April 20, 2011

Wish List.

It's an age old issue. Just what to buy for a gift, you think you have it right but maybe you are just a little...well, off. We have plenty of male shoppers, many of these men know exactly what to buy for their loved one but some just need a little help, same with friends looking for birthday gifts, daughters looking for their mothers....and the list goes on.

Well to combat this issue, Megan our store manager, created a Wish List. You can drop by, call or email with your favorite selections and Megan will note them down, you don't need to be specific, maybe just your favorite colors, stones or style. It's a great idea if you know your partner, husband, boyfriend, sister etc is struggling with a perfect gift for you. With Mother's Day coming up it's a great opportunity to send your children into the store to choose something wonderful for you, Megan can be reached on 212 260 5298 or email her on: store@wendyminkjewelry.

Speaking of Mother's Day here are some gift ideas from the web and boutique...make sure you leave enough time to ship!

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