May 13, 2009

Keeping it Simple!

Happy Spring to Everyone!

WE hope everyone had a great Mother's Day &
you were able to enjoy some of the better weather around right now....
though our plants here in the studio are grateful, the rest of us are entirely over rain.
Well we have a few busy weeks ahead here at Wendy Mink Jewelry!
On the weekends at our store location we will be featuring a rather
festive 'market table' right outside, this table will be a hive of sale
activity with hairclips, bangles, hoops, necklaces, all for GREAT bargain
prices, and we are talking more than 2 items for just $10 or you can just spend $1 if you like!
If you can, do visit us
this Saturday to peruse the merchandise.

Above is the most recent issue of Real Simple, we really love this magazine, it's full of great things you didn't know you could do yourself around the house (or in our cases, apartments!) plus it's not packed with shopping pages so you can rest assured you won't be too tempted to dip into those recession-saved funds, except maybe for some of the rather tasty recipes, chilled cucumber soup anyone?
Please call or visit our boutique to order the Resin & Amethyst Necklace featured in the June's just $150.

These very pretty hoops can be found online in a few gorgeous colors & sizes but make sure to also check out our current collection at Max and Chloe, so many gorgeous hoop styles & colors plus some extra Wendy Mink Jewelry styles you may never have seen before....all a little tempting!

Above is a sneak peek of Wendy's new Fall line....a selection of this rather rock n' roll collection will shortly be available in our boutique....lots of mixed metals, sleek grey ribbon, onyx,'s all there....but it's not all chunky, we have some very sweet delicate styles including teeny acorns, keys and leaves....and that's all we shall give away!
Please drop by to visit Kelly & Brookes soon & they will show you the latest and greatest.

Well we think that may be about it for this week, plenty planned for June so details will be forthcoming....especially for dog owners (& you thought dogs and jewelry were unrelated).
Lastly, we would like to extend a very very Happy Birthday to our dear Cerena who turns a blessed 23 can one so young be so stylish every single day? must be in the genes!

Enjoy the week & we hope to see you outside the store at the market table.....

Wendy Mink Jewelry

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