August 20, 2011

Happening now in the boutique....

Hello there! As most of you already know, our store sale is next weekend! We will have some pieces exclusively for the sale... long layering necklaces for fall, everyday delicates, eye catching cluster drop earrings and even some statement rings!

Even with all the preparation, we are excited to get some brand new jewelry in the boutique- just in time for Fall! Our new collection includes pyrite, mystic green topaz, beautiful amethyst and rubellite tourmaline. We are already having a hard time keeping these pieces
in the store- it has been such a busy weekend already!

during the sale, regular priced items are 20% off (not including vintage jewelry) so be sure to grab your favorite new pieces for Fall next weekend as well!

The best part about the WM boutique is all of t
he one-of-a-kind pieces we have. Our head jeweler Lobsang makes unique creations exclusive to our store (not found at any other Wendy Mink retailers, and not online!) Her one of a kind designs have become my favorite in the boutique.

These layered rosary necklaces are absolutely stunning...

And how awesome is this fish necklace? Love it!

With the sale and the 20% off, next weekend will be busy for sure and an excellent time to stock up on great jewelry deals AND new fall pieces!

Stay tuned next week for a blog on some of the employee sale favorites.....

and for info on any of the above items, please email

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  1. I wish I lived closer to NY, what a treat it would be to shop at the store, you lucky New Yorkers!