January 14, 2010

Handmade by us, for you.

Hello Everyone- We hope January is treating you well & you are staying warm, our studio is very close to the water in Tribeca and we are fairly sure it is at least 10 degrees colder! As you know all of our styles are completely handmade right here in the Tribeca studio. Wendy has worked alongside this team of 9 talented Tibetan women for many years, (three Tsering's, Sang Mo, Lobsang, Tenzin, Renzin, Tomo & Yeshi). Our wonderful production team sits together each day around a big table loaded with materials and create every single one of our pieces, it really is a sight to behold. This work as you can imagine requires incredible attention to detail and at the end of each day after the ladies leave there is a row of eyeglasses on top of each work area....this week we thought we'd show you exactly how something which seems fairly simple is made, below is the turquoise hoop, a staple for us and a great seller online and with our dear wholesale clients! here is Lobsang our head jeweler making the style!

First of all, Lobsang takes a wire hoop which Tsering has made by hand previously.....

Then she threads turquoise beads onto softer wire which will be wrapped around and around the hoop frame....the speed at which she does this is alarming & so fascinating!

Each bead has wire wrapped between it for perfect spacing and extra durability!

....and before you know it we have a beautiful pair of hoops all ready to go....there's really nothing better than seeing the materials laid out on the table & watching the ladies create orders, being handmade seems all the better when it is made by such skilled women right in front of your very eyes!

Sequins! We love them! They seem to be making a definite comeback, the great thing is that they are not only relegated to evening wear, along with the rhinestone, sequins can now be a daytime piece too!

We have included two fabulous sequin necklaces into our recent Spring Summer 2010 collection, on the right below below is a dusky pink & chocolate plated layered chain with sparkly sequin rose-tie, the second is chunky turquoise & gold chain with a deep blue sequin ribbon, gorgeous! (Email retail@wendyminkjewelry.com for details).....

There is still time to enter lucky3 at Checkout to receive the amazing Lucky magazine opportunity on our website (and in our NYC boutique!), enter it to see the deal...it's a good one! Plus these styles online may be changing very soon so get them while you can, we have new styles coming later this month.
We hope you will consider purchasing our Birdcages online in support of the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake fund, this devastating event has touched everyone here and Wendy would love to forward a check as soon as possible, plus you get some cute earrings for such a great cause!

Enjoy this coming long weekend and stay in touch, feel free to leave comments below!


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