February 27, 2011

Vintage Lust

It's already known that we at Wendy Mink Jewelry are lovers of vintage jewelry. Wendy takes extra care in picking out fabulous vintage pieces for Lower East Side Boutique. Here are a few new pieces we ladies at WMJ have been fawning over:

Victorian Coral "Love Knot" Ring, 10K Gold, Size 5.5- $250

Can someone please buy this ring before I do? We picked up this beauty this weekend, another great addition to our lovely Victorian collection. Coral was believed to promote good health and the knot represents eternal love, if you love the look of this ring we also have a selection of Victorian Coral Love Knot pins in store.

Etched Watch Pendant, 20" chain- $150

This is one of the first Vintage watches to be added to our collection. It won't take much time for someone to pick this piece up!

Mother of Pearl Locket with Flowers, 16" chain, -$135,

This sweet locket circa 1930s is perfect for layering and for a gift since it's a smaller delicate locket.

Enamel Scottie Dog Pendant, 18" chain -$130

How can you say "no" to this little guy? Unique enamel pendant from 1940s. Another fun layering piece.

Bauble Stretch Bracelets, 6+"-$58 Ea.

These 60s stretch bracelets are so much fun to wear together. They can add a glitz to your everyday attire for would be a fun touch to a bridal outfit.

Double Flower Bracelet, approx 6.5" wrist measurement-$120

This fantastic piece is sitting in our shop window and probably won't be there long. It's a signed rhinestone cuff/bracelet by Barclay from the 1950's/60's.

Mesh Gold Buckle Bracelet, 6+"- $140

Another piece I am absolutely in lust with. This bracelet dates back to the 1930s/1940s and features a very unusual clasp. It's a unique piece that could be worn every day.

If you have any questions about the featured pieces please call us (212-260-5298) or e-mail (store@wendyminkjewelry.com). We'd also love to hear which style Vintage pieces you would love to see more of!

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  1. If I didn't have "man paws" I would be ordering that vintage Barclay bracelet, PRONTO!!!