March 30, 2011

Here's a story....or 3.

Well, a new season is almost upon us and our showroom in the studio and the boutique are beginning to reflect spring-summer! Wendy's new collection is full of yummy opaque tones; powdery blue, soft greens, natural hesonite and andalucite, aquamarine, bright orange citrine and some soft pinks too. These combos we hope will work well with your spring-summer wardrobes, the naturals are always great as you can wear them all through the year and really....who said you can't wear brights in fall-winter, we didn't!
Here are some color stories below taken from our spring-summer line, we hope you find one to work with, just click on the pictures below to take you through to our shopping pages. Many of these styles are (or will be) available online and in our boutique. If you are a web customer and would like to order any of these styles, and can't see them online, feel free to email us at:, we can order them for you straight from the studio. Megan can also help you out with queries on 212 260 5298.


p.s. earrings this week and necklaces coming up!
p.p.s we have created a new group online 'summer 2011', we hope it makes it a little easier
to find the latest styles while leaving the rest of the site for past collections, more jewelry for all!

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  1. The rainbow moonstone oval hand wrapped hoop earrings are magnificent.