March 25, 2010

Snapped Up!

So as you probably know we had a sale last weekend in the store, it was a HUGE one! The sun came out just in time, front door was wide open and the ladies shopped! it was quite a special event as we really got talking to some of our customers and it was amazing to find out all the interesting lives our 'regulars' have! It inspired us to put a call out for YOUR story, we would love to cross-pollinate blogs with you if you have one. Another fabulous idea came from a wonderful sale regular Michelle who we decided should photograph her (huge) Wendy Mink Jewelry collection and we would feature it on the blog, do you have a WMJ collection you'd like to share? if so share it with us and we wil make sure a new piece is added to your collection! Here are some of the ladies who came to the sale, pictured with their purchases.

This is Jennifer, here she is wearing her vintage purchase which looked GREAT on her, she also managed to snap up some pretty nice sale pieces too. While she was shopping we learnt a little about Jennifer, she wrote a book! The book is called The Painter From Shanghai and if you click the link you can find out more about Jennifer and her book which we can't wait to read, Jennifer and Wendy sure had a lot to chat about as Wendy's stepmother was born in Shanghai! Here are some more of our customers with their scores, (for any sale jewelry queries please email our store on and Kelly will be able to help you out!)

Pagee with her Filigree Amethyst Chandeliers, a wonderful press sample that suited her down to the ground (or shoulders!)

Nicki with her Amethyst Resin Bib, now we would be stretching the truth if we said Nicki purchased this, it looked fabulous but she just couldn't decide on what to get (it's called the 'weeding out' part of the shopping event!), looking very nice though Nicki! if you are interested in the piece please email our boutique as we may still have it....

Ashley in her Hot Pink Resin Chain, we LOVE this necklace, it was featured in Real Simple magazine in '09, nice summer score Ashley! We have a range of teardrops in some beautiful bright colors right here in the studio so do drop us a line if you would like a custom version; pale blue, black, orange, hot pink, kelly green....

Nadia with her Gold Pendant Chain, Nadia came down to us after getting her haircut up the street at Dana's Loft at 96 Orchard St, keeping it in the neighborhood, we like that....

Carly wearing her Ivory Raffia Leaves, the raffia is always popular and we do have a colorful range of leaves here in the studio if they take your fancy for summer!

This is Lola, the most accessorized dog on the's Amy trying to keep Lola steady while Wendy snapped the pic, we all fell in love with Lola a little and were quite happy that her owner took her time shopping!

There's a cool new store on the block! The Cast just opened across the street from our boutique at 91 Orchard and we are pretty pleased about it, such a GREAT store with amazing original fixtures, hand-picked leather, boots, accessories and range of jeans and tees, check out their site here, they have been featured in a ton of magazines and the jeans are very cool, our block is full now of great stores, more than ever to see and shop.

Here's Wendy at the sale wearing our chiffon beaded scarf, lariat piece! These sold like hotcakes as soon as Wendy tied hers in a big bow!

That's about it for this week, we do still have some samples from the sale that were featured online last week and in last week's blog so don't hesitate to drop us a line at if they appeal, we can let you know the details! Enjoy this last week of March and stay in touch, countdown is on for our web makeover!


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