers, every piece of Wendy Mink Jewelry you have was made by these incredibly skilled women....

Well we hope to see those of you who live in NYC at the store this weekend.....come by for a bargain & a glass of wine or an espresso over the 3 days....

p.s. if you loved our sale card make sure to check out Jane Buck's great handmade card site

The Wendy Mink Team.

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  1. Lovely blooms ladies! I'm very excited about the sale this week - surely there will be tarts? J