May 22, 2011

Showing at a show

This past Saturday we had the lovely honor of displaying a case of our jewelry at the Lower East Side fashion show! Our display showed some classic Wendy Mink pieces including some of my personal favorites, and was positioned alongside other displays by our fellow neighborhood boutiques. Aside from the displays, the show had a cat walk with professional models showing the best fashions of boutiques on the lower east side. Positioned like a square, models walked runways and then posed on pedestals while the crowd looked on and snapped pictures.

A DJ kept the music playing and attracted quite the crowd on a beautiful sunny Saturday!

Models posed in the best of the lower east side.

People stopped and checked out our display!

We are fortunate to have our boutique in this community. The lower east side is home to so many other trendy shops and is a sure spot for up and coming fashion (and, some great places to eat!) The fashion show and displays were a wonderful way to see the styles of the fashionable boutiques surrounding our store, and for some onlookers to enjoy the WMJ display as well!

Did you make it to the LES fashion show this weekend?

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  1. wow....looks amazing