December 29, 2009

What's your fave?

Rose Quartz & Rhudilated Clusters

Turquoise & Ruby Clusters

Hello & a continued happy holiday season to you!

We hope you are pleasantly stuffed full of great food after the past break and are now looking forward to toasting in the new year later this week...what a year 09 was! We had some highs & lows just like everybody else this past 12 months but are very glad to still be providing fabulous handmade jewelry to all our wholesale & retail customers.
Seeing as it is the end of the year we would love to hear your comments on styles we currently have online or have had in the past. In January we will be switching our 'current' group around & adding some new unseen styles for the new year. We would LOVE to hear which styles you loved the most e.g hoops, chains, under $100, chunky beads etc....under this blog you can write comments so please feel free, it will help us provide you with jewelry you really want to see in the new year!

Please also feel free to write about which media you find most useful when making a purchase, for e.g is it Twitter you love to check in with? maybe you like to see what is happening in the store via the blog? maybe you would like a larger range of bridal pieces online?
So, helpful comments gratefully received below, plus of course we'd just love some fun stories about WMJ gifts you maybe gave over the holidays or jewelry you received from a loved one!

Here are some styles for this last week of '09 that you may not have seen before, above and below. If any of these styles are of interest please feel free to drop us a line at & we'll provide you with details.

Onyx & Agate Triple Drops

Nugget & Turquoise Ovals

Gold Flower Fan Bib

Vintage Crystal & Agate Drops

We hope you have a wonderful New Year, if you are a Lucky magazine subscriber look out for a WMJ deal in the new issue! Do drop us a line if any of the styles appeal in this week's blog & please feel free to note down some of the favorites from the site you have enjoyed this year, then we can bring you more in 2010!


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