December 11, 2009

Tale of a Sale

Good quotes from last night's sale:

"I'm a good friend of Wendy's"

"Am I too big for this necklace?"

" Would you wear this if you were a massage therapist in Seattle?"

"It's for my sister, we are sooooooo different"

"I always thought I suited gold, that woman just told me I should wear silver"

"I came out to get a sandwich, now I'm here"

"I didn't get my mother anything, she just had her kitchen re-done so I'll get her pots"

"here's my cell phone number, call me if you don't get that necklace, I'll be
in a restaurant around the corner & come back for it"

"That Australian girl said it was $50"

(she's behind all these people)

We are smack in the middle of sale time & it is BUSY! Ladies came out in droves yesterday for holiday gift deals, and boy did they find 'em! We have some great pieces, we got a little cleaned out yesterday, trays were over-flowing but we pulled together this morning & we have a bunch of great pieces to put out Friday & Saturday! Things were certainly a little crazy, lots of our fave regulars & bunches of new shoppers brought to us by some of the very fortunate press this sale received, luckily this economy meant magazines were wanting to feature all the fun sample sales around the city right now.....

Our windows right now are heartbreakingly gorgeous, it's like a Victorian boudoir with flimsy lace, crystal lamps, vintage rhinestone jewelry, dried flowers.....ohhhh la la we love!!! The block on Orchard is firing right now on all cylinders, there are so many cute spots to shop, on the right of us we have the simply fabulous Pilgrim, see their fun window below! They have some great gifts including signature candles, handmade clothing, bits & worth a peek, as is the equally lovely James Coviello & By Robert James also our neighbors.

The sale got a little engrossing for some people, as ladies checked out pieces were returned to the tables so it meant having another look in case someone had hidden something! This meant that the poor men in tow got a little bored, these two below are clearly suffering....

Ok we might have to dash & get these things ready for the shoppers today, thanks for all the lovely web shoppers this week too, we haven't forgotten about you, we will add a few great samples for you next week! Remember that the mail system gets a little crazy at his time of year, if you are buying gifts online we highly suggest you choose UPS right now as we are finding USPS can take a wee while longer than expected, we also can't give you an estimated delivery time as accurately as we can with UPS, 3rd day is just $14 & worth every penny to get it there in time....have a great weekend everyone & hope you can make it to the sale if you are here in the city!


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