August 5, 2009

Mad Women!

Hello August! Not sure if it's the heat or the new season on it's way but we have gone MAD MEN crazy! The outfits, the midday drinks, the sets, the smoking! What's not to love on this great show, the ladies in the office are all nuts for Don Draper (misogyny aside) & the amazing clothes, particularly those on Joan & Betty, wowsie, what fabulousness! To celebrate our new obsession this week we thought we might feature some vintage pieces from our Wendy Mink Vintage collection which reflect this 50's-60's style, and what style it is. Imagine popping on gloves just to leave the house, a twinset for gardening or a full ruffled silk nightdress to go to sleep (we do not however support smoking in bed which surely is very hazardous).
Above is our dear Cerena appearing very 'Joan-like' in a fabulous pair of huge 60's clip on earrings from our Vintage collection, she doesn't actually smoke but we couldn't resist it as a hurry back to your typing Cerena!

This first vintage piece above is just beautiful, rows of milky white glass beads with individually set pink-y, purple-y rhinestones. Though it seems pretty dressy this necklace would also look great with a casual pair of jeans & nice tshirt, or if you wanted to go the full Mad Men way then it would look amazing with a full-skirted dress & shiny pair of heels, grab a cocktail, cigarette & you'd be all set! For length, price & other queries relating to this fabulous necklace please email:, but read on there is more.....

The next vintage gem is a four-stranded choker (with extension chain), this piece is one of Wendy's personal favorites & she is a little loathe to part with is very lightweight (considering the amount of layers) with synthetic pearl & turquoise beads, each bead is held by a cute starfish shaped metal finding, very retro-cool necklace & very right now in terms of style, we just did a whole bunch of similar pearl, layered styles in our recent collection & are certainly seeing these shapes reflected in the magazines....Betty Draper is certainly in style! As above do email us to find out specifics of this great piece.

Another great pearl moment! This choker also features an extender chain for extra length. Features costume pearls & lovely opalescent rhinestones, a cute sparkly number for dressing up or dressing down, the great thing about these vintage chokers is that they are so wearable with a modern wardrobe & you are guaranteed to get when it's one-of-a-kind there isn't going to be another one on the same block! Email us to enquire about this glam piece, it could be yours for your next dinner party or cocktail hour at the club!

Here's some retro inspired gems of our own from our Fall 09 collection, great cobalt, gold, grey pearl & African glass beads. The beaded circle earrings are $80 & just over 2" in length. The matching linear drops are $55 & are 2.5" in length. All gold triple drops are $51 & are 2". To order any of these chic earrings email us at:, or if you are in NYC you can drop by our boutique to try on, maybe give Kelly or Brookes a call on 212 260 5298 first just to make sure these have not been sold.

Well we hope we have inspired you to catch a bit of Mad Men if you haven't already, believe us it's worth it for the clothes alone....speaking of shows it's show season right now for us, we just completed the first & the stand out seller was the beautiful cut-out hoops & chandeliers we have featured in a whole variety of shapes & sizes for our recent collections. We have an extensive well-priced range of these cut-outs in our boutique, here's a snapshot of some below, they are numbered so if you are interested in any please use that retail address to drop us a line!

Well we hope your August has started out well, we are certainly beginning to swelter here in NYC, but it's not a total email if you have any queries & stay in touch for upcoming new web styles within next 2 weeks!

Happy Wednesday, the Mad Women.

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