May 27, 2010

Archival Beauties!

Hello there- The long weekend is almost upon us, we hope you had a great week so far and this coming weekend is long, sunny and restful! We are busy around these parts gathering wonderful Fall materials for the collections of August, the sun only came out recently in NYC so winter seems an age away but we are always a step ahead in this business! Above you'll see some wonderful sterling silver earrings that you may not have seen before! These silver beauties are from Wendy's archival collection, an early collaboration in Nepal that definitely holds ground today and seems right at home among current styles. These four earring styles above will shortly be added to our Current Collection jewelry group so stay posted (we hope in the next week), or you can of course drop us a line at to reserve a pair, we have limited quantities of each so you may want to do that if you've fallen in (silver) love!

We received a little love in the press this month with a gorgeous shot of our Green Onyx Cocktail Ring! Thanks SELF it really looks fantastic on the page, however we have almost sold out of this particular color so if the ring is your thing make sure you go online and click to buy or we might just be all out....we have plenty of fabulous rings in other colors and shapes however, below are four alternate options from our boutique (please note these are not currently online), just email Cerena our new store manager if any of the four are of interest to you and she will be able to assist with available sizes, price

Well another week over and June around the corner, make sure you email us if you'd like to become a member, this weekend our members will have access to a great little sample sale (some examples below!), plus members receive weekly deals and steals! Email retail@wendyminkjewelry to request admission! Have a GREAT long weekend and stay in touch!


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