August 19, 2009

Rings 'n Things

We hope all is well this hot (& busy) August! Though people generally tend to drift out of the city when the heat hits we have found many ladies still shopping happily in our boutique & online (much cheaper than a vacation!), thanks to all who have purchased great styles so far this month. We are lucky to have been shot in a few September issues, here is the latest InStyle with our Gold Cluster Earring sold online at, a very cool website that we have mentioned in a previous blog, Bird have a couple of locations so you could also visit in person, they have many great Wendy Mink styles plus such gorgeous clothes, check it out!

Here's a page straight from W magazine's September Fashion issue, this shot is currently Wendy's favorite fashion image, a great '40s inspired look with gorgeous (non skimpy!) lingerie & fabulous Prada boots (though not exactly a work look). The colors are pretty fabulous too & have inspired Wendy to dive further into Fall-Winter palettes with a little retro thrown in for good measure, expect some creamy browns, ivory & gray when the cold hits! Now if we could just get the bust-to-waist-to-hip ratio as this lovely lady above it'd all be perfect!

Speaking of waist measurements these oat scones above may be partly to blame for any expansions currently occurring around these parts. Wendy has taken to buying these for us on the way to work & leaving them on our meeting table for us to devour. Which wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't started slathering on the butter (as all good scones should be eaten). These fine treats are courtesy of Billy's bakery on 9th Ave in Manhatten, so good but so big.....thanks for keeping us all well & truly fed Wendy (though none of us would ever starve that's for sure)!

But back to jewels. We thought we'd show you some treats of a non-edible nature from our boutique this week, as we've said many times, the store really is full of wonderful styles, plenty more than we could ever feature online so you must drop by if you are in NYC. Kelly knows all styles (classic & current), semi-precious stones, chains etc back to front so she can help with any gift requirements, custom needs or just a good old try-on! It's a truly great place to buy jewelry for friends or family as pricepoints are so varied, we swear there's something for everyone, and here are some of the styles Kelly especially loves right now......

These rings above are great sellers, a very reasonable $40 each & cute stones such as; turquoise, ruby, moonstone etc. There are a bunch of sizes in the store so drop by to try on or give Kelly a call on 212 260 5298 & she will be able to help you out with specifics! the added bonus to these is that they are Sterling with gold vermeil so good quality as well as a good price, that's what we like! Below the rings are some pendant chains, Wendy has done a great range of sizeable semi-precious drops on chains, these are perfect for gifts as they come in a few different colors. Because these are high quality (and large!) the drops vary in price so you may want to drop by the store to check them out in person (these photos certainly do not do them justice) or call Kelly to see what she currently has in stock, above is the stunning Ruby Drop in two sizes, it is pictured with the Gold Cluster Chain which is a fab piece for layering & matches that InStyle earring above!

Here are two more of these large drop options, the top image is a rhudilated quartz drop, a gorgeous semi-precious stone with slashes of black running through the clear quartz, under that on the same jewelry display is the chunky bandit agate teardrop which Wendy has used liberally in her latest collection, Wendy has always loved this stone, it was used predominantly in the Victorian period & can also be found on some of the fabulous Wendy Mink Vintage in our boutique. The image below this is Kelly holding a huge beautiful drop of semi-precious Amethyst, such a popular stone & is particularly stunning on this scale! Please call or email Kelly in the store for queries regarding these drop styles, we also have a number of other colors which we may be able to custom make for you....

Well that's about it from us this week, make sure you are on our mailing list to receive a card for our Summer Sale, it's going to be a good one, (please note that the sale will not be boutique-wide), enjoy the rest of your week & the weekend coming!

WMJ Ladies

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