July 23, 2009

Word Up!

Hello there blogsters! Here we are on the downhill stretch to August, why on earth doesn't winter pass this quickly? This month Wendy was quoted in the prestigious industry magazine 'Accessories', quite an honor for us to be quoted amongst our peers in the accessories world, the article spoke about the tough economic times and expanding business online. In this vein we would like to thank all of you across the country & beyond who log in regularly to purchase & catch up with our news online. We are always right here for your queries & suggestions at retail@wendyminkjewelry.com.

Above is peek at some styles we have in the store right now, customers get a little stuck in our boutique as there's quite a few cases full of goodies (the Vintage has reached a whole new level of fabulousness so if you are a fan you must view). Kelly keeps plenty of exclusive styles in the store so make sure to check it out when in the area as it is even more expansive than the web, right now it's all about Summer with plenty of hammered gold, bright stones, cut-out gold cuffs....come see! Orchard St has a lovely feel in the weekends particularly, there's Laboratorio Del Gelato just up the street, Earnest Sewn, Babycakes, Moo Shoes, Pilgrim (read about this store here), Kaight...SO many great stores for gift hunting or personal shopping!
We are playing around with some end-of-Summer sale dates right now so stay posted over the next month or so as we decide when that may be, in the meantime as usual the 'shop samples' section online continues to offer discounted styles, renewed a couple of times a week. Make sure you send us your address to receive a card for the sale too! Just email us at: subscribe@wendyminkjewelry.com.

Purple apparently is also the WORD, we were lucky enough this month to be featured in the InStyle Makeover edition, above is our Vintage Beaded Bib, looks great with all these other purple goodies for Fall. This necklace is available through our boutique, just call Kelly on 212 260 5298 to order, make sure to call first before dropping by to view just in case we have sold our store piece. When you do call make sure to mention this blog and you will receive 10% off this great piece! Come on you know you need some purple....

We will leave you with a wonderful blog created by a loyal (& very lovely!) Wendy Mink Jewelry customer, Ms Toni Wills, aka Fashionista Extraordinare. My Mommies Closet is such a cute blog, packed with current bargains online & in local stores around the Washington DC area. Perhaps the best part is the list of great links included, warning though that this site may send you very deep into the cyber fashion universe! Thanks Toni for bringing us a great blog & sharing all your fashion knowledge & for being one of our most valued customers!

That's about it for this week, we hope you have a wonderful upcoming weekend & manage to get some relaxing in, check out the web there might just be some new samples added!


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