April 21, 2009

Hello everyone-

Welcome to our second blog posting. Well it sure is busy around these parts,
Wendy is currently buried in beautiful Fall colors like plum, charcoal and silver-y grey as she puts the final touches on our new collection, none of us really want to think about chilly weather again but at least we can look forward to these great colors and textures when the cold does roll around. Things really amped up around here last week when Wendy valiantly conquered our studio espresso machine, not so good for office caffeine levels but we sure are seeing some gorgeous dark and moody jewelry.....

We hope many of you in NYC (or visitors!) have made it down to Orchard St to visit our boutique, the summer collection is now in store (only summer is missing really) and there are a whole slew of recession friendly price ranges....Orchard St has really found it's bearings in the past year and there are some fabulous boutiques right next door to ours, Wendy's favorite is Kaight just across the street ...the new handmade Italian shoes are truly exquisite! If you are coming to our Mother's Day sale, and we hope you will, make sure and save some time to drop into the other great stores on the block.

This magnificent Lemon & Coconut Tart is courtesy of Susan, Production Manager and resident tart/pie expert, made especially for Kelly Christy our Store Manager for her birthday this week, happy birthday Kelly! We are almost as passionate about food as we are about jewelry here at the studio (at around 3pm on a Monday we may take chocolate above jewels).
We hope Susan will divulge her recipes here this summer....

This lovely lady in red is Cerena our Production Assistant, her role involves maintaining a staggering inventory of materials...no mean feat....plus she manages to look this fabulous while doing it! Cerena chose this piece below for her mother this week, it is semi-precious Rhudilated Quartz and Green Onyx with 22k gold vermeil, measuring 26", this usually retails for over $200 but we have four of these fabulous chains at just $110....click here to order or visit our boutique on the Lower East Side.

We hope to see you next weekend at our boutique sale....
Have a great week!
The Wendy Mink Jewelry team.


  1. I love the blog!! It looks great!
    I can't wait for the sale!!! Keep up the good work ladies.

  2. thanks bonnie, we can't wait to see you at the sale!