January 5, 2010

Lucky 2010!

Please add comments below for what you would love to see online in the new year!

Welcome to a new decade! fairly amazing that it is 2010, wasn't it just the millenium....? We have ushered in what we hope to be a fabulous year with brand new windows & we have turned a little Japanese! The windows are gorgeous; smatterings of snow, bamboo shoots, a beautiful celadon kimono, pebbles and a pair of sweet wooden slippers....of course nestled among the props are some jewels to die for! On one side (shown above) we have a snowy white layered bib from the 1950's & to the right a tangle of tasseled gold chains from the 1960's and 1970's, layer them up for a very current look....for any of these boutique pieces please email our store ladies on: wendyminkstore@gmail.com, or you could call on 212 260 5298, they can assist with price-points, dimensions and any queries related.

Above we have some wonderful vintage rhinestone pieces, these styles have become fairly everyday pieces thanks to a huge amount of Winter press which paired casual everyday clothes with flashy rhinestone jewelry, pop a pin on your work sweater or layer a sparkly bib with a longer chain, you'll get comments all day long on your retro fabulous look! We love to see which great pin Wendy will feature on her vintage coat collection, a pin can make an outfit plus provide a very handy clasp for a troublesome cardigan.....our favorite above is the circular pink pin, it's a wonderful bright color and large enough to get noticed on the darkest coat! below and to the left of the pin we have a fabulous Napier gold cuff begging to be worn, it even has it's original tiny tag....

Here's some more vintage baubles that will cast you back to an era where gloves were a staple and a choker was a given! This gold cluster of fine gold leaves is our favorite from this case, it's such a current piece that you might find re-made these days by many a designer, but here it is in an original & bright gold form, simply gorgeous. if color is more your thing the quadruple layered pink & red style on the right might be just what the jewelry doctor ordered.

Of course we also have a store full of wonderful styles from the recent collections! there's an extensive range of hammered hoops, some above here including the large 'Kissing Bird' pair on the left which are brand new & beautiful! many different shapes and sizes...and price-points too! We will shortly be bringing you some new hoops shapes and colors online when we change our groups around for the new year, this week we are having any new jewels shot so the changes should occur within the next 2 weeks, be sure to check back and we would very much appreciate your comments below on what you would like to see online this January!


Well we know that many of you are also loyal readers of Lucky magazine, their website currently has a great WMJ opportunity so check out this link above to see what is happening, it's a great deal!

We hope you enjoy the beginning of this (freezing!) month, please note your comments below of what you'd like to see on the site, we welcome your suggestions and love to hear from you!
Happy New Year!!!

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