April 13, 2011

Made by Hand...


If you are an 'experienced' customer with us you will already know that every piece of WMJ is handmade...but maybe if you are a new customer that might be news to you! well it's true, if you are ever wondering if we have something in stock...basically we don't! if you order something it will be made especially for you. The only exceptions to this are the filigree pieces and hammered hoops which come to us all the way from Peru and courtesy of highly skilled artisans who have worked with Wendy on designs for many years. These shots above were taken on our production table, a place of concentration, quite a bit of laughter and huge doses of talent....if you have some WMJ jewelry then it was made right here at this table....and from this table it does a little walk over to the shipping table which is the only two places it 'lives' before it becomes yours. Nice right?

This past week Wendy did a rather amazing job of merchandising our vintage silver, seems silver is proving pretty popular right now and it looks fabulous all together, here are some of our silver picks from the case, all of these pieces are available and queries can be made by calling Megan on 212 260 5298 or emailing her on: store@wendyminkjewelry.com.

Plus....a few fish necklaces which we must re-stock as they are very popular, must have something to do with summer coming, please let us know if any interest you, Megan has all the fishy details....


  1. you have very original pieces!are we following each other?? I always follow back! i love the feedback! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. Love the pearl on the chain and the fish pieces! So cute and perfect for summer! (I've already got the dress in mind!)