March 22, 2011

Jennifer and Kim....a wonderful story!

So, this is not what a you might think it is: a sample sale table. No, it is something infinitely more fabulous: the private WMJ jewelry collection of two of our members; Jennifer and her aunt Kim. Wow. Now we knew these ladies had been shopping, er, rather consistently over the past couple of years but when we saw these pics we almost fell off our chairs....we just had to share their stories with you here on the blog, you may never feel bad about buying jewelry again!

We really can not thank Jennifer and Kim enough for their support and downright obsession, they are at all times a pleasure to deal with and sometimes when we are setting up for a sale we catch ourselves saying "Jennifer will love that" or "Kim will buy that"'s so fun and we hope you enjoy their stories below!

p.s. have a favorite WMJ piece or a collection you love? send us your info we'd love to feature you!

Jennifer’s story
My name is Jennifer, and I am a huge fan of Wendy Mink Jewelry.  
My love for Wendy Mink Jewelry began in January 2010. I was flipping
through Lucky magazine and noticed a spread featuring Wendy Mink’s
turquoise agate drops.
I loved the vibrant color and classic design of these earrings.
I decided to check at the boutique and purchased the turquoise
agate drops and turquoise diamond chandelier earrings.
I was so excited about my purchases. I told my Aunt Kim, who is my
favorite aunt and also a shopping enthusiast, about the beautiful
gemstone designs of Wendy Mink.
We quickly became fans of Wendy Mink jewelry.
My Aunt Kim has a great fashion eye, and we actually have many of the
same Wendy Mink pieces.
One of her first purchases was the turquoise chip hoops.
She wore them to a family dinner and looked so lovely that I immediately
ordered a pair for myself. My Aunt Kim and I love scouting the sample
sales together. I’m afraid I always corrupt my Aunt Kim into spending more
money. We also exchange emails and ask each other’s opinions on WM

Wendy Mink’s South East Asian inspired designs and eye catching colors
really resonate with my style. The pieces are feminine, well crafted,
and unique.
I soon found myself choosing which piece of Wendy Mink jewelry I
wanted to wear before I chose my clothes. One of my coworkers
stopped me and said I always had the most beautiful earrings and
necklaces. That’s when I knew Wendy Mink was here to stay.
My favorite pieces are the hoop earrings and empress necklaces.
The hoop earrings are great, especially if you need a piece to go from
day to night. I have them in different colors to match my wardrobe.
Throughout the past year, I’ve gotten a chance to know Amy and Cerena
better. The Wendy Mink ladies take such great care of their member group,
offering many samples sales and promotions.
The wonderful customer service is all the more reason
why I love the company.
I know it probably seems crazy that I have so many pieces.
But in my opinion, I am just a girl who loves to shop and I know a
great investment when I see one. I feel confident and beautiful when I
wear my Wendy Mink jewelry. I look forward to adding more
pieces to my collection!
  e jewelry and just why their collection is so may never need to feel bad about buying jewelry again! We are so, so appreciative of Jennifer and Kim, they are

Kim’s story

I was introduced to Wendy Mink Jewelry by my favorite niece Jennifer. I have five other nieces, so please don’t tell them Jen (as we affectionately call her) is my favorite. J Jen and I have at least two things in common, we both love to shop and we both love to eat. And even though I am more than twenty years older than Jen, we have very similar taste in clothes, jewelry and accessories. We often go shopping together and ask each other’s opinion on things we intend to buy. We also email items to each other from time to time and ask for each other’s opinion before we buy. Jen is such a good shopper that she even shops for me and sends me suggestions on things that she knows I would like. I could always count on good old Jen to help me spend my money.

On one of our outlet mall shopping trips, I commented to Jen that I liked her earrings. She told me they were from Wendy Mink and started telling me about Wendy Mink Jewelry. She told me how all their pieces were custom made and often made with real gemstones. She also said the prices were reasonable. I was immediately intrigued. She told me about the Wendy Mink website and then there was no turning back. I love Wendy Mink’s unique designs and use of different gems. I especially love their chunky necklaces and hoop earrings. Jen also likes Wendy Mink’s hoop earrings and is a huge fan of their Empress collection. I think Jen must have most, if not all, of the necklaces in the Empress collection.

Jen is such a sweet and generous person that she has surprised me with several Wendy Mink pieces in the past. Because we have such similar taste, she knows exactly what I like. Could that be one of the reasons she is my favorite niece? Hmmmmmm.

I love Wendy Mink’s periodic sample sales. Who doesn’t love a bargain! I still remember the fabulous time Jen and I had shopping the sample sales at their boutique last December. That’s when Jen introduced Amy and Cerena to me for the first time. Of course, both Amy and Cerena are familiar with Jen because she is one of their biggest and best customers. Amy said she often wondered where Jen puts all her Wendy Mink pieces because she has so many! Amy and Cerena are wonderful and Wendy Mink is lucky to have them work for her.

Over the past few months, I have accumulated quite a collection of Wendy Mink jewelry, but nothing close to Jen’s collection. Being single, she doesn’t have to justify her spending to her husband. I keep telling her that one day she is going to need a closet for all her Wendy Mink jewelry. Even though my collection will never be as big as Jen’s, I am looking forward to adding more beautiful Wendy Mink designs to what I already have.

read featuring Wendy Mink’s turquoise agate drops. I lto night. I have them in different colors to match my wardrobe. more pieces to my

n before we buy. Jen is such a good shopper that she cially love their chunky necklaces an

What's your favorite from their collection? difficult isn't it!


  1. Jen and Kim,
    I'm positively drooling over your collections! I love your individual choices!! I echo what Jen says about "the wonderful customer service" being one of the things that always brings me back to Wendy Mink. Who else sends hand-written thank you notes for a SAMPLE SALE purchase?!?! Thanks for your stories.

  2. My favorite piece is the turquoise chips earrings with drops.