December 17, 2009

Holiday wishes!

This morning was looking up considerably when Wendy came in with this gorgeous little tree & some delicious cookies from Billy's bakery, thanks Wendy! So here we are marching towards Christmas and hopefully a little time off for you all! This week we thought we would put some things out there in the cyber universe that we would very much like to give & receive, some are practical & some not so much...but hey we can dream right?

First up here we have Gena's wish, she would like to receive some time away in snowy mountains where there is absolute silence, she did not however specify if she would be with any company? Sounds cosy though. In return Gena would like to give everyone a big old Christmas cheer....

Next up we have Deborah's choices....she would love to receive Dr Hauschka's signature treatment (David are you reading this?) and in return she would love to give her hubby David a collection of Robert Altman movies, now on the left here we have a picture of Mr Altman, he seems to be touching Lindsay Lohan on the leg, from his wheelchair....
He sure made great moves, we mean movies.
Wonder if Lindsay will be around when she's 81?

Brookes our store gal is up next, she would love to give this cute little guy to a friend (who wouldn't!) & she would love to receive season tickets to the Opera, sounds just grand to us, what do season tickets to the Opera go for anyway?

Kelly our fabulous store manager would love to give & receive peace to all, now that is one selfless wish! makes us all feel a bit bad for wanting stuff in the shops....can we wish for peace and new boots?

Cerena our resident mexican mama would love to give her family cordless mics, Patron tequila and santa hats for their annual holiday karaoke singalong, boy we would love to be at THAT family return she would very much like a vacation to Mexico with her grandparents, sweet!

Here's Erin's dream gift, she would love one of these E Class Mercedes, they drive themselves! Now that could be a good thing seeing as Erin's nickname around these parts is Erin return for this fabulous car (don't hold your breath dear) Erin would like to give Amy & her roommate new eyes, which sure is a lovely thing to wish for!

Amy would love to give her sister and mother plane tickets to visit her in NYC, oh come on a 24 hour flight is nothing when New York is at the other end!....and if she could receive those new eyes from Erin then all her dreams would pretty much have come true.

Don't these two look happy! That's because they are in a romantic spa for two...which is exactly what Susan would like to receive this holiday, great choice, please pose for photos exactly like this, not sure who will take them though...after the spa Susan would like to give all her friends some great reading material (and believe us those choices are always great!) & plenty of wonderful food, we hope it's those homemade tarts and granola....

Lastly & most importantly we have Wendy's choices!
She does love a great olive oil and this year she would love to receive a whole batch so she can cook those fab pasta dishes all year long....and her wish this year is that she could take her whole staff to India for a 10 day trip! wow would we love this wish to come true, the amount of food consumed on this trip would surely be outrageous....thanks Wendy, we may hold you to that wish once this sloth-like economy takes a significant turn...

So that's about it from us...on a company-wide note we hope to have our John back next week, best wishes John & rest up. Happy shopping to everyone for the last week & we hope you receive some of your wishes...and we hope you are able to give some too!

Happy Holidays!

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