March 31, 2010

Hello makeover GIVEAWAY!

Chocolate and Pink Critter Bracelet
Malachite Beaded Tassel
Silver Chain Earrings


To celebrate the launch of our brand new website we are holding a giveaway! It's easy to enter, just leave us a comment below this post letting us know which of these three great styles you'd love to win and what your favorite style is online! Don't forget to include your email address so we can notify the winner, (if you prefer not to post your address here just email it to: and note which comment is yours on the blog!)

We hope you enjoy the new site, remember if you'd like to become a member email us on

The team at WMJ.


  1. Big fan on WMJ - my favorite style from above is the Chocolate and Pink Critter Bracelet - so cute! As for my absolute favorite Wendy Mink piece - the Peruvian Calcite Ovals earrings. They've been on my wishlist since their debut. Thanks for the chance to win!


  2. Love Wendy Mink--my favorite style from a above are the silver chain earrings! I also LOVE the ornate cut out hoops from online--cannot wait to get a pair!

  3. I love love love WMJ! The new site is wonderful - I want to order everything especially the empress necklaces as those are my favorite. From the above pieces the necklace with green - it is a beauty

  4. Hey WMJ! I love charm bracelets and am always looking for jewelry that isn't season-exclusive, so the choco & pink critter piece above is my favorite. As for the online pieces, I want to order the smokey eye tiger-bead necklace, as the birdcage charm lends an unexpected twist.


  5. I love Wendy Mink Jewelry. My husband believes its a good thing we don't live anywhere near your store. I love the Chocolate and Pink Critter Bracelet above. If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the Classic Hoops that you wrap different stones around. I give them to all my friends as gifts and have a pair of Opal ones I wear all the time.


  6. I'm wearing my recently purchased green and black malachite and onyx bracelet, so I'd love the malachite beaded tassel necklace to go with it! If I had to pick a favorite from the website, it would definitely be emerald empress - apparently I'm on a green and black kick, but, colors aside, the necklace is gorgeous and looks like vintage Indian jewelry, which I just love.


    raspberryeggplant at gmail dot com

  7. I love Wendy Mink Jewelry! I purchased a stunning tiger's eye/sparkly onyx/gold chain necklace at the sample sale a few weekends ago and I absolutely adore it! I also had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Wendy while I was there and she is super sweet! Every piece of Wendy Mink jewelry is so beautiful so it is hard to choose a favorite, but I do love the Malachite Beaded Tassel necklace from above and all of the Empress necklaces on the site!

    Thank you for all of the beautiful jewelry!

    Sue Ann

  8. I love your new website and all the great photos and the larger collection. My favorite piece here is the bracelet. I just adore the combination of metal and the charms.

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  10. I love the Silver Chain Earrings! But then again, I love everything you do, so it's hardly challenging to find something I love.
    My favorite piece, currently, are the "Garden Delight Drops" earrings.

    valhoff3 at yahoo dot com

  11. I love the WM makeover website - so chic and hip! I’ve been a WM fan for a long time, simply adore all of your gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry. Some of my favorites (love them all and I have too many to list) include your fun-loving coral fringe hoops; your breath-taking Texan Empress necklace; your elegant Peruvian Calcite Ovals and your exquisite Ruby Diamond Pendant - I shall keep yearning and dream of owning some day. I’d also love to win the Malachite Beaded Tassel – it is such a wearable and lovely piece!

    Margaret (

  12. I LOVE the critter bracelet! Definitely a summer accessory I'd love to have. :)


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  14. love WMJ! repeat customer. Favorite style on new site is ruby vintage glass drops; so beautiful! I'd love to win the malachite beaded tassel to add to my growing collection of WMJ. Love the new site.
    Laura (

  15. Love Wendy Mink. I own two pieces and I wear my rose quartz leaf necklace almost everyday. The Malachite Beaded Tassel is gorgeous. The new website looks great. The Gold Nugget Necklace is my favorite hands down.

    Melissa (

  16. LOVE the Malachite Beaded Tassel! Love love! Pick me!

  17. ps) This is Kate at

  18. Congrats on the lovely new website! It showcases all the pieces beautifully. My favorite piece above is the Malachite Beaded Tassel necklace and my online favorite is the Ruby Vintage Glass Drop earrings—the color of the rubies is amazing!

    nbsteinberg at gmail dot com

  19. I'm a huge WMJ fan. Congrats on the new site!

    I love the Critters Bracelet! Gorgeous metallics with the cutest charms :) I am also dying for the Crystal Pearl Necklace and Pink Flower Earrings. Darling! Thanks for a great giveaway.

    vkhuong [at] gmail [dot] com

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  21. Was just introduced to Wendy Mink by a friend and I absolutely fell in love with the cut-out charms! They are cute, simple, and unique! They would make excellent gifts.
    So, I would have to say the critter bracelet is my fave...

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