July 29, 2009

Boutique Baubles & Boasts

Hello there-
End of July, hello to August! The heat has definitely kicked in & if you are in NYC you will also be hopefully enjoying these crazy storms that seem to zoom in without a moment's notice, we can hear one right now! If you have been reading the blog you will know that it's crunch time for our new collection, it's all complete & so gorgeous, what a festive Holiday group we have! It's going to be a real winner for people who love pearls and we just see the bridal magazine's calling in all these great samples for the winter issues! These fabulous new styles should be in the store around the end of August so check back in to see how this wonderful collection turned out, some very user-friendly price-points too which is always nice!

This week we thought we would bring you some of the treats from our boutique here in NYC. The styles in the store are often quite different from what we have on our website so for those not here in the city here is a wee chance to take a peek & maybe purchase. If you have queries regarding the pieces in this week's blog, please email Kelly on wendyminkstore@gmail.com, she can fill you in on the lengths, prices etc of these pieces, if you prefer a phone call, our store number is 212 260 5298. Kelly has a rather fabulous voice too so we highly recommend the phone call, when she speaks it's a bit like someone lying on a piano and singing!
The first two pieces above are such great necklaces. The larger is 22k gold vermeil beads with carnelian, smoky quartz, vintage resin and fuschia agate, this piece is hand-knotted & can be doubled, do email or call however for exact measurements. The chain layered with this piece is a fabulous solid sterling silver with 22k gold vermeil heart, it features a semi-precious ruby drop & knotted tiny rondel beads, cute!

This lovely piece above is one of Kelly's favorites! It is hand-knotted with; chalcedony, dark amethyst & 22k gold vermeil beads. A Wendy Mink signature style in easy-to-wear colors & a great double-able (sp?) length. These styles are great to customize also as we have a ton of beautiful stones and can accommodate most requests, as above do email Kelly for details and bear in mind that prices for custom-made jewelry differs from piece to piece depending on materials used. This piece below is currently Kelly's absolute faves, truth be known it is a favorite around the studio too! It's a gunmetal & bauble bracelet from our most recent collection & a matching chunky necklace is also available. This bracelet sits almost like a cuff on the wrist as it's fairly wide and then has all these fun ball beads hanging from it in a row.
Call or email Kelly for details, she may just have it on her wrist at the time!

As a side note we just wanted to ponder briefly what's happening right now in the sandal world. Is this a sandal or a boot? Isn't it terribly hot around the ankle? Part of the reason we love it here in NYC is the diversity of style found on the streets, it's really quite amazing & so wonderful to become inspired by the fabulous outfits....however it's always confusing when the seasons clash in a style....maybe it will go the way of the short-sleeve winter coat of '08.....we'd love to hear from customers who have embraced this sandal, the burning question really is: Can you wear them in winter with socks?

But back to something we do know about, great jewelry! Here's some blog deals to close for this week, top pair is a fab sterling silver, gold vermeil cut-out circle with turquoise & ruby rondels, so gorgeous & normally retailing for $495! We have this pair for just $198 (they are 2" in diameter), you will need to email: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com to receive, be quick! The hammered leaves below the discs (2" in length) are just great also & so popular, we have two sample pairs here for just $55 each, email us at 'retail' also!

Our last blog deal is a Mother-of-pearl Hoop & a Gold Cluster Teardrop. The hoop is beaded with peach moonstone, measures 2" & also features gold vermeil & these great little teeth, this hanging section adds another 2" to the 2" hoop so this is one for large earring lovers, this pair is just $60 to you! The Cluster earring is gorgeous, gold vermeil beads with a hammered teardrop, measuring 2"....just one pair here for a fast emailer at $75....usually $125!

Enjoy your week & the weekend too, email us with queries or purchases for the blog deals!


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