April 28, 2011

New Old Jewelry


It's that time again...Mother's Day is upon us again, which means time for our huge sample sale next weekend in the boutique. It's not all about samples though, we just got some INCREDIBLE vintage pieces into the boutique that we are pretty sure you will love, how about these sweet 'mother' pieces above, such great prices too, just $18 for the pin and $60 for the pendant!

This is such a great statement bracelet for summer! 1960's Egyptian revival, light and fun to layer, $110.

Check out these gorgeous stackable stretch bracelets, we just started seeing a few of these about and are building up a sweet collection, they are so great layered with other bracelets and the very cool thing is that they do not jangle about, nice! ranging from $40-90.

More fabulous layering bangles, the top wide one here is Victorian and beautifully carved with flowers ($200), the lower is a lovely thin detailed bangle with a snake, flowers, bee....cute! ($90)

...and for silver lovers this buckle cuff is perfect, this is not sterling and a great price at $90, make sure you drop by to view our new silver case also as these pieces are really very special and proving very popular!

Last of the bangles for this week, lovely Victorian pieces, two buckle bangles, (adjustable too, set of x2 is $130) and an ornate layering bangle too ($80), all great for small wristed ladies.

We don't think this little buckle ring will last long in the store, it is too darn cute! $60.

Gorgeous Victorian necklace, ornate but lightweight...beautiful, $200.

If any of these vintage stunners appeal please call Megan in the boutique on 212 260 5298 and she can help you out with details, we will be posting a sale reminder next week with some sneak peeks at the sale items, we hope you can join us for the fun from the 6-8th of May.

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  1. I remember my Grandmother having a bracelet very similar to the Egyptian revival style. Too bad it's gone now!! What I wouldn't give to have her back, too!!