September 3, 2009

Four Magic Letters

And those letters are.....S.A.L.E! That time is upon us again, leaves drop off the trees & all your Fall clothes are dragged out of the closet, right now magazines are proposing adding new accessories to old wardrobes in a bid to keep them fresh & save on some of those dollars which have been rather hard to come by this year! And there is no better time to stock up on new accessories than at the WMJ Summer Sale, we have some real treats this time, many semi-precious styles in delicate necklaces, drop earrings, hoops, chunky beaded styles, it's a mixed bag. We always aim for a range of price-points & this sale will be no different, there'll be bargain simple earrings for as little as $10 & some very cool super duper pieces for around $100, which would normally retail at around $400 so that's good news! For any queries about the sale next week (details to be found on the 'store' page) please call our ladies on 212 260 5298 or email them directly on If you are on our e-newsletter mailing list you also would have received details of a web customer discount also, if not here you go: enter 'becurrent' in the Promotion Code box at Checkout during the sale period (10th-13th) & you will receive 15% off orders which include styles from our shop current group online. Now that's a good deal, we wouldn't want our non-New Yorkers to miss out! In addition after the boutique sale we will be posting as many of the left-over styles as we can to the shop samples group online giving you another chance to get in on the bargains!

Who is this little red riding hood above? Why it is our very own Susan Volker at the tender age of 6. Adorable! Many of you will know Susan as our dedicated Production Manager & long-term Wendy Mink Jewelry employee, Susan has been working alongside Wendy for around 13 years & they have many a story to tell about the goings on at Wendy Mink Jewelry in the early years. At this time Susan wore a whole range of hats for the company (she actually still does though unfortunately it is not this little red one above!) but now her focus is making sure that our wholesale clients receive their specially made orders in tip top shape & on time, if you are a wholesale client reading this blog & you have not been introduced yet then do drop Susan a line at, she'd be happy to answer production queries & just say hi!

No do not send money now, this is not a child available for sponsor, it is our very own Cerena! What an amazing expression this is, at first glance it seems like she is the saddest child in the world but closer inspection reveals the subtle manipulation behind the pout. Cerena has confessed to us that this pout was used as a tool to get-anything-she-wanted! We can absolutely see how it worked, we want to give her $1 a day just to keep the pout away. You will of course already know Cerena from earlier posts, she is our Production Assistant Manager, if there is a bead to be found then she will find it (no bead left behind!), a chain to be located then she's on know all those styles you love from years ago & have us re-make? Cerena is the woman behind the beads, she knows her way around the inventory almost with her eyes that would be a fun day at work!

So here's a blog deal for this week! These hoops are pretty fabulous (2" in diameter), they usually retail for nearly $200 but we have these 6 pairs above for just $98 each, they are named from top center; tanzanite, sunstone, peacock pearl, rainbow moonstone, white pearl & peach moonstone. We have only ONE pair of each of these colors so very limited, if you would like to receive one of these (or two!) then email us at: & we will get a pair to you quick smart ($5 to mail). Please note if you would like to special order a pair of these fabulous hoops in a custom color they would not be available at this super price unfortunately, but be quick & you might just snatch a pair of the above.

So we will leave you this week with a shot from this week's issue of Life & Style magazine, we have a great resin chain for $150 here, if you email us at: we will give you a 30% discount on this piece, it's so great, drop us a line if you'd like a closer peek too, that's about all from us this week, stay in touch & mark the sale on your calendars now!

The Team.

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