April 9, 2010

A Letter from Lily

Hello Everyone- this week we bring you a wonderful customer Lily Xie! Lily wrote to us recently after we blogged about the diverse customers on our list and that we would love to see and hear from them! Lily has a huge WMJ collection and here is a significant part of her collection below as well as her very interesting personal story! Thanks so much Lily for this great blog post and we hope to see you on Orchard St very very soon (we are all very jealous of your work, it all sounds so interesting!!), if you would like to send images or information about yourself and WMJ then we'd love to see it, please write to retail@wendyminkjewelry.com. Enjoy Lily and her jewels......please note at the bottom of this post we have images of the recent 'Purse Clip' as a necklace! these fun additions can be found in the Current Collection online now...(if any of Lily's styles appeal please write to this same address)

My name is Lily, and I am a senior at Rutgers University, studying evolutionary anthropology. I have a strong interest in forensics and currently intern at the American Museum of Natural History performing skull casts and facial reconstructions of ancient human ancestors (with an emphasis on Neanderthals.) I have spent two summers excavating fossil sites in Kenya and am fascinated by the mystery that is human evolution. I am attracted to cities and the rush of metropolitan life and travel as much as time allows, with Hong Kong being my favorite destination.

While I live in New Jersey, I have been frequenting Chinatown, Soho, and the LES with my mother for as long as I can remember, and i love seeing how the haunts of my childhood have evolved over the years into quaint, chic neighborhoods. I stumbled upon the store during a chance walk down Orchard St. during May of last year, and while I was in a rush at the time, I immediately googled the name upon returning home, thus beginning my love affair with the company. The WM design philosophy perfectly defines my personal sense of style...detail-oriented, dramatic, yet classy, without constantly sacrificing to mainstream trends. I have always loved statement jewelry (hence the colorful, over-sized beaded pieces that dominate my collection), and since it is tricky to wear, I tend to look for high-quality pieces I can use season after season. I often pair a WM necklace with a JCrew blazer and dark denim, as an imposing finishing touch. Thank you, WMJ, for giving me the opportunity to share my collection and for continuing to create such brilliant jewelry!

Here are our fabulous new clips as necklaces....just $59 with a chain or $49 just the clip alone!

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