June 4, 2010

Giveaway Post (and more)!

Happy Friday and coming weekend!

Sometimes simple is best isn't it? Especially when we have those days where we just can't decide what to wear. That's why today we are offering a classic and very pretty giveaway! This necklace above is organic shaped rose quartz in a beautiful marbled hue, it reaches 31" in length and can be doubled. Layer it with other beads or just a simple single strand....to win this necklace please leave us a comment below with what your 'go to' piece of jewelry is for those days of indecision! We will notify the winner next week....good luck!

We have a rather exciting project launching very soon and we would love your help! Do you have a bunch of jewelry-loving girlfriends? need some extra cash? We are looking for jewelry party hostesses, all you need is a group of ladies and a venue, your living room or backyard is just fine with us! We will send you a gorgeous 'pick box' of jewels tailored to your guests tastes and budget, as the hostess you will receive a jewelry gift and 10% share of party profits. Not too shabby! Any get together is fine; bridal or baby shower, cocktails, brunch, corporate function, or just a casual girlfriend catch-up. If you think this might be a good fit for you and would like to give it a try please email us on: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com. We hope to have this project up and running very soon as a permanent feature on the site, in the meantime we hope to hear from you.....

As most of you know we have a fabulous boutique on the Lower East Side, right now we are in the process of making it easier for our online ladies to view what we have in the store, there are many pieces not on our website so we figure it'd be pretty wonderful for you to see them! Until we place a 'shop boutique' section online (watch this space!) a great way to stay in touch is with our store Facebook fan page.
Cerena posts gorgeous pieces on the page each day and it's super easy to email her and have anything shipped straight out, so check the page out, become a fan and get to see even more great jewels!

Enjoy this (hot and stormy we hear) weekend....



  1. My go to jewelery item is a pair of yellow tear drop stone earrings. It's great for work, yet you can still wear it for fun nights out.

  2. Great giveaway! My current go to item is a turquoise bead necklace. Turquoise looks great with just about everything, and adds a terrific pop of summer color!

  3. Oops I forgot to leave my email address in my earlier post about the yellow tear drop earrings. It's jyee16@gmail.com.

    I also have a pair of pave flower post earrings that I love to wear.

  4. My go-to piece are my oversized pearl earrings. They make me feel glam, no matter what I'm wearing!

  5. My go-to piece of jewelry is my chunky white ceramic MKors watch. Functional and stylish!

    Thanks WMJ!

  6. My go to piece is the diamond earrings my mother gave me after I graduated from college. They were her Master's Degree present from my father.

    Love, love, love that necklace.


  7. 與朋友在一起,分擔的痛苦是減半的痛苦,分享的快樂是加倍的快樂。 ............................................................

  8. Definite go to pick: a necklace that my husband gave me from an artist's co-op in Vermont. The pendant is a clear glass rectangle with blue stripes in it. Simple and sweet.
    -Kristen (kizzbear@hotmail.com)

  9. This is a FABULOUS necklace, my dear! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win :)
    My go-to piece when I'm feeling indecisive is a leather cuff with studs. No matter how I'm feeling, the cuff always gives my day the little bit of edge that I desire!
    Angie (sweetbabyblues7@msn.com)

  10. My 'go to' piece is a ring made from a sterling silver mini fork with a nickle sized piece of larimar set in it. I found the ring at a craft fair in Vermont, it fit like it was made for me, and I fell in love.

    Thank you.



  11. my go to piece is some earrings made from 1920's german buttons set in silver and tiny pearls up the top seem togo with everything ...my new wmj moon earrings with tanzenite drops could be soon a firm go to as well...houlahan.nerida@gmail.com

  12. pardon me they are iolite..not tanzenite drops.....nerida.

  13. My go-to piece is my Yves Saint Laurent arty ring. It's so big and makes such a statement that it instantly punches up any outfit.