August 12, 2009

Remember 'Braveheart'?

Hello there-
Sweltering yet? It's like someone has been slowly turning the oven up & now it's reached pizza-baking levels in NYC! We hope you are managing to stay cool wherever you are & enjoy this fine summer while it is here, slightly depressing thinking of dates for the 'end-of-summer-sale', though we will not be naming it that in fear it will induce rain & biting winds!
So, this week we bring you some plaid, which is where this week's blog title comes from. Ok we know it is a loose association but remember Mel Gibson (before the drunken driving/cop/name-calling) when he was in Braveheart? All those lovely thick plaid kilts & shawls to ward off the wind on the moors.....if memory serves Rob Roy with Liam Neeson was not far behind....plaid was in and now it's back! (and we feel Mel made up for the road incident with the rather spectacular Apocalypto). This month the fabulous Real Simple magazine has done a wonderful Fall spread with many great simple styles for the cooler weather, we were rather fortunate to feature three times so here are the pieces in more detail just in case they appeal to our blog readers!
The shot above is straight from the pages of Real Simple (under it is the piece in closer format),
great necklace with green plaid ribbon tie & rose-gold vermeil chain, and for under $100 a bit of a steal! Tor order this piece please call (or email) our boutique on 212 260 5298, If you have existing web orders you could also email to add it on.

The next two shots are a sequin lariat (top) & this great bright vintage resin chain above, both pieces are just $98! We do not unfortunately have closer shots of these 2 pieces but do email us with any queries. The sequin lariat is hand-crocheted & features sterling silver woven-detailed beads on the ends, this allows for a little weight so your lariat will sit perfectly tied all day long, really great piece without the usual weight of a chain or beads, plus the silvery gray is right on the ball for this Fall. The last shot here is the vintage resin pink chain, all part of this neon trend picked up by editors this season, so cute & vaguely reminiscent of the 80's, so tease up those bangs & throw Wham! on the walkman (remember having to turn the tape over?)! To order or enquire about these pieces just use the contact details above.

So, big changes this week coming online, we are switching up our 'shop collections' group, a little bit of a Spring clean in late Summer! On Friday we will be mailing a newsletter (make sure you are subscribed!) announcing the new pieces & for two days only (over this coming weekend) we will have the soon-to-be-disappearing styles available for purchase, (then come Monday they will be gone)...which means you certainly should purchase styles you have coveted while you can, if you do however notice we have removed something you loved just drop us a line at retail@, we can usually still make the pieces, materials allowing, so they are gone but entirely forgotten. These two pretty pieces above are a preview of what we will be popping on the site later this week, there's some fab new colors & styles that we hope you will really like, check back to view the whole new range later this week or you could just wait till our newsletter drops into your inbox!

Well that's about it for this week, best we get on with placing these great new styles online for our customers! Stay in touch for anything web related at or anything boutique related at

Yours in Plaid, WMJ.

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