August 26, 2010

It's almost what I want....

Hi there-

Last week of August, how do we feel about that? NYC has never felt so mild right now and frankly we have no idea how to dress, luckily we look at jewels all day and not clothes...
This week we thought we'd tell you a story about a fabulous customer, she will remain nameless (yes you know who you are!). This customer is dear to our jewelry hearts as she has embraced rather wholeheartedly the 'customization' we offer here at WMJ! Wendy loves to work on a custom piece, whether it's for a bride, a special party or's a great opportunity for hidden gems to come out and be crafted into a one of a kind piece. We do know that budgets are so different for every customer and we are more then happy to make recommendations etc to suit what yours may be. This Gold Ball Beaded Chain above is one our classic styles and this very VIP customer just loves it. We have created it in a few color-ways so far but this week Wendy may have triumphed over the rest with this Labradorite Gray Pearl beauty below!

We hope you enjoy the rest of this week, please email Cerena on if you would like to 'tweak' any of our styles into a one off beauty for yourself! Stay in touch for a very fun shopping evening coming up with a mini sample sale and discounts on current styles, look out NY ladies!


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