March 9, 2011

Takes the Cake

Ahhh....two things we very much enjoy, cake and jewelry! Amy here, back from vacation and getting ready to upload some brand new web styles over the next couple of weeks! they will also be available in the store for all of you New Yorkers too! here's some snaps from our showroom, these are recent and fabulous samples shown at the Coterie show, gorgeous golds, beautiful blues and a touch of turquoise which perhaps is our most popular stone....

But onto important things. The cake. This delicious dark chocolate number above was made by none other than Wendy herself! Monday morning started like any other day....we were tapping away on our computers then Wendy came in with a FANTASTIC seafood stew and this stunning cake! let's just say Monday got a whole lot better, because we like to be a bit fancy we also had a big pot of creme fraiche on the top, it isn't cake at WMJ without creme fraiche....if you have followed the blog for a while you will now how important sweets are to our day!

If any of the styles above appeal please email us on: We can certainly send you close ups and details! in other news later this week we have spring clean out ONLINE SAMPLE SALE! yes that's right, a whole bunch of great discounted pieces, email us to subscribe so you can be the first to receive notice when the sale is posted!


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  2. so pretty! love the thin turquoise beaded necklaces. also the cake. i really love the cake :)

  3. I LIVE for these sales!!! Your designs and prices are the best. I'm loving the chunky styles and the bright colors of Spring fashions!