May 31, 2011

Ring Winner

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who emailed us over memorial weekend with their quiz answers, great job! Jessica has been chosen to receive 3 rings in whichever stones she chooses...stay tuned for more great summer giveaways and blogs featuring upcoming styles online and in the's a sneak peek below at more newbies hitting the website and store veeeeeeery shortly!

May 26, 2011

A preview and a quiz!

Hello! this Memorial weekend we bring you a preview of some gorgeous new styles for summer we have coming up....including this stunning turquoise ring set with a little diamond...pretty! We'd also like to offer you a giveaway in the form of a quick quiz....if you answer these fairly simple questions below (all answers found on the site, and some you may already know!) you may win any THREE of the stackable rings right here online, they come in a range of gorgeous colors and you get to choose the 3 that work the best for you.....questions are below!
Good luck...just email your answers to Diana and Amy at and let us know you entered in the comment section below! psssssst......the answers are simple to find!

A weekend quiz....for THREE gorgeous stackable rings!

1. How many jewelry sections are online?
2. Where is our boutique?
3. How many Empress color ways are there?
4. What are the boutique hours on a Sunday?
5. Where was Wendy's first office in NYC?
6. What country has influenced Wendy's design?
7. What are some of the stones used in the Summer 2011 collection?
8. Who is the wholesale contact?
9. Where are our ladies from who handcraft the jewelry?
10. Where are repairs sent to?
11.What are 3 magazines WMJ has appeared in?
12. Which color of the simple drop style earrings are your favorite?
13. How many cuffs are online right now?
14. Where is our showroom?
15. What is your favorite piece online right now!?

Good luck and have a lovely long weekend!

May 22, 2011

Showing at a show

This past Saturday we had the lovely honor of displaying a case of our jewelry at the Lower East Side fashion show! Our display showed some classic Wendy Mink pieces including some of my personal favorites, and was positioned alongside other displays by our fellow neighborhood boutiques. Aside from the displays, the show had a cat walk with professional models showing the best fashions of boutiques on the lower east side. Positioned like a square, models walked runways and then posed on pedestals while the crowd looked on and snapped pictures.

A DJ kept the music playing and attracted quite the crowd on a beautiful sunny Saturday!

Models posed in the best of the lower east side.

People stopped and checked out our display!

We are fortunate to have our boutique in this community. The lower east side is home to so many other trendy shops and is a sure spot for up and coming fashion (and, some great places to eat!) The fashion show and displays were a wonderful way to see the styles of the fashionable boutiques surrounding our store, and for some onlookers to enjoy the WMJ display as well!

Did you make it to the LES fashion show this weekend?

May 19, 2011

Here's the giveaway....AGAIN!

So here is our giveaway again! we are SO sorry that all your lovely comments and entries disappeared last weekend when blogger crashed! please leave us your entries below, just choose which of these you like the most and comment below, remember to leave us your email address so we can contact you! Good luck, these will be chosen Monday and we will let you know....


May 17, 2011


Hello! if any of you have blogs you will know that in the weekend blogger crashed and we lost our last post about the sale PLUS our giveaway, we are so disappointed to have lost your lovely comments and entries to win the four pieces of jewelry! We will re-post these images as soon as possible and re-post the giveaway, we ask that you leave your comment again below or when we re-post the images in the next day or two, we so apologize and hope that we can get the giveaway back up and running!

May 14, 2011

I do!

Here at Wendy Mink we love working on bridal orders. Whether we are creating a custom design with the bride to be, or we are coordinating the best current style to match all of the bridesmaids, helping to make the jewelry on the big day perfect is a fun and exciting part of what we do. Never the same, brides consult us with the color scheme they like, jewelry styles they are interested in, and inspiration for how the complete look should be. For customized jewelry it is always exciting to see what the unique result is, and we are always happy knowing we could at least make the jewelry part of the wedding a bit easier.

We want to make sure we are spot on with all of your wedding jewelry needs- which is why we have created this short and sweet questionnaire for brides, bridesmaids, maids of honor and so on, for you to let us know your thoughts and wisdom on everything and all things wedding jewelry related.

Below are some short questions for you to answer. In the comments section please respond with the # of the question you are answering, and we will select one great response to win a free pair of simple drop earrings in the colored stone of your choice!

Thanks for the input and ideas!


1. We handmake all of our jewelry in our studio in Tribeca, which means we can make pieces on short notice. How many days are left until the wedding and when did you start browsing around for jewelry?

2. Have you considered jewelry for other people in the wedding- such as bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother and mother in law?

3. The wedding staple used to be pearls, is this still true or is there a new popular wedding style?

4. Do you prefer your wedding jewelry to be silver or gold?

5. Are you looking for earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace?

6. Is there more than one event involved in your wedding that would lead to a wardrobe or jewelry change (à la Kate Middleton)?

7. Are you ordering from a few different boutiques and waiting to see which style looks best for the wedding?

8. Where do you go to get ideas and inspiration? Is it magazines and print? Online and blogs? Or friends and photos?

9. Is it important to you to be able to wear your wedding jewelry again?

10. Would you be interested in having a custom piece made for you, including vintage castings and charms?

May 4, 2011

It's almost here...

The Wendy Mink Sample Sale!

Hello! After months of organizing inventory and sorting through gorgeous jewelry for our Mother's Day weekend sample sale, the time has finally come! Here at the boutique we have been busy getting some beautiful pieces ready for you all- and at some amazing prices! You get a sneak peak here first as we start to set up...

These bins don't look like much, but the 18 bins that line the wall in the back of our boutique are filled to the rim with trays of jewelry for our sample sale- so there is certainly lots to come and see!
We are beginning to set some of the jewelry out on displays. We wanted to start early enough so it would all be ready on time for Friday!
I have to say the jewelry in this sample sale really covers a broad range of different styles. Big earrings, small earrings, long necklaces, delicates- we will have it all! Which is sure to make picking up that last minute gift for Mom on Mother's Day easier!
The Wendy Mink Jewelry sample sale is:
Friday May 6th, 12-7pm
Saturday May 7th, 12-7pm
Sunday May 8th, 12-6pm

at 72 Orchard Street (btwn Broome and Grand)
New York, NY 10002

For more information call 212-260-5298 or email me at

Psst- don't forget to bring Mom with you on Sunday... mothers and daughters shopping together get 20% off our regular priced inventory!

See you there!