August 29, 2010

Lucky you........

It's quite common for us to have a lucky article of clothing we wear to give us extra confidence or that makes us feel a little special. Whether you'd like a little more luck in your life or just like to know the meaning behind your jewelry the following critter pieces should interest you:

Beetles are probably not the first animal you would associate to luck, but the ancient Egyptians highly regarded these creatures for their ingenuity and how the scarab utilized the sun's energy.

Vintage Scarab Silver Pendant Necklace- $160

Fish represent a positive symbol in many cultures. The ancient Egyptians also saw fish as gold luck symbols and the Romans used tokens of fish for good luck in courtship and marriages. In Asian cultures the fish, especially goldfish, is seen as a symbol of tranquility, wealth and long life.

Vintage Tassel with Glass Beads Necklace- $65

Vintage "School of Fish" Necklace- $120

No need to take a poor rabbit's foot for luck, these little Peruvian earrings and charm are bound to bring you luck and delight. The Saxons viewed rabbits as a symbol of new beginnings and fortune as rabbits were the first signal of Spring to come after long winter months.

Hand-cut Peruvian Rabbit Earrings, $48, and charm, $20.

Looking for a new home or career? Maybe these little guys could help you out. Butterflies are the animals of metamorphosis and represent positive changes and new beginnings.

Filigree Butterfly Earrings with Apatite Drops, $110
Vintage Rhinestone Butterfly Pin, $28

Hope you enjoyed learning about these pieces and that you all have a lucky week! Please call the store 212-260-5298 or email for more information about the featured pieces.

-WMJ Boutique

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  1. We Minnesotans view rabbits as "the symbol of the cute hairy little thing that eats our flowers in our back yards".