May 17, 2011


Hello! if any of you have blogs you will know that in the weekend blogger crashed and we lost our last post about the sale PLUS our giveaway, we are so disappointed to have lost your lovely comments and entries to win the four pieces of jewelry! We will re-post these images as soon as possible and re-post the giveaway, we ask that you leave your comment again below or when we re-post the images in the next day or two, we so apologize and hope that we can get the giveaway back up and running!


  1. Hello WMJ

    I can envision myself with all of the four necklaces. It's a tough choice but I choose #2. red cinnebar and wood for the color. It reminds me of the burst of brillant colors worn in the Caribbean and magnificant sunrises and sunsets.

  2. WMJ is totally what I'm looking for! All sorts of different pieces for me and my bridesmaids. What's great about all the pieces is they can be worn again